YOU Should Buy the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, And Here’s Why!

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The iPad pro is absolutely one of my favorite devices of all time I cannot overstate how much of my daily life is done on this device from running the YouTube channel to my own personal calendar I use this thing I use this computer for 90% of the things I do and honestly that's new I mean I've always loved the iPad and I used to use mine for a lot of writing tasks and content consumption but that was really it I mean there was only so much I could actually use the iPad for but enter the magic keyboard an admittedly very expensive Edition but a very functional accessory that has absolutely changed

Everything about how I use the iPad pro today I'll be throwing objectivity out the window not with the keyboard explaining why if you own a compatible iPad pro you should absolutely buy one so uh why is that let's find out see it's solid I could slam it what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out I'm so excited about this video so bottom line right now this keyboard is amazing and while yes it is expensive it's a hundred percent worth buying if you have an iPad pro the typing experience is great the USB C port

Basically replaces the need for a dongle for me and the trackpad literally changes the iPad game hmm I just I had to say that I had to get it out it was just welling up inside of me like I said in the introduction today I'm not gonna be objective I'm not gonna explain the positives and the negatives I'm going to explain why this is absolutely the best ipad accessory ever made and why you should buy one this is my personal keyboard nobody sent this to me i pre-ordered this the second was announced and almost every single YouTube script that I've written over

The last few months every single calendar event that I've scheduled for myself and 95% of all of my emails have been responded to using this keyboard if you're wondering why I'm just so darn excited about it first up let's talk about the actual keys like right it's a keyboard probably pretty important that we talk about the typing experience first cuz I'm pretty big on typing experiences it's great I think Apple absolutely nailed it when coming out with this keyboard it feels very similar to the MacBook Pro

13 keyboard which I'm not shy about admitting is my favorite keyboard I've ever used yes I keep hearing about how great the think pads are and maybe I'll try one in the future but for me the MacBook Pro 13 is the king of the mountain the iPad magic keyboard isn't that far behind each key feels very responsive very crisp and I do like the feedback can you can you hear it that is a crisp typing experience additionally and this isn't something that I talked about that much when I talk about keyboards but the sound of the keys typing is so much nicer than on

The smart folio keyboard do you know how I know how they sound better my wife complains so much less when I'm working on the magic keyboard as opposed to when I'm working on these smart keyboard I didn't think the smart Keyboard was that bad can you hear it I didn't think was that bad but it absolutely drives her up the wall so because I like you know happy wife happy life this sounds better there is plenty of travel on each of the keys with each press having just enough give to make getting into a flow of typing very easy and the keyboard itself like the

Physical layout is properly spaced out and that last point that last point is pretty important if you've been watching any of my content you know I use a lot of computers now and something that makes me nervous as computers get smaller is I'm nervous about having a keyboard or a computer that's too small because for me I mean I have pretty regular-sized hands but if a keyboard is so small that it's cramped I don't want my hands to cramp up after only a little bit of typing I do a lot of typing I need my hands to be comfortable now I personally use an 11 inch iPad so I

Can't speak to the 12 point 9 inch version but this one is perfect for me it's perfect for me I don't have to reach too far to get to even the T and the Y Keys the numbers are all within easy reach and it just this just feels right to type on I mean I do so much typing on it it has to feel good and it does feel amazing the next really awesome thing it's actually right next to keys it's the trackpad this trackpad I could make a whole video on this thing alone if you've never like ventured out of your preferred computer brand whether it's Windows Mac Linux

Whatever it's hard to appreciate just how good Apple trackpads are and while this one takes up every millimeter of space on the body it is on the smaller side when compared to the monstrous and I I don't think that's too light of a term the monstrous trackpads on the mac books but it's incredible it's incredible look when I first saw the magic keyboard was announced I thought I would never ever use this I really thought to myself umm the iPad has a touchscreen touchscreen right why would I use a trackpad when I can just tap if I could just tap why would I use

A trackpad yeah I was wrong I was wrong I'm not ashamed to admit it I'm a person I'm fallible as much as I like to think that I'm right all the time I'm not and this is a good example of that because I almost never use the touchscreen on my iPad now the only time I use the touchscreen is when I'm watching youtube videos or if like I'm doing more of that consumption type tasks or when you know it's not like attached to the keyboard it's not attached to the magic keyboard I'm not actually using the trackpad on the magic keyboard that makes that makes sense right this is how I interact with

