The $30 AirPods Wireless Charging Case!

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(electronic sounds) – hey what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt, and this product right in front of me is so sweet. So, have you ever wanted to wirelessly charge your AirPods? I'm sure you're probably saying, absolutely yes, give me that right now. And when I found this product, if you guys wanna check it out, it goes for 30 bucks, I'll link it down in the description. This changed my life, and for two reasons. So, wirelessly changing AirPods, it doesn't exist right now. Apple says they're gonna make a case, and drop it with the Air Power Strip.

Whenever that comes out, I mean the iMac Pro, we got lucky there. So, whenever the Air Power Strip wants to come out, sounds good, thank you Apple. So in the mean time, I couldn't wait, you probably can't wait either. This right here, it's called the PowerPod, and what it is, is this silicon case, and if you take a look right in the bottom, you guys can see it right there, it's a lightening two ChiPad, basically a wireless charging pad. I actually did this with my iPhone 8 Challenge before it had wireless charging. I put it on my iPhone, so if you wanna check that out,

It's right up there in the I-card. This is so cool, and what makes it even cooler, is I'm gonna show you the PowerPod case with a very special pair of AirPods. So, I lost my last pair, it falls right out of your pocket, there's no friction. With a silicon case like this, it actually will keep your case in your pants. And I don't know about you, but I need to keep it in my pants at all times. So, what this is, is it's actually made by the company called ColorWear Retro AirPods. So, picture Apple in the 1970s, maybe even the 1980s, with the rainbow Apple logo, making AirPods.

So, I actually checked something out like this, it's right up there in the I-card, they made an iPhone 7 Plus, retro style. It's just metal, like, you can feel that's ridged, look at that, number three, oh my god. It's one of the last ones they did. I freaking loved it, it was like 2,000 dollars, such a cool video, and you guys crushed it on that one. And, Macintosh Classic, right back there. So, mad retro goin on. So this is actually hand painted, which is unbelievable, there are these ridges on the side, they're nice, they add some texture. So you can hold your AirPod case, and it won't just slip out of your hands.

But the bigger deal, is check out these AirPods. It's really hard to see, maybe on camera, let me know in my comments right now if you guys can pick it up, but it's the same color as the Mac Classic back there, made in '91. So that's incredible, thanks so much ColorWear for hooking it up. And what's dope is, imagine the perfect setup I'm about to show you. So for 30 bucks you can pull this off too. So you basically take your existing AirPod case, you push it down, gotta make sure it lines up. No way, I think I got it. This is the PowerPod case with the retro AirPods all inside.

So, really nice, khaki rubber on the side, here, way better than I was even thinking. I saw the Indiegogo, and I wasn't like super into it, but for 30 bucks, you're not doing a DYI, it works. So I picked up what is the best wireless charger out on the market. You be the judge, you guys let me know in the comments if you like this. This goes for 70 bucks, and before you kill me, like literally kill me, check this out, so it is a wireless charging pad on the top, which is awesome, and then underneath, three USB ports, a USBC port, and then obviously the DC port. So what's sweet is, you can actually feed your cables

Through the backend here, so everything looks super clean if you were to put it on like a nightstand or a table. Boom, just like that, and check this out, when the light shows up, you know things are wirelessly charging. So up to this moment, this is everything, I've never really seen this done before. It's something that you can actually pick up, here we go. So in order to get things to wirelessly charge, you need to put the AirPods facedown with the lightening bolt symbol on your pad, and just like that, when a light shows up on the nomad, that's how you know it's wirelessly charging. And one thing that I really like about this retro finish,

Is on the AirPods they almost add more grip and texture. So, one thing that I can't stand is just how slippery and glossy the AirPod case is, but more so the AirPods. So because of this, like, sandpaper finish, it almost stays in your ear much better than, like, ever seen. Usually they would just both fall out. It would be a one, two Mayweather. So, there it is, things are wirelessly charging. I don't know how long this will take, I'll let you guys know on Twitter, I'm just at TechSmartt. Basically, from here you guys have seen the future before Apple could even make it. They made it, but you guys don't have it.

So, that's it for this video, I'm so gonna enjoy these. Definitely check out the PBJams playlist, my playlist I update every single week. Link that down below on Spotify. Dang, man, these are so nice. Get subscribed if you're new, just click that circle button down there and check out two other videos right over here. I'll see you guys next time, peace.

The $30 AirPods Wireless Charging Case!

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