iPadOS 14 One Week Later! Does the BEST Get Better?!

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I pad OS 14 was announced last week at WWDC 2020 now it's much like the others in the 14 family of Apple software updates and it promises some pretty big fundamental changes on how the Apple ecosystem interacts within itself now the reason I want to talk about the iPad first and not one of my other Apple devices like I don't want to talk about Mac Big Sur today I don't want to talk about iOS 14 because the iPad is one of my favorite devices of all time for the past few years I've had an iPad absolutely attached to me at the hip and I think across the line from the top of the iPad pro all the way down to the

IPad 10.2 this is a product line that makes sense at almost every level and price point so what are the new features and how do I think they hold up let's find out it's so much easier when it's so much like what's up everyone on the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out so before we even start this video here's like as the dad I want to send a note of caution this iPad OS 14 is currently in early developers beta and I do not recommend that you go out and install this or any of the betas on either your only iOS device or a device to you use for any

Sort of work like do not install this on your primary systems betas by their very nature are unstable so don't risk it if you have money riding on these products I myself installed iPad OS 14 on my 10.2 inch iPad and not my iPad Pro because I do use that for work both at okay enough boring adult lecturing because the most surprising part of using this beta for the past week frankly is just how stable it is I've done other Apple betas and other operating system betas in the past and legitimately I don't know that I've come across one that's as functional and as crash free as this

Please stay crash free that does not change my recommendation to not install it right away though at least wait for the public beta and as I've only been using this for a week and it's a beta I'm going to touch on some of the new features that I really like and some of the places I hope they can focus on prior to official release however I'm not really going to criticize too hard if at all because it's in early beta and it's still in active development like they're not selling this yet so I can't be too harsh on them because they're not trying to

They're not selling it to you so first off let's go over what's probably the most striking the new home screen redesigned the new big feature here are widgets you now get a whole host of little widgets that you can put it on the side they'll let you customize your home screen and ways not yet seen in the iPad system which no Apple is not the first phone / tablet maker to come up with that not by a long shot if I remember correctly my HTC EVO from back in 2008 I believe it had a very similar feature is so long ago I can barely remember I had for breakfast yesterday

Long story short they aren't breaking any new grounds but I do appreciate them listening to feedback as one of the main complaints with any iOS or iPad OS device is lack of customization especially on the home screen widgets on the iPad as of right now are they're okay they're not great but I'd rather than be here than not I do wish that you could put the widgets on the home screen like on my iPhone with iOS 14 but here you can only keep these widgets on the little side panel you can't enable that side panel to always stay there's like part of the

Home screen which is cool I would prefer to be able to set them wherever I wanted to on the home screen I mean I think the benefit of these new widgets is how well they could weave into the normal app icons and you know what since it's a developer beta I'm gonna submit that as feedback I'm not just gonna yell this into the void as a YouTube video we're gonna help make progress if I had to say a favorite widget so far what would it be probably the calendar one I mean my life is lived by strictly planning out and scheduling my day there's just too much going on to haphazardly go

Throughout the days I really like being able to edit glance see what's up next and what's going on for the rest of the day I really do like this the other big redesign in iOS 14 with regards to the screen is the new app library but unfortunately iPad OS at least as of today does not have it so you'll have to keep organizing your apps the old-fashioned way that's I don't think that's that big of a deal as it's not really something that I'm using on my iPhone that much but who knows maybe it will grow on me before too long maybe it's a feature that I'm like I don't see

The use of it now and then in two weeks I'm like I just the perfect feature why did I not use that before the next big update that I'm really excited for is the new smaller screen phone calls you might think taking phone calls on your iPad isn't the most convenient or useful feature anyway but I use it all of the time a large chunk of my day especially my normal day job is spent in conference phone meetings and using the speaker on my iPhone is a guaranteed way to have a splitting headache at the end of the day due to these shriller quality of the

Audio if you're using like speakerphone on your iPhone the speakers on the iPad even this 10-point to are on a whole other level so I've started using my iPad as my meeting speaker it's just so like I'm not an audiophile I can't explain it to you but it's just so much more comfortable and it's way less fatiguing to use but when you're doing that it's really irritating when somebody calls and then it just takes over the whole screen this new feature will only take up a small part of the screen so you can kind of like screen the call ahead of time and this won't

Interrupt your work it's not perfect because as soon as you click on anything in regard to the call it will take up the whole screen I do kind of wish it would stay small the whole time maybe we'll submit another comment for that d'arnot we're doing software development in real time here on the video I'm kidding I'm not an engineer or programmer in any way shape or form another thing that I really like is the new menu pane for a few of the key apps namely photos notes files calendar and even Apple music so what I really like about this is the thought of some of

These key internal apps getting more desktop type functionality another of the key like negatives a key thing that people complain about iPads all the time for and it's really frustrating to me is the file system or I guess you call it the organization of an iPad it's absolutely the biggest flaw and using an iPad as a computer replacement and I do find these menus as a good step forward in blending Mac OS and iPad OS into a coherent and professional system that works well for both consumption tapping around on the screen but also for people that want to be able to manage their

Internal files or processes a little bit better a quick example of how this is now better for me in the files app you now have more options to treat the files an iPad is kind of like a computer as a whole you can create new folders use a hierarchy to assign those folders and move those folders in between itself that's pretty darn big seeing as how in the current iPad it's just so much harder to do and you might be saying to yourself it's folders computers have been doing folder since Windows what 3.1 it's new on the iPad and it's not a full system

