Should YOU Buy an Intel Mac Right Now, or Should YOU Wait for the ARM Macs?

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Should you buy a Mac right now seems like a pretty simple question and it was until Apple decided to go and just upset everything of their own line by announcing their intent to use their own processors in computers starting with a still unannounced set of them at the end of the year and then they're planning on phasing a transition over to full Apple silica over the next two years and since that announcement the most frequent question I've gotten over the past few weeks has been Gary should I buy a Mac now or should I wait until after the armed Mac's come out I get that question all of the time so if the best and

Brightest is still around the corner should we put down our hard-earned money and buy a current Mac computer well should we let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out okay the plan for today is I'm gonna split the difference we have absolutely no idea which of the computers will be the first to launch will there be a MacBook Pro 16 and iMac pro a MacBook 12 inch resurgence currently nobody has any idea except for Apple so what we're gonna do today is I'm gonna give you my five reasons why I would buy a Mac now

And my three reasons why I would wait until the new arm models come out my years of YouTube intuition tells me that this is a plan to make sure everybody can be good and mad at me hooray right off the bat let's start off with why you should go out and buy one of these existing mcintoshes the number one reason basically is what I alluded to in the opening we have no idea which computers will come out and when they will come out we don't have a roadmap for how the computers are going to play out so if you need something with the power of a MacBook Pro 16 right now you

Might get stuck waiting for a very long time for an ARM based MacBook Pro 16 or whatever the future equivalent is so what I'm about to say is more of an overall philosophy and it's less about this specific topic but if you asked me if you should wait for a piece of gear to come out I very rarely recommend waiting because there's always something new in the horizon if you have a need right now buy the tech you need to get your job or task done right now like I said there's always something new and there's always something shiny on the horizon if you're always waiting for the

Next big thing you will literally never get anything done you'll never you'll there's always something new coming out if for example if you need a power machine in the first arm Mac on deck is a lightweight power efficient MacBook Air kind of sucks that you waited for that right so yeah the first reason is if you have a project that a current Mac fills go for it now don't we what's on the market now can easily accomplish any task that you might have so the second reason why you should buy one of the current max now as much as we and when I say we I mean tech enthusiast myself we

Like to rag on Intel processors anymore however they are known quantities you can very easily go out and compare the power you could get from any of the existing Mac computers against each other or even if you're dabbling like me in both Windows and Apple right now you can compare different CPUs against each other pretty easily and that makes your buying decision a whole lot simpler because it's a known quantity versus a known quantity you know how whatever it is in the computer is going to react if you want to know what you are buying and how it will work buy a computer with an

Intel chipset you might not exactly love how it works right now like I'm not a huge fan of Intel chips but at least there will be no guessing or potentially long-term problems that we haven't even seen yet Intel is a known quantity and known quantities introduce less risk in purchasing decisions and as somebody that doesn't like to get burned on purchases less risk is way more preferable for me I don't like taking risk on things that I need to get work done number three is sort of like number two there will absolutely be growing pains

In the transition between Intel and ARM based max it's going to happen that's if and that if is a huge if everything in the world goes perfectly smoothly between now and 2022 which if 2020 is any kind of indicator I'm not sure how stable things will be over the next couple of years a disruption at any level of production from manufacturing plants the distribution of stuff to there's a hundred little businesses that lead up to you actually having a computer in your hand like those could cause a big headache in this transition that I

Mean it just will if you're like me and just love this gear for being awesome and that's cool go ahead and spend some money on a question mark of a system but if you are more prudent and cautious you might want to buy that Intel Mac now because who knows what the next couple years of transition are gonna look like and what problems each step the way could introduce fourthly on the reason to buy the current stock of Macs you can buy them at great prices refurbished from the Apple website I actually my main computer is a MacBook Pro 16 and I got it for like 500 bucks

Off because it's refurbished now I already have a whole video on the process and what you get if you buy a refurbished machine so I'm not gonna go into too much detail here but you save tons of money and it gets treated like it's brand-new by Apple you get the same warranty the same accessories the same everything literally the only difference between a refurbished MacBook and a brand-new MacBook besides all of the money you save is it says refurbished in one spot on the box like that's it that's it that's between you and 500 bucks honestly of all of the reasons on

This list this one is the biggest for me I love being able to save a ton of money and have zero risk at the same time especially like I use these computers for all of my video production like this is a dollars and cents business so saving money helps because I got invest in other places to make content for everybody and the fifth and final reason to buy an Intel Mac now instead of waiting it will be supported for a very long time heck big sir the new Mac OS operating system works on Apple devices that are pretty darn old Apple really has a great track record for supporting

