2020 iMac Released! Nano 5K Display, 1080p FaceTime Camera & Studio Mics

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guys the new imac is finally here if it looks like i just rolled out of bed that's because i just did all right so the new imac is out uh it is not the redesign i'm gonna throw that at you right now it is not the redesign however we are getting a little bit more on top a couple cherries thrown in here from apple that we didn't think we're getting there's a new nano texture true tone display 1080p webcam studio quality mics on the regular imac uh really it's

Starting to make the imac pro look kind of pointless and then apple also did some minor updates to the 21.5 and imac pro imac models but the 27-inch got a pretty serious upgrade today so i want to show you exactly what's new all right so first up let's talk the baseline stuff cpu gpu options it's 10th generation intel chips uh you can get up to 10 cores now in the imac which is pretty good here's what that actually translates to according to

Apple and then for the gpu options got some fresh stuff from amd in here and then there's also twice the the memory you can put inside of here so i think up to 128 gigabytes now which is just an insane amount of ram not saying that it's not needed in some cases it's just a lot of ram now honestly what apple's been able to do here with another intel chip is pretty good right but uh if you've been following the news closely you know that there is something much

Much bigger around around the corner really that it could be coming as soon as next year now keep in mind you'll be waiting probably at least a year from now to get this but apple silicon apple's own design chips it's basically taking what's already in the iphone and the ipad getting rid of intel and giving you this performance that already runs great in an iphone like iphone chips don't need to be cooled the fastest chips in the mobile industry or some of the fastest chips

Period apple's bringing that to the mac at some point keep that in mind you're not buying a bad ship it's just there's a there's an even better chip that is coming sometime in the next year or two and from what we're hearing it's gonna be a significant upgrade finally ssds are standard across the board uh and this is actually for the 21.5 inch imac as well this is a small update that apple did there but the 21.5 inch imac didn't actually like get an upgrade so if you're like looking at that and you were really

Excited to get the 21.5 inch um it i mean the 27 inches where like the actual processor gpu internal upgrades are happening but you can get an ssd now no matter what you buy which should have happened a long time ago but it finally happened today can we pour one out for the 21.5 inch imac i just feel like i know my cousin in particular he kept asking me like when's the new imac coming when's the new imac coming and now it's here and there's no update so ah

I don't know why apple does this sometimes they'll just not update half the line to me the 21.5 inch imac makes absolutely no sense to buy right now uh it hasn't been updated it's got 8th gen intel chips it's it's like apple's basically saying we're going to phase this out i don't get it personally but that's where we're at with 21.5 inch i would only consider if you're looking to buy a new imac the 27 inch alone and for you security geezers out there apple's got the t2

Chip inside of here which is their own silicon that adds some security features to your mac it was on the imac pro i think it was on a couple of the macbook pros and now you got it on the imac 27 inch okay that's like the i don't know the spec stuff not the most exciting to me here's what i'm most excited about the new display technology on the 27 inch there's an option for nano texture more on that momentarily but apple also added it true tone here so true tone's a feature on your iphone

Your macbook maybe even another mac you've had in the past where it dynamically changes the color temperature of your display based on your environment so if you're in a super reddish orange room with like tungsten light then the screen itself like a piece of paper would change to look a little bit more orange it'll look slightly more orange as well same if you're in a bluer cooler environment really great i it's one of those features you don't notice every day but i love it like it is one of my

Favorite apple features and that's on the new imac but bigger than that is the option it's not standard so that means 500 extra is a nano texture display this is blowing my mind that apple added this because like if there's anything that's a pro feature it's this it's essentially something on the nanometer level for this display where apple has been able to fine engineer the reflectivity and glare of this display so even if you're in a

Really sunny room or somewhere really bright it's got this maddish texture so it's going to be super anti-glare i ordered mine with it just because i really want to see what this looks like i don't i don't have 6k just for the pro display or whatever it costs you know right now maybe in the future but i i can't wait to see it on an imac and again this makes me question if apple's bringing this to the regular standard consumer imac i don't i don't know what that means for

The imac pro and there actually was a small imac pro upgrade they made the 10 core variant standard um i it doesn't really mean that much like technically the imac pro also got an upgrade today but it doesn't make sense to buy the imac pro to me when when this just got updated today and it's way better but that's not all again taking stuff from the imac pro we've got better speakers better mics can we get a round of applause for this one let's start the slow zoom a 1080p

Facetime camera now it's still only 1080p but apple you know maybe there's maybe the zoom pandemic situation we got going out there they're like maybe we do need a better than 240 8k 0p camera that's horrible you know the imac the macbook they have horrible cameras inside of them for the front facing and apple upgraded it to 1080p so i'm sure it's probably the one identical to what's already in the imac pro

Again another similarity the speakers i'm really excited to try out because i love the speaker system on the imac pro and i think apple's alluding that they've essentially taken that architecture since it's from the exact same body and put it inside of the imac pro and then apple's mics the the imac pro microphone isn't that good but if apple took what they've done either with the new ipad pro that came out earlier this year or even with the 2019 16 inch macbook pro like those

Studio mics sound actually good like i could record a bit on a video and you wouldn't really notice so if apple's done that again here hey props to them that's a pretty big deal and i'm just happy that we got this imac right this was supposed to be the redesigned imac right and that's why i mentioned up straight up right away i think it's pretty clear that with the 14 inch macbook pro that's on the horizon the redesigned imac with slimmer

Bezels and probably a whole bunch of other mac stuff as well maybe the reintroduction of the mac book lion apple is saving the biggest mac updates in a decade for their own silicon now at first i was like of course you know all the rumors say that this imac is going to be the redesigned one it's not it looks identical to the 27 imac from before for from the past what five six seven years now so this isn't the big upgrade and i can get excited about this and i

Am because it's finally here but this is just a spec bump you know this is not redefining the imac it's if you're waiting for the imac apple's finally got something out for you it starts at eighteen hundred dollars here in the us for the the base new 27-inch imac and then the nano texture display you know the super fast processor gpu storage ram that stuff all costs extra but you do get like the studio quality mics and that stuff in every single computer so are you guys going to buy you got to

Pick one of these up i've got mine in order i know i've said that three times but i am genuinely excited for this because uh i don't know i just haven't been that impressed with my imac pro i'm ready ready to switch it up and try something different so if you guys enjoyed the video hope you learned something new drop a like if you did hit subscribe for more i've been sam and i will catch cool cats in my next video and yeah maybe i'll iron my shirt now that i'm done with work for the day because i know you guys have been seeing

Where's the shirt it's not i don't know yeah i know cool i'll see you guys next video bye


2020 iMac Released! Nano 5K Display, 1080p FaceTime Camera & Studio Mics





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