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We are live we are rolling what's going on guys welcome back to another episode before we get started have to be very honest I missed a giveaway winner update that was from my MWC tech travel pack edition congrats – I need to double check Congrats – TG mo you won one of those items from that pack I just sent you an email so that is being shipped out Congrats and just like the title implies today it's a bit mysterious it is the ultimate or the greatest tech gift that you can get boom this is it it is a pack 23andme and they actually reached out so big shout outs to them

For sponsoring this episode but don't get me wrong I want to be completely transparent I've always wanted to get my own DNA testing kit I'm a huge nerd when it comes to these things and obviously partnerships like this help me give back to you guys and this one will be no different so as your ultimate tech gift let's set the limit at say thousand bucks leave a comment down below on what that would be and in addition to receiving this testing kit for yourself I will send out that tech gift to you too let's get to my ultimate tech gift and hopefully teach you guys some

Science so essentially 23andme is a personal genetic service which helps you understand your DNA and one of the questions I actually asked on Twitter last night because no one in my existence has ever got this correct what is my ethnicity or background I have got the spectrum across the board but no one has nailed it completely PS if you responded there was close to a hundred of you thank you I giggled at every single one you know I got Jamaican New Zealand white then Filipino or Chinese Puerto Rican mix of Filipino Canadian and Japanese Spanish born in the

Netherlands dual citizenship of Canada and the Netherlands why I've got my good old Dutch Passport that's a little bit of a hint thanks for all of your responses some were definitely close but no one quite nailed it according to this I am an even split a fifty-fifty European and East Asian which is correct mom and dad if you're seeing this you're watching in Europe somewhere I'm saying what's up my old man my dad is Dutch and my mom is Filipino so it nailed it a bit of backdrop now I'm of course living in Canada I was born and raised here I did live in Europe for a while I played

Soccer when I was a younger guy and used to be able to do that better than now so just to be very clear these genetic health risks don't address your current state and it isn't a diagnosis so it's not saying you have this it's game over and over the world it's just one of the factors that may contribute to that just like lifestyle diets being sedentary sitting on your butt's how much exercise you do all those things kind of factor in but I actually want to save these and go through these with my good buddy Nick he lives essentially right next door he did his master's in muscle physiology

He's also a super hardcore nerd about this stuff one of them is muscle composition my favorite okay we are here we are at Nick's place we are here with the experts supposedly of all things muscle related to give you a bit of a backdrop I just need a 23andme test so it's like a genetic test that says the results are in Karl your genetic muscle composition is common in elite power athletes the genetic variant in this report seems to make a different in athletic success okay yes I can see

That so that extra 3% right could be that difference of as a you know making it to that level or especially in a power sport yeah I like crossing the line Oh point oh one seconds you're still faster so Usain Bolt must have a lot and I am Big C Big C so common for me maybe not so much I should probably do a race he should do it actually we're gonna be round so it's suggesting that Carl has more of alpha actinin 3 it's a protein it's in muscle it binds the actin filament if anyone wants to nerd out and look that up you

Can which is on the 11th chromosome so you know a couple things okay your 11th chromosome you have actin 3 I also believe there's some research that suggests it prevents muscle damage interesting during trailer ok so as we are freezing our butts off here it's supposed to be spring but it's actually not not we'll probably head back inside maybe we'll do that race like we said ok this was kind of you know 23andme it's something that you can grab I think it's an ultimate techy gift like I love kind of getting it I think it's really cool like I think we're both into this kind

Of stuff so it definitely makes sense and Mick you weren't here for the beginning of the video I said that I would match the ultimate tech gift $4,000 for a tech gift what would you get Wow look I get I probably get a camera for training in the gym yeah like it really sick one Souter to the gym I think I could get chalk on it and it wouldn't get you know that's something cool like that and yeah I think that will pretty much wrap up this video thanks to Nick for you know coming to hang out and of

Course offer his expertise I'll leave your insta down below you guys cool can check him out I will catch the rest of you and on one of the next episodes more vlogs and best of luck to everyone for that sweet giveaway thousand bucks in a 23 me kit piece we're here race day grace day so we're gonna see how Carl's alpha actinin 3 helps mode I'm also in jeans fYI I'm using that as an excuse is lots of excuses Carl winner winner shake it you totally started first oh do sit with them all I just I still got it

I guess you know my ankle really hurts yeah my knee


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