Dell G5 SE (Ryzen 4800H) Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

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Simply checked out a few of your photos (: i'm actually pleased i reached job darkness you. You're great!

What do you get when you want power but in a kind of portable device still very recently released the g15 special edition gaming laptop which is just about the cheapest laptop that you can find on Dells website that has dedicated graphics and a pretty darn beefy CPU so it comes in the box and is it any good let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dead if I can figure it out you can figure it out so I actually ordered this about a month ago and it took a real long time to get here so everybody else has already made their videos but I'm so darn excited about this thing that we're just gonna crack

It open anyway so this is the Dell G 15 special edition now what special edition means is and I pointed the wrong side AMD inside so yes this does not have an Intel processor this has an AMD rise in laptop CPU which I'm very I'm very excited about from all the comparisons I've seen this has a very beefy CPU and I did so I bought this myself and I ordered the version with the upgraded CPU because there's a few things that I'm looking to get one is I want a better computer for my vr gaming rig and two I want to see how much this absolutely crushes video editing for way

Cheaper than either the XPS 15 or the XPS 17 that I've had so let's crack it open now you may be like hey it looks like you already opened this up and I did cuz I've been buying a lot of Dell computers and I thought there was gonna be a box inside of this box but no we're in budget PC land there's no box you get the shipping box and you better be happy that you just get the shipping box right like that's all but it looks like we're gonna get today okay so what comes in here that is all that is all at the box beautiful so we get some paperwork Dell g5 nothing you can definitely tell the

Dell puts a lot more into their packaging and material for their XPS line as opposed to their gaming line because look this doesn't even in color on the XPS line we got a color graphic to show us how to set up a computer and plug it in this one it's just like whatever you get black and white that's what you get thanks till we also have a warranty card which blah blah blah we have a much much easier your power solution obviously this has a way stronger CPU it has a pretty beefy GPU in it too so we get a 240 watt power brick which then you know what I'm okay

With because this is not it's not USB see this isn't designed to be as light or as portable as an XPS machine or as a MacBook so you wouldn't really expect to have the USB C charge on here this is a pretty standard power delivery system 240 Watts should be enough to run both the GPU the CPU all the intensive stuff inside here so yes we get that not very exciting so let's give to the computer itself here we go you ready g5 kind of stands for cheap plastic again we didn't this can be what like an eight hundred and seventy dollar computer so I'm not expecting like super high quality but I

Also wasn't expecting such a plastic like even my g3 seems to have better build quality than this but it's not as big as I thought it would be it's actually pretty petite as far as a gaming laptop would go I would imagine looks like we got two giant vents there in the back these vents those seem kind of small thermal performance if you never really looked into laptops before thermal performance is the most important thing we'll crack this open in just a second and see what kind of fan solution they have underneath it but that makes me

Kind of nervous that makes me kind of nervous the top also feels very plastic II screen looks fine I do kind of dig this keyboard layout though it is very reminiscent of my g3 it does have a number pad keys feel pretty best okay that's a pretty good feeling keyboard I doubt I will ever use this keyboard trackpad looks kind of MIT we've got a 15 inch HD display thermal cooling we'll find out del we got the rise in 4000 series we've also got Radeon rx graphics gaming discreet graphics less than an inch thick is that true I don't know how true that is Dell maybe okay maybe one

Of the ports look like we got power display port HDMI USB a Ethernet USBC full SD card so I do like that and then we have a lock two more USB a's and a headphone so it does it is pretty stacked as far as ports go I do like that that'll work with my oculus I'm like I said I'm more excited about this I'm not a big gamer but I do want to see how this performs when we get to like some productivity tasks because if you're gonna just have a laptop at the home and you're not gonna like go out and use it for things why not get a big gaming laptop as opposed to like an XPS

But it's gonna have to be like thermally okay for that does look like we have some red backlit keyboards because it's a gaming laptop if we're not gonna have some kind of RGB then what's the point am i right okay let's plug this in real quick get it set up and see how the system itself is laid out what kind of bloatware we've got oh we do have some bleedin can you see that wow we just turned the thing on and we definitely have some light bleed through on the screen right here right here right here I mean that's pronounced that's not normal maybe a little bit right here no

That's not normally something that I mentioned that's drastic can you can you see that dang that's that's pretty rough on the display goes okay we'll plug this in man that just like took me right out of it I know Cortana is gonna interrupt me here in a second but I do so I like the actual stop Cortana I'm gonna I'm gonna be honest the the speakers are not are not wowing me so far just on the voice but again they don't have those front firing speakers like the XPS I do like this so the keyboard lay out the body of the keys themselves

I do actually kind of like this I like that it's just a slick it's move it's not trying to be something that it's not this does feel much better than the bottom like the bottom and the top just really feel bad they just they don't feel good at all which is which is very disappointing even the sides it does feel very cheap so hopefully the performance both like numbers-wise and thermally wise is there because this I'm still excited about this like it the build quality if it sits in one spot who cares but it's striking and then this just like this light leakage your bleed

