How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta

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hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek today I'll be showing you guys how to install ioc 11 public beta on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch this process is very simple all you need is an internet connection and an Apple ID no iTunes or anything like that required even though this is a public beta I do have to advise you against installing it on your daily device it is still a beta there are still things that can go wrong with this software but if you do want to try out iOS 11 see what it's like you can go ahead and follow this video so let me just show you my device is

Currently on iOS 10 point 3.2 and I'll be updating to iOS 11 public beta 3 all you have to do is go to this link in the description come in to this website and scroll down to sign up or sign in if you try it out the public beta from last year just sign in but if you've never tried out an Apple beta then go ahead and just hit sign up the process is the same so I have taken part in this before so I'm just going to hit sign in and then go ahead and enter your Apple ID and password alright so once you've signed into this there is an agreement and you have to scroll down and hit

Accept and then here you'll have the page for guide for public betas so go ahead if it's not selected on iOS already just selected and scroll down all the way to get started and it says here you can enroll your device go ahead and click on that it says enroll your devices scroll down and this is archived and iOS backup so you want to go into iTunes or iCloud backup your device I already have an iCloud backup for this device that way in case anything goes wrong I can always come back and use this backup so I don't lose anything off with this device scroll down to step to

Hit this download profile button it'll take you to settings and install the iOS beta software profile go ahead and hit install it asks you for your password go ahead and enter it and hit restart now iOS 11 does drop support for 32-bit devices completely so I will have a list of all the supported devices in the description if you don't have one of those devices or a newer device you will not be able to install iOS 11 no matter what profile you install for example the iPhone 5 the iPad 4 won't be able to install this so once your device does restart go to settings scroll down a

Little bit to general software update and now iOS u 11 public beta should be in this software update section go ahead and hit download and install and this is how you install the iOS 11 public beta also the iOS 11 beta software profile will give you that feedback application on your home screen in here you can log in and send reports of bugs to Apple which will help them finalize iOS C 11 all right so my device has just finished updating and it is now on the iOS 11 public beta and in the Settings app you can see that I am on iOS 11 and I do have the new wallpaper anyways guys this

Is how you install iOS 11 public beta on your device if you guys want to downgrade I will have a video up soon it will be on your screen if you guys aren't looking to downgrade that be sure to subscribe and I will see you guys in that video pace

How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta

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