Apple iMac 21.5″ 4K (2017): Unboxing & Review

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What's up guys this is Mike the Detroit Borg and Apple has finally updated the iMac so they haven't touched this since late 2015 and in this video we're gonna take a look at the 21.5 inch 4k model which like a lot of the other Macs that were updated this year include KB Lake processors faster RAM faster SSD better graphics Thunderbolt 3 ports and more and we're gonna get into that since I'm only interested in the 4k malla there's actually two versions of that you can pick up the $12.99 version and the $14.99 version and that's the version I went with and the one I recommend so if you're gonna spend $1300 on the computer

I definitely recommend you go up to $14.99 to get much better specs they get you a 3.4 instead they'll be 3.0 quad core i5 processor we also get a one terabyte fusion drive instead of a one terabyte 5400 rpm hard disk drive which is incredibly slow and I'll demonstrate that when we take a look at the benchmarks and although we get dedicated Radeon pro graphics on both 4k models standard the 560 GPU has 4 gigs of RAM versus the 555 GPU which only has 2 gigs of RAM on the 1299 miles so for only $200 more I think you get a much better computer so when it comes to unboxing

Any iMac the experience here is pretty familiar we have a tab along the top so we can pull it and then fold the box down of course it's very well packaged lots of styrofoam to prevent any damage while shipping now the first thing we have toward the top is our accessory box so let's go ahead and remove that now this can be customized depending on what you prefer so in my case I just went with the default configuration which includes a magic keyboard along with the second-generation magic mouse now I've already done videos on these so if you want to take a look at them I'll leave

That linked in the description below but of course the magic keyboard does have a slight change here for 2017 so if you look at the control option and function keys you'll see some new icons now the first thing I want to do here is make sure that all of these are on they do have internal rechargeable batteries so in the bottom of the box we'll also find a lightning connector we also have some paperwork and the paperwork is pretty basic we have a Quick Start Guide regulatory and warranty information of course we get a set of white Apple stickers and a black microfiber clean

Cloth so the 21.5 inch iMac is pretty lightweight so I'm able to handle it pretty easily the 27 inch is quite a bit heavier now one of these foam blocks is a our cable so once again the power supply is internal so no power brick for your iMac and then when we get to the iMac itself first thing we have to do here is peel off the envelope surrounding the iMac and then we can go ahead and pull that off of course we're not done yet we have lots of plastic surrounding the front of the iMac so I have to do is peel it off along the sides and it

Should just pull off in one piece in terms of design once again very little has changed here there's a few things will point out but overall it's still a single piece of aluminum with that very thin edge so it looks altra thin from the science but it does bow out toward the center to house all of the internal components and of course we have that articulating hinge which allows us to change the angle of the display also back here is the exhaust fan for keeping the internals nice and cool we'll also find the power connector for our flush-mounted power cable and just below

That is a Kensington lock on the left side or the right side depending on what side you're looking at we have all of our i/o which has been updated for 2017 with Thunderbolt 3 so those are two Thunderbolt 3 or USB type-c connectors in addition to 4 USB 3.0 ports an SDXC card slot a headphone jack and of course a Gigabit Ethernet connectors so at least we didn't lose anything with Thunderbolt 3 like we did with some of the other Macs of course we have the concave power button along the left side which makes it easy to feel for without having to

Directly see it toward the top edge is the very large black Apple logo which is part of the RF transparency needed for all the radios built in here like Wi-Fi one of those new radios is bluetooth 4.2 so like the other updated Macs we also get 4.2 in this computer of course once again we have that very distinctive iMac chin with the Apple logo toward the center now if you look at the bottom edge this is actually one of my favorite views of the iMac you have this razor thin edge with all of these perforations for the down facing speakers and the ventilation of course the speakers here

Sound fantastic they do sort of fire down and bounce off a table so it does create this very immersive soundscape which I really like about the IMAX toward the top edge unchanged from the previous generation is our 720p FaceTime HD camera along with an LED light and an ambient light sensor although I really like the design of this computer at least from the front it does look a little dated especially since 2017 is all about illuminating this has some pretty big ones it's a little out of proportion on the smaller IMAX it's not as bad on the 27-inch but

It's hard to ignore the fact that this design pretty much hasn't changed that much since 2007 in terms of this 4k display it's the same resolution as last year 4096 by 23:04 it also supports the wide color of p3 so it's a very vibrant display but this time it's 42% brighter it's up to 500 nits it also supports 10-bit color dithering so it's able to produce up to 1 billion colors they've also improved the anti-reflective coating just like on the newest macbook so it's a little more effective now the extra brightness added to this display is really only accessible via the

Adaptive brightness setting so you can't really directly access it so unless the room is extra bright the extra bright display would just make it look washed out now originally I was kind of confused because they look the same side-by-side at maximum brightness but I have to thank Connor on Twitter for the tip that pointed me in the direction of the adaptive brightness setting for the most part this is just an internal spec upgrade so externally you won't see a whole lot different but internally there's actually quite a bit going on here so they've completely redesigned

The internals so that includes removable RAM sticks so you can now swap them out you can also change out the CPU because it's easily removable but what's not easy is getting into this computer which is still quite difficult speaking of RAM a gigs a standard book for the first time we get a 32 gig ram upgrade option for the 4k iMac now still ridiculously expensive at $600 but it is much faster ddr4 memory running at 2400 megahertz replacing the ddr3 memory from the previous generation which ran at 1867 megahertz now besides the USB type-c connectors is a few other things

That are different visually about this iMac one of them is the relocation of the dual microphones so they used to be at the top edge of the previous model but now it's been reduced to one microphone and it's located just behind the bezel right above the Apple logo so although you can't see the microphone at all it still works the same another difference I only discovered because I had these computers side-by-side is that the newer model is slightly shorter than the previous model it's actually quite noticeable if you put them side-by-side

I'm not sure if this design change was intentional but there may have been a slight tweak to the hinge because the newer iMac can actually pitch back a bit farther of course the other big visual key that this is the newer model is Thunderbolt 3 replacing the Thunderbolt 2 ports from the previous model so now we have USB type-c connectors instead of those mini displayport or Thunderbolt connectors but the other detail here is that the labeling on the ports has been simplified quite a bit once again the underside of the base of the pedestal

Hides all of our information like our serial number regulatory FCC info and more and of course it's outlined with a rubber shoe that prevents you from scratching the table when you move it around so when it comes to performance one of the things that really impresses me here is graphics performance this is definitely the best graphics performance for the dala you can get from a Mac so with soon the bench I'm able to get almost 100 frames per second about 93 frames per second so that will make this a pretty solid platform for AR or VR development along with onboard gaming

And video processing now as I mentioned the stock iMac comes with a really slow 5400 rpm hard disk drive now if you compare that to the SSD in the fusion drive you can see there's a huge difference here now the fusion drives SSD does not appear to be much faster than the previous model if you want the fastest drives go for the full SSDs those should at least double their performance you're seeing here when it comes to Geekbench pretty solid results here on 4800 on the single core score and over 14,000 on the multi-core score now if you compare this to the similarly

Priced MacBook Pro with touch bar you can see there's a pretty big gap here in terms of performance so you get a lot more bang for your buck with the iMac so in the end especially if you're looking at the $14.99 model this is a very significant update with some impressive processing power a fantastic GPU one of the best displays you can buy on any computer today and of course we retain the speed and capabilities of Thunderbolt 3 without losing all the other ports for legacy hardware but of course this is only half the iMac story I have the 5k iMac coming in as well

That's going to be my daily production machine so make sure you stay tuned for that video hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Apple iMac 21.5″ 4K (2017): Unboxing & Review

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