Buying $1,270 Worth of Supreme eBay Mystery Boxes

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– Hey, what's good, guys? Welcome back to Techsmart for my second favorite series here on the channel. If you want to see the first favorite series, it's right up there in the iCard, it's called Wish Busters. But basically this series is about mystery boxes and eBay. So it's time to find out what's inside the mystery box. (upbeat music) So in case you guys are new here, check out the iCard playlist, you'll get all caught up to speed then come back to this episode. But basically we go on eBay, and we buy what are known as mystery boxes. Just watch the playlist, you'll get,

You'll figure it out, you'll figure it out, Just trust me, just trust me, it sounds weird, just watch up there. So we're about to go on eBay, and buy one of the most expensive mystery boxes for a special episode. We're gonna buy the Hypebeast, and Supreme mystery boxes. Ironically enough or maybe unironically, it's the mystery box that has most listings, like there are 65 of these things on eBay, and that's what everyone's making. So we're gonna go in here, buy them up, and drop a like in this video because I'm scared. We hit 20,000 likes, I'll do this again. I'm not really a Hypebeast anymore,

So I lose the kinda feel. If the boxes are good, maybe that might convert me. But it's up to you guys, so let's do it, let's go on eBay. So we're just gonna search Supreme mystery box. It's gonna get real rocky, real quick. These are expensive, 450 bucks, 750 bucks, 200 bucks, a hundred. Alright, let's check out a hundred. Catherina, alright I remember checking out this seller before, they were in a previous episode, $23 shipping from New Hampshire. Hypebeast mystery box that is guaranteed to exceed its asking price, coming from an account with excellent feedback. It's kind of ironic bro, 94 feedback.

94%, I don't know how excellent that is. Items may be pre-owned or brand new. Alright, so box includes from brands such as Bap, Supreme, Nike, Gucci, and more. Never heard of more, is that like a hype brand? Alright so let's just add this thing to cart. Let's see what else this seller has, I'm kinda curious. Let's see what this guy's got cooking up, $450 box, he's got YouTube in the title, it's like he knows. I'm gonna pick it up 450 bucks, that might be the most expensive one. You don't know if there's an episode two of this, and you guys really wanna see me blow money. This is the best way to do it.

I'm one of the world's, most over hyped brands, like, I decided to wear supreme for this video, not. High piece mystery box, okay we got two in the cart, let's see what we find. 99 bucks, two fire emoji's in the title. Guaranteed high piece, it is a guaranteed minimum $300 value, must make an offer I guess, 200 bucks, this is my first offer box, so this could be going south real quick, real quick. Alright three in the cart. $10,000 high piece box contains, what does it contain air maxes, does it contain something of Nike? How can you charge $10,000? I better see two LV bogos in here.

I almost want to do it, this is what I'm talking about. Maybe this is the big box I take a big gamble on, spend 10 grand, might even have to get a sponsor. You guys hit the like goal, I'll do something crazy like this, and we can basically put this eBay account out of business. Because I am gonna be so upset if it's not worth 10 grand. $500 box, so more expensive than the other one. $40 shipping from Vermont. My old supreme dealer use to be up in Vermont, so, maybe it's him, you never know. He use to stock me up with the heat, so I'm just gonna add it to the cart, and just move on with my life.

Mystery box Bape. 650 bucks, that's just wow! Alright you know what, I think I might even just call it quits there. 650 bucks, five feedback, $3 and 50 cent shipping. How is it gonna get here? What is it just one shirt? I think that's enough for this. I don't even know how much I spent. I got six boxes, five boxes. Alright I'm gonna hit order. Man I am, I'm just as sketched out as you are right now. It's done, now we wait. (kissing)

I'm actually kissing a mystery boxes. This is the supreme mystery box, and it's finally here. Here we go. So this is box one, make sure to check the iCard at the end, I hope you guys vote on the top four items from this video. We're about to get into it, I'm a little nervous actually. Just 'cause I don't know if there's gonna be good stuff in here. You hope. You don't always know. That's what the mystery is about, right? Oh wow, so everything is packaged, I'm just gonna take everything out.

So there's some shirts for sure. Little sneak peek, we gotta Prada bag. Oh no, alright so who knows the difference between real coach and fake coach? 'Cause I'm gonna say it now, I think this is a fake coach bag. What did you even clean, I don't, let me know in the comments, if you know what brand this is. What is, you see it first. Oh nice, be yourself, it's some be yourself bracelets, a bangle set. I fell like they just put the $50 price tag on here, just to slowly but surely go alright, he spent a thousand dollars, 50, 950 left.

