Spending $270 On The MOST INTERESTING Mystery Boxes

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– Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt. And you know what times it is. It's time to open up some mystery boxes. (energetic pop music) So, in case you guys don't know how this series works, check out the icard right up there with all the older episodes where I explain it, just so you're filled in. Basically gonna go on this site called eBay, buy these things known as mystery boxes, which could be crap. Recently, I've been gettin' a lot crap. So, we don't know if this series is still gonna work. Drop a like if you guys are still watching and enjoying it from episode one, 'cause episode ten is gonna be big.

I got something crazy planned. So, without further ado, let's just jump into eBay. Haven't said that in awhile either. If you can tell me the last time I said without further ado, drop a comment down below, I'll pin it. You're gonna have to go way back. Like 2015, 2014, might even be yesterday; don't even know. Alright, let's do this. Let's just start by searching mystery box. It's always the classic. You never know what you'll find, there's some new listings. Sort by new, whoa. We got a brand new mystery box posted today. The Lego mystery box, this is kind of interesting, I've never seen one of these before.

It's going for $50. What, with $17 shipping? Are you serious? That's like 40% of the box cost right there. Alec, you got 62 feedback, you're about to not have a good 63rd feedback, if you know what I'm sayin'. Alright, this is a brand new Lego set, sealed, guaranteed to be worth its value. Why are you tellin' me what I'm gonna get? Just let me buy it and have some fun. Alright, you know what? I'm givin' my first Lego set a run for it's money. I've got it in the cart. Let me search for Lego mystery box

And see what else comes up. Oh, wow. Just that one, really? There's a lot of Scooby Doo stuff goin on here. Okay, the Mystery Machine, that would make sense why eBay's showin' me it. Let's do mystery box retro. Nothin'? This series could be comin' to an end. Hope you guys have enjoyed it. Mystery box tech. Just, we'll keep it standard and classic. $24, but there's a $25 value, so we're makin' a penny. Free shipping from New York. Not good feedback.

Bekomorof 29 feedback, 89% positive. Let's see what some of these negative reviews are like. Four negative, oh this has gotta be good. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is why we read it. On all four mystery boxes this guy has sold, for right around the same price, between 15 bucks and 25 bucks, items smell like animal pee. Not happy, told him it's for my eight year old son. He got nail polish and other pink. I got macaroni. I'm actually… He got the macaroni. (thumps desk) (laughing) No way! Said the items would be worth $50 or more,

Didn't listen to what I wanted. During the past six months, so these are all pretty recent. Wow, I just gotta buy it and see if he's full of crap. I'm interested. 25 bucks, what does the description say? Please add a note when you purchase and tell me a little bit about yourself so I can build a better box. High quality items and collectibles, no junk. Nothing dirty. What if I'm into the dirty items though, you know. It doesn't have to smell the best. You know, some used stuff, hook it up? Alright, I'm just gonna let this one come to me. We'll see what happens.

Search mystery box weird. Oooh, wow. The minute you put weird in there, it gets real expensive and they're all apparently for YouTube… (thumps desk) (laughs) Can't even talk, YouTube surprise. Weird items fun box, scary gross edition mysterious bizarre. Oh, you know when I can't even talk I'm just stunned. I got two boxes in the cart. Weird and wacky mysteries electronic tech box for six grand. Whoa, whoa. Maybe this is the one we need. Maybe this should be episode ten.

We hit a big goal, I'll actually spend five, six thousand dollars on a box. That's the biggest risk I've ever taken. Okay, I'm just gonna get back to mystery box. Come on, find me some good boxes. Okay, so, for 99 bucks, this thing just got posted today. Mysteries box, random box, gadgets, jewelry… Okay, I'm just gonna click it. It's from Burbank, Illinois? Okay, shout out to you. Gotta love the people from Illinois. Awesome mystery box, will include brand new items, you will have fun unboxing it. That's what I'm gonna hold 'em to. For 100 bucks, trunk products, good feedback, bro.

Good feedback. Let's just do this. Give me something crazy and different. Mystery box, I don't know how much crazier I can get here. Oh! Lot of vintage items mysteries box. Step back in time opening a box of vintage items. For 50 bucks? Good feedback, looks like you've been doing this for awhile. You've been sellin' mysteries, probably got a mystery machine. Oh Okay, mystery box, the fifth and final box, unless we find some more good stuff. But it's not looking like it. Okay, you know what I wanna see? I really wanna see if we can make some money on these.

That could be another episode. So, for 20 bucks here, I'm getting more than a 30 plus value. Three dollar shipping from Indiana. Gotta love all the mid-westerners. Comes with random items. Good feedback and only four feedback, I'll be your fifth feedback. Add this thing to cart. We're spending 265 bucks in this video, we've got a lot of interesting stuff coming. So, I'm gonna place the order and see how long it takes. Just, I'm gonna tell you this, over the whole last few episodes it has taken like for weeks some boxes are showing up now that were in episode

One or two. You get the idea, it's getting crazy. Here we go. Now we wait. So, it took about a week and all the mystery boxes just came in. Before we open those up, big thanks to Autel and the EVO Drone. This thing's actually really sick. So what's sweet about this is 4K 60 frames per second video with the gimbal all built in, I'm impressed. This drone has a good amount of weight, actually comes with a carrying case which is kinda nice, especially for traveling. What's pretty sweet is you can take both the EVO

And the controller, and if you have pants big enough… You can actually pick this thing up at like Best Buy or link down below, send me a picture of you doing this and I'll retweet it. I'll retweet the first person on Twitter. Also really sweet about this is the range. I kid you guys not, this is one of the longest distance drones I have ever checked out; and that didn't even make sense. But check this out, 4.2 mile range. So for under $1000, you get all this. What's sweet is, on the bottom, it actually has two cameras so when it's flying it creates a 3D render. That's kind of something new,

I haven't really seen in too many drones on the market. This thing's awesome. If you wanna check it out EVO's links down below, now let's open up some mystery box. These took about a week to get here and I mean we might as well just talk about it because the elephant's in the room. We got one box that apparently didn't come in a mystery box, it came in a mystery bag. Since there's a lot of products always coming through the TechSmartt studios, we just opened it and apparently it was one. Matched the tracking up. Include your vote up in the icard which box you think is the best.

