The $1,800 Mystery HP Gaming Laptop

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– Oh man. Oh man, not again. Hey what's good guys, welcome back to TechSmartt. Right in front of me is kind of an interesting box. This is the Omen by HP, and big thanks to HP for sending this out, sponsoring this video. If you guys want to check out the HP Omen, it's gonna be linked in the description below. Definitely check it out, click it, see what you think, and then let me know in the comments. I first saw this thing, it looked huge, it looked like it was packing some heat. For 1800 bucks, I mean, that's not super cheap, so you want a good laptop for whatever it is. This is HP Omen's first overclockable laptop. Pictures, hopefully it's exactly what I saw online.

What is this? You know when you buy a brand new car and you get that car sticker? It's usually like this size, something you can hold, put up in a frame or whatever. That's what you're getting here. So HP's like "Yo, you probably don't read the tiny manuals, so we're gonna give you something you have to read." So these are where the specs are, ports, basic stuff, you guys know I'll check that out in a second. This thing's packing heat. Look at this thing. I can't even have anything else on the desk, that's how much heat this thing's packing. This is the HP Omen and this has to be the biggest

And probably most powerful laptop I have ever checked out. This thing, based on what I've seen, based on the size, this thing looks like it's meant for gaming. Let's just see what this is about. I don't even know where to start, what to talk to you guys about yet. It's got this nice aluminum finish on the sides, this kind of dope emblem right here, it lights up. Even the keyboard's fire. On the keyboard here, you just have some tactile keys. It's not like your standard laptop keyboard with switches that are just barely pressing so you can type faster or whatever. This I actually dig because you can hear the feedback in the keys.

(keyboard clicks) You hear that feedback? It's actual keys you can hear and at least when I'm gaming, I like that. Oh, dude, Ev, you seeing this? Hotkeys, dude. I must've missed that when I was looking at this thing online. You guys know I was a big RuneScaper. Having programmable hotkeys at one point in time used to make or break my games so that's dope. Sweet, there's red LEDs that come in between the keys so it's backlit. It really just kind of accents the whole laptop well. You've got the red light on the front,

Got the red light here. Pretty much just have a really good aesthetical… ("Frolic" by Luciano Michelini plays) For I/O inports, on the side here we've got a USB 3.0, 3.5 millimeter jack, and then a headphone port. Not all gaming laptops have this, so that's big. On the back is where it gets real saucy. You got two USB-C's, Ethernet port, Not all laptops have this, you know how important this gets for gaming, right? HDMI, display port, and then a USB 3.0. So you're stacked, but it doesn't stop there. They literally give you every feature. SD card slot, another USB 3.0, and then the charge port. This laptop's basically packing

Every port and feature you'd need. Let's just… Whoa. I mean, every time I open it up I just feel like a beast. I feel like I'm about to go into a game. I just feel like I have the power. What else is up on this laptop? We got a trackpad, that's basic, every laptop has one. First impressions with it, I'd probably say I'd want to get a gaming mouse for any serious session. Touchpad's fine, trackpad's whatever, but you're gonna need a real mouse. And so you guys know, there's Bang & Olufsen speakers. Says it on the logo. Let's actually put this thing to the test.

I'm gonna fire up a TechSmartt video and I wanna see if these speakers can blow me away. (TechSmartt intro plays) Hey what's good guys, welcome back to TechSmartt. Absolute yes, give me that right now. I was not expecting the sound to really sound that full. I don't know if it's because of the Bang & Olufsen speakers or just how big these speakers are but that's definitely a perk to having a laptop like this. Woo, that sounded really good man, play me again. Music would sound amazing on this. You're probably thinking to yourself, and let me know in the comments what you guys are feeling about the Omen, but you're probably saying "Oh man, the Omen."

Probably aren't making puns like that. You guys are funny, but not that funny. Probably thinking "What kind of specs does this thing have?" It's rocking an Intel I7 7700 CPU. It's got an Nvidia 1070 GPU with G-SYNC tech. Gaming should be perfect on this thing, in theory. I gotta put that to the test. 16 gigs of RAM and a one terabyte hybrid drive. Basically you have all the essentials. And no joke, even with the ports and the speakers, the size, you basically have all the essentials to go off the grid and still live your life. The only thing left for us to do now is actually game on this thing. We're gonna play some Fortnite.

About an hour of letting Fortnight update and do it's thing, we're about to play a game. Now I'm showing you guys the screen, so I'm gonna use my left hand just because WASD are over here. If I can get one kill hopefully you drop a like. I'm not that good at Fortnite, I'm still trying to get better. Screen looks really good, speakers still sound dope. Let's do this, let's do this, let's do this, let's do this. You guys can roast me in the comments with how bad I am, I hope you do. I'm no ninja. Yeah, looks really good. Really digging those speakers, kind of gives you

A nice surround sound experience just from what I'm hearing. You guys probably wanna know how the 1070's working. I'm running this on ultra high settings on Fortnite. I'm such a noob with my left hand, I'm such a noob. This is just pathetic, you're pathetic, you've gotta get better at PC. I've been thinking about streaming on Twitch. Let me know in the comments. No, no! That was the shortest game I think I've ever been a part of. Let's just not and say we did. You didn't see that. What's sweet is this thing's big, but I like the size. You can take this on the go. It's got a five hour battery life

From what I've been reading and what everyone else has. That's not too bad. What's sweet is, with that GPU in here, if you wanna be a YouTuber and start editing 4k videos, you're not gonna have a problem. If you wanna start playing games on the go I think this is a pretty good option for you. Come on, I can do this. Ah, no, ugh! Alright, at least I saw someone and at least it looked really good on the Omen. I think the only thing left for me to do is get better at Fortnite. You guys, that's the HP Omen. If you guys liked this video, make sure to drop a like

And get subscribed if you're new, click that circle button right down there. Check out two other videos right over here after this. And I'll see you guys next time, peace.

The $1,800 Mystery HP Gaming Laptop

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