iOS 14 Beta 4 Features & Changes! New TV Widget & More

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I really like the hues.

hey what's up guys sam here welcome back to another video very busy day for apple news following the drop of the brand new 27-inch imac apple dropped ios developer beta 4 for ios 14. now i think it's also up for public beta testers as well or it will be sometime later this week and being around 640 megabytes it might lead you to believe that there's a ton of stuff new here but after looking around that's not the case at all in fact this is the smallest beta update we've seen and

Buy a long shot but there's still some cool stuff i want to show you strap a like if you're excited hit subscribe for more and uh let's start this brief ios 14 beta 4 update first up if you are on an older device i've got good news for you 3d touch is back i know this has been a big point of contention for a lot of you out there especially if you're on like an iphone 8-esque device you might have noticed that you were replaced with haptic touch now if you have a newer device like this iphone

11 you don't know what i'm talking about basically apple removed 3d touch for one beta everybody freaked out thought it was gone forever but uh lo and behold it's not it is actually it's back it's here and this interface actually looks really nice so if you have 3d touch it's back in this beta next up apple is continuing the tradition of adding a new widget every single time there's a new beta and sure enough we've got the tv widget now i mean at first we got a i'm trying to remember which one i think

Music came after launch and then we had uh you know the clock one was really huge now we've got tv all right so if i tap that there's three sizes small you know i definitely question the practicality of just you know seeing something you can continue there uh medium probably the most realistic that you might want to put on your home screen and then large the most media rich i'll actually add this one because i do like the way it looks the best there you go takes up like 15 rows in

Your home screen but you can see i do have the brand new tv widget in ios 14 beta 4. um let me know if you're going to use this one for me not a huge fan of the tv app in general and i'm definitely not going to keep this on my home screen inside of settings apple has made exposure notifications way more prominent than before i believe they were hidden under privacy prior somewhere around here you'd have to scroll down it was kind of hidden now apple has it front and center where i

Live here in the united states we're not exactly doing the best on our whole virus tracking stuff so i don't actually have an app or anything props to you guys to do but if you do have an app for exposure notifications for tracking the virus then it'll be in here here's what it looks like a bit closer again exposure notifications brand new inside of the settings app following that for search in ios 14 beta 4 it's actually gotten a huge upgrade you can see

Already uh basically how great this is so before this is 14 beta 3 you had very limited results like it wasn't actually that smart it looks nice you know we're all a big fan but it didn't actually have that much utility now when you search uh you actually get more stuff that might be relevant to you you've got apps files wallet calendar i mean genuinely you're going to find what you want first because you also have show more so look at that look at what it shows it shows my website guys it's really really

Nice thanks ios 14. but essentially all the relevant results got pushed up where before uh it was not really present at all you had to do like an extra search just to get to all that so now you're getting the most relevant stuff when you need it and you're not going to get this barrage of love results that usually isn't the most helpful next up in the music app a couple of changes here you probably spotted this already the add button is white now with red text instead of

Red with white text but the three dots are i think slightly smaller on this version because if you actually tap on something like this you can see these three dots are ever so slightly different beta four they're a little bit smaller and uh beta three they are a little bit bigger so apple they're really refining the heck out of the music app at this point and also these pluses down here a bit smaller as well and 14 and beta3 and that just continues with all the big changes

They've been making it for the music app this year so far performance though definitely seems better on this update just stability wise in the hour two i've used this on my device it feels really good like launching things up a little bit more reliable than i think it was before and i can tell apple's putting in the work there but also i'm like there's not a whole lot changing which is you know not as fun for us to go through but still it looks great apple's doing a really

Genuinely fantastic job i mean honestly this feels as good now as ios 13 prior ever had so let me know your thoughts and experiences with this down below alright that's all for now hope you guys enjoyed the video drop a like if you did hit subscribe for more and i'll catch all of you in my next one

iOS 14 Beta 4 Features & Changes! New TV Widget & More

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