Infinity Blade 3 For iPhone 5S Hands-On Gameplay

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What's up guys techrax here so I have the iPhone 5s right here and I'm going to test the game Infinity Blade 3 on this device to see how it runs overall in general I know this is a brand new game specifically created for the 5s so let's go ahead and this is my first time playing the app as well so let's just just for a few minutes see how this runs so welcome back the racks are obviously you guys got you guys have the item the new iOS 7 you know software you're invincible the deathless K caressed the throats of weekly humanity to kill the immortal is impossible they said that the workers

Secrets embrace deathless warlord and forged you a weapon to slay the unstable the warlord and trader stole from me I was in too deep in his fault of Tears he was a facade on fire assumed by your infinite lights you burned his very soul both of you lifeless tearing you from and death had its day after day a ritual slaughter fathers and avenging sons all doomed until at last a warrior came with true land its lay the mighty guard King anoint you with immortal blood and so unleash your glory the warrior recites

He unknowingly gave him life and foolishly gave us freedom I am father of the deathless creator and destroyer of all and Cyrus is our enemy he is a secret the world shall know Infinity Blade 3 okay let's get into some real gameplay alright guys so there you go for the quick little gameplay segment right there of Infinity Blade on the iPhone 5s

I hope you guys enjoyed that quick little video stay tuned for more videos and as always guys peace out

Infinity Blade 3 For iPhone 5S Hands-On Gameplay

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