iOS 6 Revisited: 2017 Retro Review

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the iPhone the device that changed the world has seen many different changes in this last 10 years in this video we're going to be exploring the best version of the classic iPhone OS it's what made the iPhone unique and iconic and that is iOS 6 hey guys what is going on this is AI apple geek welcome to retro reviews the series will we go back in time and take a second look at a classic design the design of iOS 6 has long been forgotten in light of its newer shinier more colorful versions however iOS 6 remains my favorite design of iOS ever iOS 6 was born out of a time where Steve

Jobs had influence on everything at Apple including their device designs and he was all about what a product could say for itself so he put tons of styling tons of taste into his designs that's why when you look at the devices that were created under Steve Jobs you can see a dramatic difference from the current devices that we currently see today everything had more styling more depth more texture more feel iOS was very unique and distinctly different from Android now when you think about it every single

Application had their own styling their own characteristics now in iOS everything just looks exactly the same with the exact same white panels with black text and it's just all uniform iOS back in the day was not like that except for certain software restrictions every application and area in iOS was visually different from the previous app you just in and one of the favorite things I like to play with back in the day was the slide to unlock slider I mean who doesn't like slides come on whee one major problem with iOS 6 and iOS in general is the planned obsolescence I

Keep you going to the App Store and try to download your favorite apps it's not going to let you unless you update your device to Unleashed iOS 8 9 or 10 but if you're someone like me and you've been spoiled with the new features like control center on these newer firmwares and you don't really like some of the flat designs maybe you just want to go back and use an older firmware for a little bit sorry to break it to you but that is easier said than done especially when it comes to iOS 6 it was an old firmware Apple has made it up suddenly a long time ago and if you want to go back

First of all you're going to need a jailbreak on iOS 7 8 or 9 on the 32-bit devices that once supported iOS 6 I will have those devices in the description you want to go into Cydia add this source I'll have in the description as well and be sure to make a backup before attempting this come in here and install the cool booter beta this is the tool you're going to use to boot iOS 6 on one of your devices and I don't recommend you guys do this on your main device but once you install that package you will see a new icon on your home screen open it and it will look something like this

Go ahead and tap install and in here you can select that iOS version you want to go back to for me I'm going to select 6.1.3 because that was the latest one for the iPod 5 that was able to be jailbroken here you have a little storage button you want to tap on that and partition off a section of your storage to the other firmware and I don't recommend you I do this if you have a small capacity device only your device has unleashed 32 gigabytes I doubt you have much room for this if you have a 16 gigabyte device I recommend sectioning off at least six

To ten gigabytes so that you have enough room to play around with the other firmware four gigabytes at the least and once you're ready go ahead and click on I'm ready it's going to ask you if you want a verbose boot I'll show you what that means in a second and it asks you to jailbreak the other firmware i hit yes because why not visit the old cydia as well so if you happen to have a device on one of those firmwares jailbroken you have quite a combination you can go back and explore this classic firmware as you can see it does take a little while but eventually if it asks

You to reboot your device go ahead and do that and once your device boots back up go ahead and unlock it and go back to the cool-blue application now go ahead and hit the boot button and it'll ask you to lock your device you have to do this every time your device reboots or runs out of battery because it will reboot back to your main firmware in my case that's iOS 7.1.2 so once you've watched your device and waited a few seconds you will see a verbose boot if you chose that option that's the scrolling text that looks like you're hacking the device it looks really

Really cool but if you decided not to have this during the installation it will go ahead and bypass it automatically once your device is finished routing for the first time you will be booted into the setup screen for iOS 6 here you'll be able to set up the device like you normally would on an iOS 6 device please note that activation lock still applies to iOS 6 because it's using a newer version of the Apple ID so you will need your Apple ID and password to activate the device and that is it you can now

Begin using your device on iOS 6 one little side note is that if you do have two-factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID you are going to need an eligible device to log in on this device and it will give you instructions on how to do that now obviously if you chose to jailbreak the other firmware you will be able to have Cydia on your home screen and in here you'll be able to install tweaks a lot of them don't work because this is a dual booted firmware but you still can explore some of the more simple tweaks so now you'll be able to go and explore the classic design of iOS

6 I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more videos like this let me know what you think in the comments and I will see you guys in the next video peace

iOS 6 Revisited: 2017 Retro Review

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