Their older devices and much like we've seen over the previous reasons you can get power affordability reliability and known quantities as far as processors and internal goes and you get support even after the quote unquote transition is complete hopefully in a couple of years I see app will get beaten up all of the time for their Apple tax which yes Apple computers generally cost more per spec than a Windows machine they end up having a longer lifetime they hold their value very very well so if you do hold on to one for a while selling it at the end of its life will

Still get you some of your money back okay so those are some pretty compelling reasons to buy a Mac now because Mac's now are still fantastic and valuable devices that's not to say the new Apple silica is an excitement because I'm very very excited for it if you know me I absolutely love the power and thermal performance on my iPad Pro and the thought of that coming to an actual computer yeah I'm excited so here are my three reasons why maybe you should wait for the Apple chips so the three reasons I'm about to say are really built on one key assumption that you already have a

Mac that works for you if you need to upgrade or you have a broken Mac or you or you need at your first computer or you need a computer then don't worry about these don't wait just buy something now so these three all you already have something that works first up they could have a level of power efficiency and thermals that we have not yet seen in an Apple product I'm certainly not the first person to notice this but the biggest indication of what might be in the future in my opinion is the most recent MacBook Air the new MacBook Air makes zero sense from a

Thermal perspective as an Intel based computer they've put Apple has put a pretty beefy chipset which regardless of any of the options they all have quite powerful processors inside of them with almost no cooling capabilities and as somebody that's starting to really dabble in laptops cooling capabilities is the most important factor in a laptop you could have up to a quad core i7 trying to passively cool itself sure there's a fan but it's not actually connected to anything so even my i5 has thermal problems and it can barely get started out of the gate without having

Thermal issues but if you look at the most recent refresh of the iPad pro which does have an apple chip in it it does not have a fan it's crazy small and it has power that frankly my MacBook Air does not yes some of that power is due to the hyper optimization that Apple and its developers have done around the specific apps that you can do on iOS maybe it won't be as powerful in a generalized nature of a more full computer experience but we don't know it could be that fast my iPad also does very heavy graphics and processor specific tasks like video editing and

Red at lightning speed and it doesn't like melt on me when I use it so if you can take the iPad and the macbook air and smoosh the products together you have a chassis that already exists which doesn't make sense for its current engineering paradigm and a set of internals that it might just make a whole lot of sense for I I frankly find the thought of a macbook air running with the guts of an iPad pro insanely exciting you know if they release one I'll buy it pretty quickly these second reason to wait for the new arm-based

Devices is the interoperability all of us in the Apple ecosystem we love to talk non-stop about how the ecosystem works so well together I mean I say it in it at least one I think I'm obligated to say it at least once in each Apple video I make I cannot wait to see how well it all works together when it's all based on the same underlying hardware in my day job I work as a project manager for a software company and we constantly constantly have to battle with how to get our software to run on very different hardware configurations obviously this is not an insurmountable

Task when we do it every day but the more you can plan on having the same set of assumptions on every device or at least the same family of assumptions it gives you so much control over what you can do and what you can't do and with how outstandingly good Apple already does between phone watch computer tablet having control over everything is so exciting and I honestly can't wait to see it the third reason to wait is I mean what's really new and what's worth waiting for on the Intel side yes we already talked about the current Intel Max and how great they are and I still I

Mean I have them I still think they are a great investment especially found refurbished but if you were looking for a new computer and want to buy the latest and greatest brand new Mac well yes Apple has already said they will continue to push out updates to the Intel Mac side of the house in the future what can they give you that they haven't already done let's say tomorrow for the sake of argument let's say tomorrow a new iMac comes out I'm saying iMac because it's it's getting pretty long in the tooth as far as Apple goes it'll probably be a bump from the

Previous version with 10th gen Intel chips probably some faster RAM and it will be a totally functional device and honestly I'll just know violent but it won't be revolutionary from the previous generations of IMAX and much like the current iPad pro versus the previous year's model getting a refurbished one again will just save you a ton of money upfront and you're not gonna miss out on really any functionality and you're not gonna miss out on all that much performance I do feel bad because it seems like Apple is kind of stuck right now with their

Product lines while we all want the new ARM processors to get here tomorrow it adds an asterisks to all of their future Intel releases yes there will be a great computer but it's not the direction Apple is going in the future so get it as a stopgap I guess I will as a gearhead and somebody that makes content on other stuff I will continue to buy all of the new devices because I'm a huge computer enthusiast but take these thoughts of mine into account and hopefully this answered all of your questions that you have for me about what you should do and if you like this

Video and want to see what I think about the newest iPad operating system ipad OS 14 click here I've got a whole video about it thankfully if you were thinking about it I made the video just for you click right here click click click click click click look thanks for watching

Should YOU Buy an Intel Mac Right Now, or Should YOU Wait for the ARM Macs?

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