Yet but each and every update I get to an iPad it gets closer and closer I like they're starting to really dial it in another huge feature that I'm obscenely excited about it is the fully featured well at least as fully features as it can on an iPad spotlight is now in iPad OS 14 previous to this the standard command-spacebar option would bring a pace see research page which worked fine but it prioritized the search through the internet instead of doing the iPad now I might not be explaining this well but what I like is now when I hit command

Spacebar I just type in the function I'm looking for and it opens wow I mean if you aren't predominantly a Mac user you might not know what I'm talking about but spotlight is huge for me and it just gets better and better it's just it's the way that I find things on my Mac anymore I don't even bother opening up files looking for applications anymore command space type in Photoshop and it opens maybe that's just me getting lazy sometimes you got to be self-aware right but it's so convenient and I am beyond happy that it's now on my iPad if I'm not searching for files anyway that file

System that I talked about just a few minutes ago it becomes less important so no kidding no kidding I think this is a super exciting development it might be my favorite development in total on iPad OS 14 another big addition so far is scribble support with a dedicated Apple pencil this is a way that you can write in any text box and the iPad will convert it into type text the problem is I can't actually find my pencil for the 10.2 so we don't get to actually try that out today and for me it's cool it's great to show like what kind of processing power and neat features that

Apple is working on and the things that they can do under the hood of this operating system but as you've heard me say in plenty of videos I'm typer I'm a typer I'm not a writer because my handwriting is it's atrocious like that is not that is not too soft of award to say my handwriting is some of the worst you're gonna find so I try to do as little of it as possible something else that I really like is you get a lot more control and visibility of what's going on with anything connected via bluetooth for example I wear my ear pods legitimately for hours

A day whether it's running whether it's hanging out of the house whether it's doing work those things are in my head a lot and now from the iPad itself you can change the noise cancellation settings you can change how the air pot functions work and on the battery widget you can even see their battery life I love this I love this like okay there's a lot that I'm loving today but I'm always guessing at what my ear pods battery life is like I'm always wondering what how much charge is left and I'm always wanting to like turn off the cancellation because I hate trying to do it where you have to

Hold the end of the air pod it only works like half the time so extra control over that functionality from my iPad that's gigantic like that is each of these features has been just I could gush about this I could gosh about this single feature all day long I consider this to be right up there with spotlight search as something that absolutely changes how I interact with my iPad in the future and you know what I talked about gushing I'm gonna gush for just a second this like this is why I love Apple devices they get more and better functionality all of the time and even

My 250 dollar iPad non-pro will get most of the same high-end features that my iPad pro will get and it's almost as powerful and it will continue to get support for years and I don't have to pay when the new version of the OS is released I just I love it like I I don't know I don't know how else to like saying just pull dang it is awesome a cool smaller addition is Safari now offers additional privacy abilities which should greatly enhance the security and privacy of our data but will also what else is cool is it will now have a report that you can review to

See which trackers and websites are trying to follow you throughout your time on the internet I mean privacy is becoming a gigantic deal and it's nice to see that companies like Apple are taking it seriously okay so there are other smaller things that iPad OS 14 has brought to us like multi window support for music low-power mode enhancements to maps and other cool things but I'm not gonna touch on those those don't like change how I would interact with the iPad as much as the ones we already talked about so how do I like this after

One week of solid use I actually like it quite a lot if you did you not hear all of the talk earlier like I said I have an iPad glued to my hip at basically all times I've got two of them right now I never go anywhere without one it's iPads are absolutely the most useful tool that I have for writing scripts responding to emails scheduling my day and even sometimes very quick video and photo editing on the go these are way more powerful computers than I think most people give it credit for and no these new features and functions are not revolutionary but they are

Evolutionary and they go right to the heart of making this way more interoperable with other Apple devices and it makes it even more user-friendly and versatile and it's not that and it's even better than iOS 13 what I actually can't wait to see is how all of these features play together when all of my Apple things watch phone iPad Mac when they're all running on the same processors that's gonna be amazing we should probably make a video on that because that's gonna be amazing it's not iPad OS 14 despite all the gushing is not perfect yet there still isn't what I

Would consider to be the fully functioning worthwhile file system especially if you are going to be importing a lot of footage or photos and the biggest problem I have like if the biggest problem I have of the file system is there still is no progress bar when you're importing files and this is okay legitimately it's the thing that absolutely drives me up the wall when trying to work video wise off of my iPad and that's the thing that holds me back from using it more and more even on iPad OS 14 when you start importing all you see is a scroll wheel there is no like

Status bar so you just have to let it go for however long praying that something didn't crash in the background but you don't actually know and if you're transferring like a lot of files are big files you might not know for awhile and that's that's just that's frustrating to me so if Apple could release a status bar for importing footage I would feel so much more comfortable taking one of these with me as my only computer and leaving the MacBook at home basically forever so I'm legitimately excited to see what Apple has in store for when this hits full retail release again like

Talking back to the beginning the video I do not recommend that you install this on your main or the iPad as it's stable right now but tomorrow or the next beta version out there might make it way less so it's a beta that's what betas are for and if you like this video you do want to see more videos about iPads click here where I talk about why the iPad pro is a magical device and why you should buy one click right here to watch click click click click click click click thanks for watching


iPadOS 14 One Week Later! Does the BEST Get Better?!





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