This is suppose to be a nice mystery box, you're sending me cream, I don't want cream, of course, it's a fragrance mist from Bath and Body Works. It's a Tahiti Island Dream. So I don't know if this is a real or fake Kate Spade clutch, a purse, a wallet, I'm not gonna use this, I guess my, mom and sister get some early presents this year, and what did we just go to Bath and Body Works? No we didn't, we went to coach, and we got some, what? Well you know it's supreme. Alright so this seems to be a supreme box. Okay, oh a nice note, I'm gonna read the note.

Thank you for your purchase, if you are a YouTuber, and you like what's in the mystery box, please advertise my eBay account. But if you don't like it, I didn't send it, my friend did. Alright so you guys can see these mystery box makers have some humor. If you would like to continue to visit me, please contact me, gives me his Instagram. Also apologize for the bad hand writing, and the name slash prices of the items are on the back of this paper. Two of these are dead stock, and the other two are used, thanks again. I'm not even gonna look at the back 'cause

I don't want to see the prices. Wait, are you kidding me. No way, they put boxers in here. Alright so in this box you can see, what would only be fitting right? In the box we find a pair of boxers, really. I have a lot of these, I'm wearing a pair. So I don't know if it's safe to say that these are new. I hope that this is one of the dead stock items. Dead stock means brand new, no ones ever used it. 'Cause if this is used, and this is one of those two used items, I'm just gonna end the video. So hopefully we find out, what is the other used item.

Oh, great another unused item, and then of course the supreme bag. Alright, oh okay so here's the dead stock item, boom we got the studded scrip hat. Oh my, please don't be. Thank you so much for unused candy I hope, hopefully this hasn't been in your mouth. But just cause you write the word supreme on the zip lock bag, that somehow opened up while it was shipping. Like this doesn't do a whole lot for me. Are these socks used? Of course they're used, 'cause they have a hole in the bottom. Like thank you, you know what?

Thanks for the unused stickers, you might as well just have used them for me. Oh that's cool, don't let dreams die. My mystery box dreams died today guys. So box three hopefully, hopefully it gets better. I can see on the outside of the box, that says high piece box contains items from Vape and Supreme. So we're gonna hold them to that. Hopefully just please give me something that isn't a used pair of boxers, please. So we got an Obey hat. I don't think that says Supreme or Bape. We got, oh great a used hat with some hair in it. Thank you for the Supreme toque, appreciate you.

Some tags for some items, just so you can prove, that this box did have some heat, once. Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, are these some off-white? Yo these are some like off white, no of course not, wait maybe, I think, I hope these aren't used. I don't, I want to say this is the, off-white logo. I think this is the off white compression shorts with Nike, 'cause it says Logo right there. Not a logo, the word Logo. Then, ooh, no, these aren't fitting a guy. Oh this is kinda cool, I don't know what year this is from but it's a medium,

So it won't be fitting me. It means it can go to one of you guys if you want it. Let me know on Instagram just Techsmart. Hit me in the DM's if you guys need an extra shirt. But that seems cool. My favorite, yes of course, a nice used, whoa, not a used pair of jeans. Would these jeans actually cost $275? Ev my man, this if gonna be our last YouTube video, 'cause I know what we're making now. This was $275. Then, ooh, alright and that's with these shorts, what logos that, bear? That's Chicago Bears, there's some Chicago Bears pants.

This toque or beanie, you can probably see the hair fall out of it as I shake it. But you know it's still pretty cool, right. Alright so box four please be much better then anything else we've seen before. It's supreme, but I didn't see any Bape. I didn't see anything good in there. I saw like one shirt, that doesn't even fit, and some jeans that look cool. But I said I was a size 34, that's why they ask for the sizes right? Yeah I don't know why else. Maybe they're selling your data, might make them more money. Alright so this hype society,

One shirt, two shirts, brand new. I'm feeling good about this, guy was professional, had some business cards in there. Let's go with the brand new stuff first. Whoa, what, is this from Pablo, and this is LA? Wait actually, you sure this is brand new dude. I was just wearing one of these night, really, that's crazy. Say's no more parties in LA. This is dope, that is sweet. Alright let's see something that's not brand new. See what's in here, oh whoa, I've always seen this shirt, yes. I don't know if it's just called screws or something.

