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What's going on it's Carl here back with another episode I promised I wouldn't do it but I am back in the living room today we are setting up a hundred inch Hisense laser TV I'm super stoked about this one and as most of you guys know I worked with high cent back at CES and this was the actual TV that I checked out I was super stoked that I had to get it in the studio I will leave that video linked up here and of course we are now gonna get to my favorite part setting up this massive TV even though technically I am moving soon that's okay now okay so what comes in the box or what do you actually get first and foremost we've

Got the actual TV itself this is the hundred inch screen that actually comes preassembled from Hisense big banks we also have the Harman Kardon subwoofer the actual 4k TV itself down here and maybe the most important thing you wall mounting bracket obviously you'll need this guy to get your screen up on the wall now that we've got all our components we obviously need some gear to assemble this guy first off a level some masking tape a pencil just to mark on the wall where you're gonna make all your drill points a handy Philips screwdriver a stud finder for the wall

Good old measuring tape last but not least drill and of course drill bit okay we've got this wall fully cleared as you guys know it is kind of empty as I am moving very soon I have to do it it's almost like a little trial process for me we'll learn all the little kinks the whole process and when I eventually go back to my new spot I'll be a pro first step we're going to measure 60 inches from the top of the base and of course mark it with our pencil next up we are going to add the wall mounting template so we know where to drill into the wall now that we've got the mounting template

Sixty inches above the base obviously you need to make sure it's level just use this little guy and you're good to go the next step we are going to find our studs with this little guy now that we've got all the lines marked on the template it is time to drill just remember right in the middle of them now that we've made all the drill incisions we're gonna take the bracket we're gonna line it up to the drill holes obviously use the level to make sure everything is straight and trace the bottom holes down there screws and plugs in now of course take the bracket we've got the screw and

We will do for all four holes brackets mounted now we've got the wands one long one one short one obviously line them up and we can form a straight line we'll be hanging one off of each bracket we finally have everything mounted now's my favourite time we're gonna give it the White Glove service we're actually putting the screen onto the wall now and this is maybe the area where you might need some friends to help yet we got it we need the gloves to not get any oil or residue on to the screen and this screen is actually an ambient-light rejection screen which

Actually deflects and absorbs any ambient light without any washout effects so no matter what room you have this setup in you'll be able to watch it without any problems things are looking good getting to my favorite piece now we are going to finally unbox the laser TV we'll make the first incision we'll get this guy set up onto our TV stand and we'll get the image nicely centered into the screen we've just mounted now that we've got this guy out of the box we're gonna place it on top of our TV stand just make sure you plug in the power and any necessary components like your

Gaming consoles or your cable you'll need around 8 and 1/8 inches or 20 point 5 centimeters to get that perfect distance from the wall to get that optimal image now that we've got this guy turned on and booted up for the first time it looks very very impressive I'm stoked you can see now though it's slightly misaligned but that's totally ok now we can tinker around and get this guy to fit perfectly on the screen there's a few points at say the top now we can actually go in with the remote and individually get those points to make sure the fit is just right ok now I

Think we pretty much got the nail on the head just a bit of fine tuning with of course the controller we've moved around the console and now all the white lines are perfectly lined up into our actual screen I think it looks great now it's just time to enjoy the TV and unlike a traditional projector this laser TV comes with a TV tuner pre-installed apps like Netflix and YouTube so it's a truly smart modern TV that's me at CES and the beauty of this TV it's already got a solid built-in sound system from hardened carton it's got two

Separate chambers with four speakers and of course you can hook up this Wireless sub which we will get to right now all right I've got the TV fully set up and words cannot describe how amazing it is to have a hundred inch TV set up in my very own place is it slightly overkill because I'm moving in t-minus 15 days not at all this is the first time I had to set it up I'm sure when it moves to my new spot it will be perfect cannot wait to share more content with you guys leave a comment of course down below on maybe your favorite feature

What you would watch on a hundred inches and all I can say is I'm just gonna enjoy this content now and I will catch the rest of you in one of my next episodes or vlogs face


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