I/O 2016: Soli, Jacquard, Ara, and Our Thoughts

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What kind of digicam was used? That is definitely a great high quality.

What success mar / center here with android police and whoa the settings keep changing huh things are crazy I'm here in San Francisco at the next bit offices because we've got a very special giveaway that we're doing with the folks at next bit does this look familiar to you because if it does it's because you pay attention but it's also going to look a little unfamiliar because this is not just any old next bit Robin this would be midnight next bit Robin which is the midnight body part and then the mint caps from the other color looks really cool and really slick you can get into this giveaway by checking out all

The details in the description we're using gleam for the giveaway this is a new thing that we're trying out we haven't done a giveaway on video before but if you'd like it if it's something you want to see more of please definitely let us know in the comments and you can also just let us know by entering the giveaway you know the more people the more success than two more likely we are to do something like this again so midnight next that Robin up for grabs details down below in the doobly-doo let's get into it Google's h-have team has a number of projects in

The works that we are now privy to for example project jacquard is a touch-sensitive fabric jacket that lets you do things like skip music turn up volume things of that nature so if you're someone who lives in a very cold environment with New York Chicago or maybe Alaska I don't know you can do things on your device without for example I'm because your gloves off things of that nature this is a totally different take on wearable technology it's not exactly the thing that you would think of when you say wearable but ultimately at the end of the day it

Still is wearable technology even though it doesn't have a screen Google said that we should expect to see something like this actually hit retail sometime around spring 2017 so it's definitely still a bit of a ways out but cool nonetheless if you're someone like me and you're a giant proponent of the modular concept for smartphones then not only do you hate the g5 but you're really excited about project ara well I'm really happy to tell you that we've got a bunch more Muse this morning from google pertaining to project ara starting this fall of 26 teague is going

To be shipping developer kits of project ara and they even did us a favor and a video with all of the new modules that we can expect to see later on this year including speakers microphones cameras even we paper displays for the back of the device so you can see things like weather and notifications without burning through your battery project our is one of those things that I have been mando mando stoked on since akan announced and I've been really worried that we weren't going to see something actually come to fruition since we hadn't heard any news fairly recently

But now that I see that we're going to get developer kits this very fall I cannot wait to get my hands on a device like this that's not all we saw this morning though project soli is one of the coolest things that hf has been working on its using incredibly powerful radar technology to sense the movements and vibrations in your fingers so that you can actually use your hand to manipulate things on screen on device a lot like magically if you've ever seen that for a computer as of today it's up and running on an actual Android wear smartwatch and it seems like it's going

To be really easy to use you can use your hands to do things like open up an app drawer and scroll down just by flicking your thumb up and down through your fingers it's really neat and especially for something like a smart watch where you're very limited in what you can actually touch on screen for things like we're can't blend new google keyboard in android where to point oh that's not exactly terribly practical to start tapping around however if you were able to control the cursor on your watch using just your finger in the air swipe would be much much easier and in fact

Handwriting recognition it would be much much easier with a larger canvas this is my first time going to Google i/o so it was a new experience from start to finish from what i understand it used to be held at the moscone center this is the first year since the very first google i/o that it was actually held at the shoreline amphitheater right next door to Google's very own home it was outdoors this year felt a lot more like like a burning man or Coachella for nerds if there were just all kinds of fun things happening around in fact the other night there was a karaoke rickshaw

Driving around that they could bike we were around in to do karaoke and it was super cool there were all kinds of really fun things to watch and do in terms of the products though I gotta admit it feels a lot like a lot of quality of life improvements not quite so much a big sweeping change and since we didn't seem in the terms of hardware and we certainly didn't hear much in terms of solid release dates I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel after i/o this year not to mention we didn't get to really take home any swag you guys know

I love my swag so while I am certainly excited to see what else google has in store for the rest of the year I'm a little bit ambivalent maybe I suppose is the word because a lot of the things that we saw asked a lot more questions than they answer hello and duo are the weirdest approach to messaging that I've ever seen Google taken it's not because the products are weird it's because they already have so many other platforms for messaging I don't know if it's that the hangouts team has absolutely no power whatsoever but having that many chat apps really fragments the experience and

You cannot continue to ask me to ask all of my friends and family to switch chat apps when I only very recently asked them to switch to hang out I'm going to hold off judgment on these kinds of things until I've gotten the chance to play for myself but you can definitely count me in as skeptical there are also a ton of things there were specifically for developers that I want to talk to you about really quickly for example the newest version of Android studio is smart enough now that it can do its own tests meaning while you're coding right there's a lot of stuff you gotta make

Sure it doesn't break nobody likes bugs but as of Android studio 2.2 you can click on an element and studio will actually generate the espresso code for you so that's time off of your plate where you can spend doing something else finally instant apps which we talked about in the google i/o recap which you can check out over here it's such a cool concept and it really does feel like the most future forward thing that we saw this week the ability to instantly install apps means that not only our web apps even less important than they already are but that means that we get

Better experiences faster and more frequently than ever before very very excited to start to see if this really does make a difference because I cannot tell you how many apps I would love to uninstall because I don't use them often enough anyway that's all the stuff that I've got to blabber at you guys about today thank you guys so so much for watching let me know what you think about all this stuff down below in the comments like if you enjoyed this video subscribe if you want to see more of them don't forget to enter the giveaway there's always be kind of one

And I'll catch the next video


I/O 2016: Soli, Jacquard, Ara, and Our Thoughts





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