Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard: Review

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So here's a conundrum for you you like a slick large screen device like the Galaxy s8 but you also like a physical keyboard just like a blackberry but you really can't get both so this is Samsung's solution to that conundrum of course that comes with some software tweaks and compromises what we'll get into so this retails between 49 and 59 dollars but of course it does go on sale and it's available for both the s8 and the s8 plus which is the version we're going to take a look at today so really this is both a case and a keyboard for the Galaxy S state it provides plenty protections at the back of the phone and

The sides of the phone while leaving the buttons free to operate easily along with all the ports on the bottom and the top also very convenient is a recession around the camera module and the fingerprint sensor so it makes it much more easy to find the fingerprint sensor with this case on thanks to the geography around the back of the phone now the keyboard is designed to be easily removed and fastened to the back of the case while not in use as important keep in mind that you do need the case in order for the keyboard the fastened to the phone otherwise it just

Slides off so how does this keyboard work it doesn't have any bluetooth connection no batteries no direct electrical connection to the phone itself and actually uses a pretty old fashioned method it actually uses the screen itself so when you press a button on the keyboard it actually touches the screen and that's how it inputs so that's a pretty slick solution for a age-old problem and of course soon as you snap it on that automatically resizes the content of the screen to the keyboard and that works across the entire interface so for example if I

Press hold the home key this will automatically bring up the Google assistant if I swipe down to the notification shade you can see everything has been resized here I swipe down again you can see our quick setting toggles are now 2 rows instead of 3 rows which we can swipe across they've also changed the edge screen so the handle has been resized to a smaller handle and you can't resize this so this will snap back to its original size as soon as you remove the keyboard so you can see it's much bigger here as I put it on here you can see it shrinks down and moves up a

Bit so that means I cannot modify this so in fact if I go to settings here you can see the option to modify the handle settings has been restricted so I can no longer change the size just the location of the handle now one of the things we can do with the Galaxy sa this rearrange the navigation bar all we have to do is go to button layout and change it around now if you snap the keyboard on you can see that it does have a fixed orientation for those buttons as soon as you remove the keyboard it actually reversed them back to the default orientation so it doesn't

Retain that orientation in fact if I snap the keyboard on and go back into our navigation bar settings you can see that option is completely gone so you can't change it back until you remove the keyboard another thing we lose when we attach the keyboard is split screen mode so if I go to recent apps normally what I can do here is drag and drop the app to the top of the screen to activate split-screen or tap and hold the recent apps key to activate it as well unfortunately that feature is completely turned off with a keyboard now there are some quirks to

Know about here so for example for games that require landscape mode I can't use the physical keyboard to input text in fact it doesn't bring up a software keyboard either something we also lose with the attached keyboard is all the rotate in fact I can't activate it at all tells me to remove the keyboard so for example for an app that can orientate them both portrait or landscape orientations such as the Photos app if I go to the Photos app soon as I rotate it you can see nothing happens so when it comes to using this keyboard it does take some practice so

For me it's a little hard to feel because the buttons are so close together but the autocorrect feature is pretty reliable I wish they were a little wider as opposed to taller but of course that's something you do get used to over time the keys themselves actually have a smoother softer texture so they're not a hard colossi plastic like a blackberry might be but they're hard to distinguish so they're not necessarily as geographic that's a term I use a lot here it has the BlackBerry key one which has a specific texture that allows you to feel for the location

Of each key and that's not the case here the other problem I run into a lot is that I accidentally hit the HOME key instead of the spacebar very often but again that's something that will change with practice but we do have autocomplete up here as well and it is sort of recessed at the edge here but it seems to work pretty well so I'll have to use tamp the screen here for auto completion of course I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing here so hopefully I'm not saying anything now of course there's a few of our basics about using this keyboard so for example

Anything that's highlighted and blue like the number keys you do have to press the Alt key in order to access them but if you long press until you get a vibration you lock the Alt key so you can input numbers until you're done with that and hit the Alt key again to escape it and you're back to your alphabet we also have the emoji keyboard to activate that with the Alt key and then we can use our on-screen interface for selecting the emojis and of course because you can't fit everything on this keyboard we do have an on-screen a simple keyboard as well which we can

Cycle through of course this also works with the shift key so if you want caps lock just tap and hold until you get a vibration so comparing this to the BlackBerry key one the biggest difference here is and obviously this keyboard sticks out quite a bit that's also quite a bit taller than the one on the blackberry the other difference here is that we have a backlight with the key one along with a trackpad function allows us to scroll through the interface which is very handy the other thing here is that the keyboard has a bunch of other features which this does

Not have such as keyboard shortcuts the other thing I like about this blackberry keyboard is that it's much more tactile I can feel the differences between the keys that's the way blackberries design them these are all the same so it's kind of hard to tell the difference just by feel alone the other thing is that the navigation keys are reversed on both devices so we have them just below the spacebar on the Samsung which I don't care for as opposed to just above the keys on the key one ultimately I don't think this is gonna convince any BlackBerry fans to switch the Samsung

With this sort of keyboard but if you like the physical feedback of a real keyboard instead of poking around on the screen this might be an option worth picking up it's not terribly expensive so that's gonna do for me in this quick look at the Galaxy S 8 and the si+ keyboard if you guys want to pick one of these up I'll leave it linked in the description below I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard: Review

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