Apple MacBook 12-inch (2017): Unboxing & Review

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What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at what's new with the new 12-inch MacBook so this is the second update for the MacBook for the most part this is a spec upgrade but there are more significant updates to this computer than there are to the MacBook Pros specifically there is a new keyboard mechanism built in here so this gets the second generation butterfly switches that the MacBook Pro also has so I think that really addresses one of the complaints of the previous model but of course we also get cable 8 processors new graphics and for the first time we get a 16 gig ram upgrade option pricing

Really hasn't changed here it still starts off at $12.99 that gets you a KB lake core m3 and that's the version we're gonna take a look at today but you can also upgrade to a Core i5 or a core i7 in this fanless computer which i think is pretty interesting and you can also upgrade the RAM to 16 gigs and you're stuck to 512 gigs of SSD storage so that's the maximum you can go when it comes to the accessories all pretty much the same as the last model of course we get a USBC cable for recharging the MacBook again very nicely tied up here in terms of the paperwork we get

Something that's kind of unique to the MacBook lineup and that is color matching Apple sticker so in this case I get space scribe of course if you get gold rose gold or even silver you'll see matching stickers there as well of course we get a quick start guide and warranty info also included is the 29 watt USB C power adapter so again the cable can be removed unfortunately the extension cable is no longer included with MacBooks now like most spec upgrades you're not gonna see a whole lot visually different between this and the previous model the only

Thing that really tells you that this is a new model is the keyboard iconography so if you look at the control and option key you'll see some new icons there of course this is a computer that didn't really need a design update it looks fantastic I like this wedge shape it's extremely compact weighs only 2 pounds so it's very lightweight and I think it's just the right size for most people of course that means they did not change the port situation there's still just one USB type-c connector on the left side with a headphone jack and a dual microphone on the right side although

This port did not pick up Thunderbolt 3 thanks to the new Intel HD graphics 615 GPU this is able to output to higher resolution monitors so can now output to 4096 by 23:04 that's up from the 3804 by 2160 that this computer was maxed out – last year another improvement you can't see is bluetooth 4.2 replacing 4.0 from the previous models also carried over is the 12 inch IPS display with a resolution of 2304 by 1440 that's good for 226 pixels per inch it's a very bright and vivid display although we did not pick up the DCI p3 spectrum of the MacBook Pros for

The most part that displays look the same but there seems to be a slight difference to the anti-reflective coating on the new macbook they didn't mention this change here but it does look like it's a bit more effective on the new MacBook it doesn't look as green and there's a little less reflection here so I think this is the same coating they use on the newer MacBook Pros perhaps the only thing that really needed an improvement that did not happen is the 480p FaceTime camera so we're still stuck with that battery capacity is still 40 1.41 hours and that

Should get you about 10 hours of wireless web browsing very similar to the MacBook Pro besides the new key icons for the most part the keyboard and the large force touch glass trackpad looked the same and they all work mostly the same but obviously there's a big difference in terms of how the keyboard feels and sounds now this sounds and feels very much like a macbook pro keyboard so if you don't like that keyboard you're still not gonna like this now personally I love it this is a very fast and tactile keyboard and I think it's a huge improvement over the

Previous MacBook which was a lot more vague and quite flat compared to what you get with this now to my eyes it really doesn't look like the height of the keys have changed at all it still looks identical to the previous model it's just the way they feel and click so let's go and take a listen to the keyboard in action to see how they differ also just above the keyboard is one of the best sounding speaker systems I've ever heard on a laptop especially at the size it's really impressive so let's go

And take a listen what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and apple has updated all of its MacBook Pros with Cammy Lake CPUs and new graphics once again the best way to illustrate what's new and improved about a spec upgrade is to compare it to the like model from the previous release and that's what I'm gonna do here so I have the baseline configuration from 2016 we're gonna compare it to the one for 2017 so obviously the big news is KB Lake and it's also a bit faster we go from one point one gigahertz to 1.2 gigahertz in terms of our Geekbench scores pretty

Significant gains over the previous model I'm actually surprised by how significant this is so this is still not going to compete with a MacBook Pro but it's definitely a big improvement over what we had previously in terms of graphics all MacBooks get the HD graphics 615 GPU replacing the 515 from last year now the gains here are not that significant so we're seeing 25 frames per second as opposed to 23 frames per second but we are seeing really significant CPU gains although the SSD sizes haven't changed they've sped up quite a bit so we're

Seeing huge gains here in terms of the read and write speed now this becomes evident especially when launching apps there's much less lag here on the new MacBook versus the old one so that does make a performance difference so in the end I've always really liked the 12-inch MacBook it's far more powerful than I think most people expect from it and it does everything I need to do day to day besides video editing which I'm gonna use my main machines for anyway so for day-to-day laptop use such as reading email social media web browsing this is more than capable even in its baseline

Configuration now the main reason I stopped using the MacBook was because of the better keyboard on the MacBook Pro which is very important when you spend a lot of time typing so now that that keyboard has made it to the MacBook I definitely see myself using this more than the MacBook Pro alright you guys hope you enjoyed this look at the updated MacBook I think it's worth your look if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Apple MacBook 12-inch (2017): Unboxing & Review

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