But it's this screw pattern, and it says Supreme right there. It's in a medium, so guys you know what that means. Hit me up on Insta, and don't just DM me if your not following, that's just to cold, I ain't cold like that. Oh yeah, an inflatable beach ball, yeah I'm down with that, some vintage stuff, okay. I like more the vintage worn-off stuff, I'm not really into wearing it all that much, and then a hype society t-shirt, look at you, look at you just plugging yourself. Alright you know what I mess with it, and then the last thing here brand new item, here we go.

Oh whoa, that is, oh wait that's my size. Ev dude this is so cool. I want your honest opinion on this. What do you think about this. That's mad dope from Ev. Wow this is fire, I'm actually going to wear this. This is a really cool shirt. I don't even know what year this is from. Seriously let me know in the comments if you guys know more about Supreme then me, know the year, the history on these. That's cool, that's what it's about you know. Wow, oh man I think this one's the best one yet, it's the biggest. Alright last box, here we go.

Fragile, fragile, like caramel, and caramel. Dude everyone just wanted to write me a note. I love it, I love it, that's awesome, that's what eBay is all about man. Find a bunch of mysteries, feeling like you're Scooby-Doo, and then hopefully getting a nice little, little thank you. Okay, Supreme bag two, three, and four. That's a Nike shoe box by the way. Alright so first thing here is a Supreme illusion coin bank. So I've seen this but I've never picked it up.

Illusion coin bank. So I'm putting money in it, and it's like it's just eating it up. This would be something good if you had a restaurant. Just disappears, it's 'cause of these mirrors. That's pretty groovy, that's some heat. Next are these Supreme hair bobbles, what's a hair bobble? What, what is a hair bobble. Is this a unisex product? Can I get my hair bobbled? Okay, wow these would make sense, so like also dice you could put on your mirror, but a little smaller, and not gonna, well there gonna bobble, but I don't know if they're gonna bobble

The way you would want them to bobble. They say Supreme on each cube, it's kinda cool. If you had someone special to share it with. Why do I feel like this is a snow globe? Oh what! Oh it's Supreme jars. That's a Supreme jar, that's cool. I got the perfect household set up here Ev. So if your at you're house, this is where you keep the pennies every time you swear, and you put them in the bank. Just like that Ev, you'll never know if it's full. Oh what, that's dope. I have the shirt for this, I really like this sticker. I'm gonna keep this, don't need these.

Oh what, you can plant, Supreme does flowers now. Here's what the shirt says, it says something that's not to family friendly. Gotta keep it family friendly. I'm gonna say this now, Ev, if there's a size 13, oh. So you guys know Virgil Ablow, I actually got to meet him at one of his art galleries, because I'm strange and you guys missed it. I never knew him and Nike did a mercurial collab. So mercurial is Nikes kind of alet clet or boot if you guys play soccer or football. It's like I gotta get both right. So soccer football I use to play it,

I use to love soccer growing up, I'm just gonna refer to it as soccer, don't eat me alive in the comments. But I think this could be one of the top items in here. So it says box, and as you guys probably saw with the compression shorts earlier it said Logo. For box that's how you know it's a collab. Dude if these are, oh whoa. It says boot bag, so you can carry around your boots. Ooh. Wait these aren't cleats, I thought I was in the know. Dude these are wavy, everything looks good up until this point. So this is where you guys gotta screenshot this, and if you know, let your boy know in the comments.

'Cause we don't mess around with fakes here. So these are 10 and a halves. Everything looks good, box looks good. If you guys wanna quickly screen grab the tag here. I don't know about you guys, but the fact that this box says, suggested retail price 200. Looks good, it's got the off-white logo, Nike football, okay so whoa, whoa, whoa. So these are, dude I'm busy thinking I know it all here I don't know jack, I thought these we're for soccer, these are actually their football line. That's dope I mean, soccer football, hey I guess I'm kind of right. So vote up there which item you think

Was the coolest from this video. We got the mercurial off-white shoes as number one. Number two, this supreme shirt which I'm totally gonna wear. Got the illusion coin bank, I mean you didn't even know it's an illusion, and then item four, the used boxers. I don't care if you washed them, I ain't wearing them, that's just weird. So that's it for this video, if you guys want another mystery box make sure to drop a like, and check out the iCard up there if you guys wanna see anymore mystery box series. Check out these other two videos here, and I'll see you guys next time, peace.

Buying $1,270 Worth of Supreme eBay Mystery Boxes

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