The BEST Accessories for YOUR iPad Pro 2020 Version 2.0!

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The iPad pro is absolutely one of my favorite devices of all time this thing is basically attached to my head but that doesn't mean it's perfect and there's a whole bunch of stuff that you can buy to make this even better so what are the best accessories that I found for the iPad pro version 2 we're back at you let's find out you definitely not breaking my opinion what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure that so we have made already an amazing accessories video about the iPad pro 2020 but now it's time to do some follow up and see some other cool things

That I found over the last couple of months let's get into it and the first one this one's kind of funny this was not intentional at all this bag I bought this for the Dell XPS 17 video just to show that you could fit the Dell XPS 17 in a regular like laptop bag well I've actually really started to like this bag it's just a normal like walk run when I go for my walks or when I go out hiking I've been using this an awful lot it's got plenty of zippers plenty of spots to put the iPad and you can see since I have the 11 inch it fits right in the front flap perfectly fine and then all

The rest of the accessories actually fit in here too planned not really but it worked out so yeah I really like this bag I don't remember the brand the brand is man crow just some random Amazon branding there will be links in the description for all of this stuff so this is just a cheapo backpack that I actually really like and I have some very expensive backpacks that I've just started using this instead of I just like cheap bags next up on the list is an upgrade so one of the things that we used in the last accessories video a device that I used all the time is the

Samsung t5 solid-state drive I've been recommending one of those for years because it's small incredibly good value and just it's really good if you're trying to backup or even do work off of it as like a drive and the new Samsung t7 is my newest drive this just came out it's just as small it writes and reads faster than the t5 and if you're trying to get extra security on your files you can actually do you see this this is a fingerprint reader so what you can do is you download and you install the software on your computer and then you can use this as a fingerprint reader to

Store your data I don't have this set up for that I just wanted the faster read and write speed I think that's just the little security features a nice addition not something that I'll probably ever use but I really these samsung solid-state drives are incredible I like these better than like the sandesh ones that are a little bigger because these will fit in like any pocket even if you have like a jacket pocket like the front of the jacket pocket very easily fits in that these you can take them anywhere this the t7 is a little more expensive if

You're not trying to get the highest end you can still get the t5 very valuable Drive I take it with me everywhere so that was number two number three a lot of these are upgrades because I do I had that original listen there's always like series of devices that I think you kind of always need so let's talk about mice the last Mouse we talked about was the Magic Mouse too which is fine it's good I really like all of the gestures that are on it but this mouse this is the Logitech MX master 3 this mouse is probably the best mouse that I've ever used in my life it's very precise you

Can have up to three separate devices paired at once and it pairs through bluetooth so you don't just have to you don't have to have a dongle to plug into the iPad you can connect via bluetooth much like the Magic Mouse and it's got it's just got so many features it's got so many customizable buttons it's got a button right here what I really like is this scroll wheel it's got a secondary scroll wheel so one of the favorite things of mine about the Magic Mouse is you could scroll laterally and you can do that here too this mouse is insane it also charges via USB see however it's

The USB see Chargers in a useful place and not on the bottom so I yeah when it comes to mice this is just like it ergonomically feels great it just fits in the hand so well I love this mouse like there's a few things that I recommend investing in because it'll just make everything so much better and mice since you're gonna be operating it all of the time Mouse's insane value for dollar I highly recommend this MX master 3 if you can ever find them in stock they're like the darn things are never in stock but I love it almost just broke it right there so with

The mouse you'll probably need a keyboard right and so we're kind of safe on this because this had not yet come out by the time we did the last accessories video I think you're probably gonna know what I'm talking about this is the new magic keyboard for the iPad pro this device right here it changes what the iPad pro is and what it from you I it's expensive there's no other way around this is a very expensive piece of technology but it totally changes everything about the iPad I mean I do what eighty percent eighty to ninety percent of my work now

Like whether it's through professional or through YouTube stuff is done on the iPad and this magic keyboard really allows it to happen this gives you a few really key benefits the keyboard is really nice for typing it's not as good as like the MacBook Pro 13 but it's really good for tablet it gives you the trackpad and it gives you another USB C port that you can use for charging so you don't have to have one dongle that goes through your one USB C port this is hands-down one of the best devices I've ever had and I highly I highly recommend the magic keyboard while we've got the

IPad on hand here you go over here so something else that I wasn't going to talk about for this video but it's starting to win me over so I figured I'd recommend it now is I've got now this is not like the paper like the official paper like screen protector but this is like a knockoff paper light but this is it's like a matte screen protector for your iPad it makes it a little nicer if you're going to be using the pencil makes it feel a little bit more like paper what I like is it is matte it makes it feel a little more substantial when you're holding on to it if you are

Gonna buy one of these and you're coming off of like a glass screen protector just be aware that it takes a while to get used to this it adds like literal friction when you're trying to navigate through your iPad so it takes some time to really like get comfortable but I actually I really like this now one can you see because the glare is less because it's matte it has more diffusion than just a piece of glass that immediately reflects everything so I like this it makes it a little nicer to use if you're gonna have lights around I'm trying to blind you

With the light but it makes it harder to blind you with my light this matte rough screen picture is not gonna be for everybody but I really enjoy it and I do recommend it at least give it a shot this was not very expensive because it also feels like it gives you a better grip on it definitely worth it so this next thing is the only thing in this whole video that I did not buy an editor key sent this to me so this is the iPad folio keyboard that I used to use prior to the smart Keyboard coming out but what you can do is they have these covers for luma fuge so illumine not