Through is just not good like as so many that has no I don't know that I've ever complained about that on a laptop in my life I definitely noticed that every time we do this you're trying to get me to use an Android phone and I refuse to I refuse to decline I do not want the digital assistant and I don't that I can tell like as we're using this the trackpad is not terrible the trackpad I mean it's not bad it's not certainly not as good as the XPS line and it's certainly not as good as like a MacBook but it's perfectly usable you do have to really click on there is it loose

There's just a lot of flex in this man there is just a lot of flex on this board can you see that I thought it was gonna be like oh ooh there's a lot like right in the middle there can you can you see that – that is moving a lot but the trackpad at least is fine it feels like it's tighter on this side then on this side like the click goes away down farther on the right side of the trackpad than on the left side of the trackpad I feel like we're gonna be complaining about the build quality a lot as we use this computer but I'm gonna again it's eight hundred and

Seventy bucks in its cheapest configuration I'm not gonna complain too much because this is like half the price of my other computers they had to sacrifice somewhere I couldn't get the fancy I couldn't get the fancy packaging and the fancy carbon fiber in a computer that that cost this little especially if you want the performance so almost there okay I was gonna I was gonna do the snap break but we don't have to if we are now done welcome to Windows well thank you this display okay Dale okay put a different display default on these computers like this displays not bad

It's not a bad display but it is you know a budget display and it's not doing any favors to that gorgeous background like this background blew me away on the XPS 15 and the XPS 17 doesn't look so good here so just use a different backdrop on here so what do we have AMD Radeon setting so let's check out the graphics card first I'm used to having like the GeForce experience so I can look at that from here the Radeon rx 5600 M we've got ddr4 memory 512 megabytes out of the graphics card system memory is 8 gigabytes and our CPU is that 4800 H AMD rise and skip

That you're welcome Dell I don't want to register register yourself computer no Dell there's some bloatware that we just found right there I already don't like that ok your IO see you installing crap dough and then it went away you think you saw me call you out on it so you tried to hide can't hide for me can't hide from me bloatware will do more benchmarks and tests on this later so let's turn it off and crack it open and let's see what the insides look like cuz that's where I'm curious because I would like to upgrade this I do have I

Did end up returning that XPS 17 because of the fact that issue and it looks like another one won't be in for a few months so until then I'm gonna try to take the the RAM and the solid-state drive that I put in that computer and I'd like to put it in here and it looks like we don't have and it looks like we do not need any kind of like special fancy screws we just have regular Phillips head screws here and this is way nicer to open up than the XPS is HBS's we're a huge pain in the butt with those special own special screws and I already know that these are not gonna come all the way out

And the second we open this up some of these are gonna fall out and we're gonna hopefully not lose them cuz I lose stuff you know more often than I'd like to admit and I break stuff a lot which is why I make sure that I have insurance on all of this stuff okay that was way harder than I thought it was gonna be there's something on here that is very like did not want to come up so hopefully we didn't straight-up break this thing right as we got it we'll find out later if this worked out and you don't see me like angry in the comments then yeah what the heck is this okay so

It looks like we do have two fans we have three heat pipes but these heat pipes look pretty beaten up already that does not like the other ones that I've seen unlike the XPS is they don't look like this beat up so we do have fans we do have heat pipes okay so this is the land this is like the gigabyte card so we do have two m dot 2 nvm ports right here much like the XPS 15 I am kind of disappointed that they don't give you the screws or the covers to install that so we'll have to source that ourselves which is fine I already

Have something purchased for that looks like you can fit a seven millimeter HDD right here if you wanted to um I don't know that I would it has a fifty one watt hour battery and we do have two ports for Rams we will definitely be upgrading these two things here shortly here we've got the battery looks like some kind of battery backup we all sorts of stuff like I love I love the inside of laptops I love it except I don't necessarily love like how beaten up the heat pipe looks and hopefully we'll find that this is more than enough to support everything but it does look like there

Is some upgrade ability here which is really nice the insides look fine it also does look like this is not soldered down for the Wi-Fi and the the Ethernet port so maybe we'll upgrade that to in the future I don't know so yeah it looks all good I can't wait to turn this thing on and really get some gaming going on it I think the first thing I'm gonna do tonight is I'm gonna be playing some half-life Alex on this thing to see how it plays better than on my g3 gaming laptop so what are some things that you'd like to see out of the g5 leave me

A comment below I'd love to hear what your thoughts are and if you like this video and you would like to see what I thought about the XPS 17 maybe even the XPS 17 versus the XPS 15 here's a video right here click right here to watch my thoughts on that process click click click click click click click thanks for watching

Dell G5 SE (Ryzen 4800H) Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

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