What’s on my iPhone SE? (July 2017)

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I favour the angle!

a what is going on that the bring this is I Apple week in this video I'm going to be talking about what's on my iPhone 2017 edition today the phone I have in question is the iPhone S II I have been using this phone for a little over a year as of recording this video if you don't know about this phone or if you have more questions about it I do have a couple videos in the description that might be able to help you out anyways first things first I have something that is very important to you guys and that

Is music now you might be asking are you on Team Pandora or team Spotify if you're here in the United States and I do have to say I use Pandora more than I do Spotify simply because I'm not a expert on music so with Pandora it does help me discover new songs and new artists that I usually would not be able to find now recently I did get into google play music which has a free trial that I'm currently running it's pretty cool because it allows you to save and download songs to your library and if I do find any songs that I like to keep I do import them into my iTunes library

And put them into my music application let's head on over to my arcade folder I have nine games in here sometimes this fluctuates back and forth but there are a few that I like to highlight so if you know me and realize you would have known that I play clash of clans in clash Royale quite often as for some of the other games balloon tower defense is a great time killers so is a plants vs. zombies – cooking – is just there for emergency guys okay trust me that's if I get bored of the other games cooking – is like the backup game and more recently I've taken a liking to jetpack

Joyride I did play this before in a years past but I've gotten it again simply because they added a bunch of new stuff and it's a it's a great time kill so what about videos in media that is not music so obviously I do have youtube I do use the podcast app for video creators it's basically a show that gives tips and advice about youtubing and what's it like being a youtuber how to improve or maybe what YouTube has changed in its algorithm besides that I don't really want too much video on my device in terms of social media it's actually pretty

Self-explanatory here so once that advertised on my channel is my Instagram page here I post about stuff places I go people I made and of course the food that I eat along the way but for more YouTube related stuff and tech related stuff you should follow me on Twitter I do have an account on here at I Applegate 3 they won't let me change my name because somebody has the name already I do see your guys's comments here or replies or activity in general so if you guys want to contact me about stuff or if you want me to see something then Twitter is a good way to do so and

I do actually have a community on Google+ where I help people with their phones when it comes to jailbreaking me and some other guys moderate this community is called jailbreak it kind of looks like this if you guys use Google+ then this is a good place to get some support if you having trouble with a jailbroken device now in terms of some useful applications that you guys might want on your device I actually do have a few so first of all I have something called X VPN and I did use this on my trip to China earlier and it basically allowed me to bypass their government

Restrictions when it comes to social media because in China the government actually restricts internet use when it comes to stuff like Facebook Twitter Google and YouTube so anything related to those companies because they block that out with ex VPN it's not that case because you can literally bypass what they have how this works is when you set up the application it'll have some prompts but once you're in here to this page you can click on the little globe and select optimal location and this will connect you to the fastest available server now I do understand if

You're in the United States you probably don't have much of a use for this unless you want more security with your internet but if you do travel this can be very helpful now if you're not a traveler but you like to take pictures and I know a lot of you guys do there's a app called muse Mitch that's basically a beefed addition of the stock a camera application which is pretty nice there's like an insane time-lapse option as you guys can see here photo there's a bunch of different options you can have video manual and

You can literally adjust all sorts of sub chat or you can see the lights back you can adjust how that is displayed pretty insane and any pictures you take will be saved it to your camera roll and lastly for those of you stalkers out there yes I do have photos but guess what you're going to have to go follow my instagram or twitter for photos because I'm not about to show you my photos on YouTube okay that's just yeah you just don't do that that's that's just weird okay that's just weird but anyways guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you were interested in

What was on my iPhone se in 2017 anyways guys that don't forget to subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys in my next video peace


What’s on my iPhone SE? (July 2017)





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