Sponsored is the editing program that I use when I'm editing videos on the iPad but the problem is I don't use the iPad as my primary video editor I use my MacBook or one of the windows machines that I'm currently using to be my actual video editor so that's all the muscle memory and those are all the keystrokes that I remember it's a little like rubber cover for the folio keyboard it does not work on the smart Keyboard kind of shows you all of the button presses and the shortcuts while you're editing so you don't have to memorize everything you

Can just kind of see where everything is now I really do like this because I don't remember where any of these things are so it's nice to see it also has color it's color coded to show you like do you need to hit option to use this do you need a command to use this so I really like this the thing that I don't like though is it doesn't stay on very well so you're gonna have to just make sure that you're not too rough on it because it it's not very secure hopefully in a future update they'll make it a little stickier we're all busy we all have like a thousand things going

Through our brains right it's just nice to not have to remember this one thing and maybe go follow me on Twitter because maybe we'll be giving these away cuz I have no use for these I've got an 11 inch model and two 12-inch models so maybe we'll give them away on Twitter follow me on Twitter to prepare for that the next thing I want to talk about so this is kind of weird now I so I'll do like having sleeves you already saw the bag I've talked about sleeves a lot but this is I got this because it's a sleeve this is actually a Macbook sleeve and it's from the company

Rise tab but what I really like about this is you see that I always have a mouse with me so what I use this for is actually a travel mousepad so the iPad goes in here it's got little magnets that hold it in place but what I like is you bring it out and then this can do like dual purpose as like a little travel mousepad sometimes when using a mouse out and about you like gross surfaces and places where you don't necessarily want to put your very expensive MX master 3 but this thing here let's move these out of the way this thing just works is like a nice

Travel mousepad that also protects your iPad while it's in it and it's in the bag so I always like no I'm a cluttered not a messy I'm a cluttered person so my bags always filled with like random I like being able to protect that that's why I always put my devices like my computer or my iPad in a sleeve when it's in a backpack I also don't like single-use things so if I can get a sleeve that protects the iPad but also works is like a mousepad that's amazing that's a win-win-win I love I love dual purpose technology it's the best so we did not talk about these last time but

Something that I highly recommend if you're gonna use an iPad where you're gonna use any device are the air pod now these are the original Apple earpods I usually serve they're gross I think they're really gross don't look at them one of the worst parts about having air pods is how gross the case gets I'm so these are the original air pods which I think would work perfectly fine if you're not a big like runner or something but the air pod pros are awesome maybe we'll save those for another accessories video but I really like air pods they're super convenient

Much like the Samsung SSDs they're small they fit everywhere they make taking phone calls in like an airport or other crowded spaces if you can I mean we can't get in crowded spaces right now but if we have ever eventually get back into crowded spaces plus they just let you listen to music on here with the new iOS 14 updates I cannot wait to see how these are actually gonna work as they like automatically to pair to all of your devices and you don't have to manually do that anymore I know it makes you sound like a snob if you recommend ear pods I guess I'm a little bit of a

Snob because I absolutely 100% recommend getting air pods as a best accessory for your iPad something that's not as exciting as like all this other stuff but it's super useful microfiber cloths you always need a microfiber cloth to clean anything this is like a life accessory not just an iPad accessory and it's not as important now that I don't have the glass case which I wasn't planning on talking about the matte screen protector but these if you have a glass screen protector or anything that gets fingerprints always always always have microfiber cloths because

Everything gets gross everything gets gross okay so another big update from last time is I did upgrade my external battery so this is another ravpower portable battery but what I like about this is it has USB a and USB C power delivery but not only that the reason I got this specific one because you can always find a 15,000 milliamp hour battery anywhere I like that this has the battery like this has the battery life left in a percentage so you actually know how much battery is left on here you don't get like four bars and you have to guess

Like where am I at in that fourth bar like we're down to two bars what does that mean does that mean 50% or does that mean we're almost at 25% because that the two very different things of half of a battery versus a quarter of a battery so I just like hey it's 74% hey charge frankly a USBC cuz all your stuff is now USBC except the air pods don't have ear buds but I like this it's small it fits everywhere I just you always gotta have an external battery and so external batteries are very since there's so many of them it's such a personal preference for style I really

Like this one which is why I have it you should get it too and the last thing I'm trying to use this more because scribble is coming out right so the Apple pencil this thing it's just one of the things that you get when you get an iPad right like you buy the iPad you buy a keyboard and even if you're not gonna use it because your handwriting atrocious but you're gonna learn darn it Gary you're gonna learn how to use it the Apple pencil so buy this if you want to do drawing I mean it is I think they do make other like kind of pencils or stylize styluses

Stylus eyes that you can get but nothing's gonna beat the Apple pencil so you should absolutely get it I'm like this gets on here by default because I forgot to mention it in the last video you're lucky this time Apple pencil so yeah those are my favorite new accessories version too for the iPad pro 2020 let me know is there anything new over the past couple of months that you've found and you really like leave me a comment below I would love to find out all the new exciting accessories that everybody else is found and if you liked this video and you are curious

About iPad OS 14 and some of the new features and if they're that exciting or not exciting you can click here to find the video where I talk about it after using it for a whole week click right here click click click click click click click thanks for watching

The BEST Accessories for YOUR iPad Pro 2020 Version 2.0!

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