What is this, womens? Oh my, What? Dude. What is this? Josh has no idea, do you have a clue? Colored and festive leggings. So, if you need a festive legging look no further. Got the young Santa leggings bro. So, I didn't think I was gonna try them on. Josh said try them on, you'll look really cool. And hey, you know, maybe it might help in my favor. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments if leggings are the new vibe. Oh, I like these, I'm keeping these on. So box one, no bag one right, that was comfy. Box two, postage due.

People are charging $15 for shipping, and then apparently not even paying for it, and expecting the post office to not take their Lego set. This is a Lego set. I don't know what it is. I mean it's a DC Comics Super Heroes, so, like you know it's good right? Let's try this thing out. Yes, my favorite. Dude if I was a Lego channel, let me know in the comments if there are Lego channels on YouTube, I feel like there would. There's everything on YouTube,

But do they spend hours building it, or do they time lapse it up? I guess I'm about to find out. Whoa, that's so sweet. So I came across this channel that's called JANGBRiCKS He actually put together the Nightcrawler. I was kind of just going through it and skimming, he does it a really good job. I'm gonna leave his link in the description of this video if you guys wanna check it out. I made four wheels and I put a mini thing together. I'm just gonna cut it there, I don't want to embarrass myself anymore. This is so bad but probably really good, if I'd had like an hour.

I mean JANGBRiCKS did it in ten minutes, so. Here we go, whoo this is getting interesting. We have individually wrapped items for more mystery. Wow so the first thing, we just gotta go into all of this, is please don't be used, oh my God it's actually used. It's a used dish rag dude. It's literally, it's a used dish rag. Oh man, please don't be a used spoon. No, no, I can feel it, no, no what are you, oh. Okay, nice little fan. I didn't know if it was, oh my God no, no, it's another book. No, no. I think it is a vintage box dude, that's when you know, I don't even know what I ordered half the time,

It just shows up and I think, here we go. Are these earrings? Oh no, they're broaches. The fact that I know this upsets me. Nice little gold necklace here. Hopefully this was worn by someone when there were living, enjoying this persons life. Literally, this is like an obituary in a box. I got it, they confused the moving box with the mystery box. Dude they literally got the mystery and the moving box wrong. This is someone's life we're going through. Oh, no please don't please don't. We have a necklace.

Is there a photo? I'm like actually trying to find out if this is like a murder mystery here, right. I don't even know, at this point I think she lived on a farm. No, no, I said I wasn't going to open it and then I pulled it from the wrong side of the bag, no. This was someone's life. This person was probably a singer, an artist, a dreamer. Should I even put this up to my face. No, there's probably germs on this. Take a bath in Purell after this. Okay, so wacky camera, Fisher Price. I think this was a little past my time. I wanna say this was like a 90's or a late 80's toy.

I don't know how I can tell, I wanna say maybe like the logo. You guys let me know in the comments if you played with this toy, I think you guys probably would. I don't even know, like I do not even know. So box three had to be the weirdest box I have ever seen in my life. So box four, please don't be someone's life. Okay, I love it dude. We got our first Funko. I think this might actually be my like second or third Funko. Funkos are like these collectible figures, I don't want to call them action figures. You guys let me know in the comments if you're into Funkos.

And then the Pulp Fiction collectible. I've never seen Pulp Fiction. Alright, and ooh, we got Jules. Hey, are you subscribed, oh of course I'm subscribed. I've got the notifications on fam. Thanks man, appreciate it. High five. Alright, and finally for box five, the final box, the one that has a question mark on it. Honestly the one that I'm most curious to check out. Let's just jump into this. So all these have question marks on them. All of them. Ooh, something cool.

Alright, a dancing water speaker. Okay, let's check that out in a sec. Oh, its a, no wait, this is the reason I hate using knives. I think I accidentally cut into the poop emoji (fart sound) that makes noises, really? (fart sound) You guys know what site this is right, it's called YouTube. Welcome to Donut Tube. Sometimes you've got the gold glowing, and then other times, you just kinda wanna feel iced out, with the VVS, right, just like grill it up. And of course a nice little check out item that you always find right before the cash register,

Some Flarp. You guys can guess in the comments what Josh just said. (fart noise) (laughing) The Flarp has to be the greatest item I've ever received in a mystery box. Whoa this is awesome. So it's like a strawberry frosted with sprinkles donut. Oh yes, a remote controlled robot. So 1.5 volt batteries. I don't have those. I have honestly not heard of those before. It's a remote control robot, honestly for $5, I'm gonna let you hang out with Flarp. And this, this is like the most interesting one of all.

The louder dancing speaker. This could be the greatest item in the entire video. So I'm at max volume. For $5 I would say that's pretty cool. For $5, nice little water speaker, it goes when the lyrics go. Guys, that's it for this video, if you guys wanna see some sneak peeks they're over on Instagram, post up on the Instastories. That's it for this one. If you guys liked it make sure to drop a like and hit subscribe right down there by hitting that circle button if you guys wanna see more and more episodes of what's inside the mystery box. Check out the other two videos right over here.

Ill see you guys next time, peace.


Spending $270 On The MOST INTERESTING Mystery Boxes





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