Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing & First Look

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What is up guys techrax here I'm really excited to bring you guys an unboxing of the iPhone 5s this is a long awaited phone this is a legit phone guys I got it one day before release this is the space grey color 64 gigabytes unlocked let's go ahead and open it up as you can see it's fully sealed in my hands right here Apple let's go ahead and see what's inside and I am honestly just so excited about this phone I've been wanting to get a hold of this for a long time and I know there's going to be some really really tough you know supply constraints with the 5s specifically not the 5c so you might want to do your best to

Reserve one as fast as possible for the time being but let's go ahead and open it up and I'm going to set this aside right away from now just I want to quickly check what exactly is in here first so we have you know the standard you got the charger or the wall charger the USB and the new Apple earpods so here you go really nothing new at all as far as contents of course you get the stickers in the manual inside as well let's move that aside and here we have the iPhone 5s okay so looking at this for the first time now this is once again this is the Space Gray color and

I'm going to hold on let me try and power just hit the okay it does look there's only a slight really there is a slight difference in color from the black iPhone 5 but this this does seem like a lighter shade almost just like a lighter shade of black as far as the color but this does have the new a7 chip as well as the new m7 motion chip it has of course you have the touch ID hold on there's just a quick quicker looking let me show you guys the touch ID if this can zoom in fact for some reason on the black one it almost looks like there's no stainless

Steel I don't know why it just kind of looks like a home button I don't know why but okay so slide to set up it has the 8 megapixel camera what else does this have touch ID honestly guys the design-wise it's nothing much different at all this is the 5s it's only going to have some slight upgrades you know it's not something like the 4s to the 5 when we have the 6 then there'll be a significant change but as far as kind of you know really it's same 4-inch display everything is the same you can see that this LED right here is kind of different

The little flash I guess that that's I guess it looks different on the iPhone 5s back but everything remains the same I don't know if you guys want to just see me set it set it up I guess that's it for the unboxing guys all stay tuned stay tuned for more videos thanks for watching guys and peace out

Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing & First Look

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