Everything from now on it's very precise and movements the click is very satisfying and it's an actual click unlike the Mac books and as much as I like the new Mouse support for the iPad I do really like it but I just don't use it that much anymore because of how well and easy this is to use it's within reach of each of your thumbs well in a casual typing posture you can move across the entire length of the screen if you need to without having to like do the hand dance this is the hand dance the coolest part of this trackpad for me is it maintains the powerful gestures

Let's say you paired a Magic Mouse with your iPad it's basically like having that where I rarely actually touch the screen anymore to like do things too like going to home three fingers swipe up brings you back to the home screen the one hand clapping motion that brings up all the active apps I mean just it's that easy to replace needing a touchscreen on a touchscreen device that's wild like you don't even need the touchscreen on a touchscreen device plus and this isn't solely the realm of the magic keyboard it's it's part of the whole new Mouse functionality

In totality but the new iPad cursor is awesome you've heard me if you've watched any of my videos you've heard me say this plenty of times it's like an auto aim cheap code but for maneuvering around your system it's hard to explain if you haven't used it but it it pre-selects apps when hovering over them and it it kind of locks on before you click on it net I get it that that sounds irritating it's almost like the iPad is taking control away from you but I promise you once you get used to it it's so much more efficient and it's just I find it to be much easier to use

Than a regular curser and I know believe me I know that sounds crazy with all of us me you all of us have roughly been using the same kind of mouse cursor across all of computer systems since like 1982 but trust me this is awesome plus it's also really neat that it changes color depending on the background so it's really hard to lose it I don't want to admit to you how often I lose my regular Kirsten I have to do that where is the cursor oh man being old the next reason to buy the magic keyboard is the additional USB C built right into the body itself yes

This port only works for charging but when your computer and yes I do consider this to be a computer when it only has one USB C port built into it being able to charge and connect to other things using this main port that's game changing I don't mind this game changing I used to need a dongle to do simple things like charge and import footage or charge and connect a monitor but now I don't so I've saved space and I mean I've already purchased the dongle so but if you don't buy a dongle for this specific reason then hey the magic keyboard costs even less silver linings

All around gotta look for those silver linings and the last and final reason to buy the magic keyboard is the build quality is fantastic obviously we've already touched a lot about the physical layout of the keyboard throughout this whole video but no joke this thing is built really well I was kind of concerned at first that now that the keys have gaps in them much like a MacBook because the smart folio keyboard does not I mean you can't get anything underneath the minutes really easy to clean as there just wasn't a way to get it dirty by getting anything caught

Underneath the keys and while nothing has changed insofar as the keys go I mean they haven't magically covered themselves over the last couple of months I find that I have had a single problem with junk getting under them and if you're asking yourself Gary where's your qualifications to make that statement look I'm a person that eats a lot of graham crackers and I constantly have crumbs all around me if you couldn't see like beyond this little space you're like in my office in there there's some crumbs around there so if somebody was gonna break one of these it

Would probably be me another nice and surprising feature of the physical construction the keyboard is the little palm rests I like how Mac books have a nice large palm rest so you can keep your wrists and hands in a neutral position because carpal tunnel and injuries like that are real and you need to protect yourself if you're gonna be working on a keyboard for a long periods of time safety is first it sounds silly safety is first now these palm risk might not be large enough to comfortably hold your wrist depending on hand size comfortably they

Do two things really well first the keyboard is really thin so if your hands are off the palm rest it's not that big of a deal because you don't have to like stretch or angle yourself to make up for this little bit of a gap you see that it's not that thick at all second the palm wrists are big enough that I can comfortably rest my wrists on it all the way without feeling like I'm scrunching up my hands on the keyboard to make it happen like I said I have regular-sized hands so the majority of people should be able to actually use these as a Palmer's like this is an

Amazing feat of Engineering and dang I cannot believe we just spent 1500 words talking about a keyboard but this I'm telling you this keyboard is for real and despite its costs it's taken one of my favorite devices of all time and it's turned it into something that I not only have with me everywhere like literally I always have this iPad but it's now a machine that has almost no compromises it lets me use this super powerful and portable tablet to do all of my work without needing to lug around an additional traditional laptop it's just really great and so if you like this

Video and you also have an iPad and you've decided you wanted to buy the keyboard but you also want to know about some cool other gadgets and accessories click here to watch my updated video about all of the cool things that I've found that you can get to work with your iPad pro click here to watch click click click click click click click thanks for watching

YOU Should Buy the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, And Here’s Why!

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