Apple Watch Series 6 & iPad 8 Less than 3 weeks Away!

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Well 2020 has just been a colossal failure hasn't it it's just been awful at the same time though i'm very excited to see the exact same products we already have with slightly better internals which you can see too possibly in less than three weeks which i'm very excited to talk about the iphone 12s though sounding more and more like apple doesn't want to even unveil them until october but either way i wanted to talk about the rollout of apple hardware over the next few months based on what current leakers are saying

Now let's begin so john prosser actually has detailed some of the release times for the apple watch new ipads iphone 12 and 12 pro series and i think the interesting part about it is apple is doing some things they've never really done before when it comes to the apple watch so he's saying that via website refresh they're going to update the ipad and the apple watch series 6 within the week of september 7th so i like how now we're not doing days anymore i guess that's

Too risky so leakers have to give themselves weeks of times to choose from maybe next year we can do months in fact maybe after next year we can start doing years guys a new iphone is coming out at some point in 2023 100 score on apple tracker right away i know it's very impressive but no he has got a lot of website refreshes correct in the past so i think it's reasonable to assume this one's gonna end up being true as well especially given the apple watch i know every single year

Apple loves unveiling it alongside the iphone they love talking about it on stage but it's safe to say this year is not going to be a big one for the watch i mean there's been very little leaks suggesting anything major other than the removal of force touch which if anything is kind of a downside to a lot of people but using the watchos 7 beta it's been fine without it and it's clear obviously that apple is planning on phasing it out and they're not even planning on bringing it back to people who have apple watches with force touch so frankly it doesn't even

Make much sense that they're still selling the series 5 and series 3 today with hardware that is going to end up being completely useless in just a few months once watch os 7 is available for everyone so i think the removal of force touch thing is super obvious once they remove that extra layer they can save on cost and implement a larger battery i'm hoping that the s6 chip is not too concerned about performance because it's a watch who cares about what its export times are i don't think

You export anything on the watch in the first place but my hope is that similar to how the a14 chip is rumored to be all about power efficiency now with this five nanometer chip design that with the s6 chip they can also emphasize power efficiency and result in a much better battery life than what we have today so an upgrade you know i'm excited to see better battery life in our apple watch but do you need stage time for it yeah probably not and the fact that iphone 12s are produced at such a major volume that it makes sense apple

May not be ready for it yet because there were reports of quality control issues and of course factories were shut down much longer than anticipated so them not wanting to unveil the iphone 12 until october is very much out of the ordinary this is not typically what apple does but 2020 is not an ordinary year okay there's lots of things they're doing differently this year and of course that event will be all online in live stream just like quadruple udc but at the same time just

Because the iphones are running late doesn't necessarily mean that the apple watches have to be late with them right so it's kind of a good news bad news situation it's like yeah the apple watch won't get its own event which kind of sucks but it does mean we get it on time unlike the iphones and we get to see it in just a few more weeks where in my opinion they will probably also be launching the apple watch se which will be rocking you know the series 3 design so it still doesn't look super new but it's got updated

Internals it's got fall detection some leakers are claiming it's going to have the haptic feedback with the digital crown so basically you get more health features and you get more performance gains because the series 3 is really getting old but you still get that 200 starting price and who knows maybe even better battery life because of more power efficient chips so i'm very excited to see what kind of finishes or what other surprise changes they might have in store for the watch because last year we did not even predict the always-on display thing i didn't hear

One leak or talk about that and yet apple dropped it on us at the event and we were like oh we didn't really see that coming so i'm hoping that maybe something like glucose monitoring in your blood or blood oxygen level testing something like that can be implemented as well just some kind of surprise feature and this should also be a warning to you guys that don't buy a series 5 or a series 3 right now there's a heavy chance that they're about to be refreshed within just a few more weeks and typically when apple does website

Refreshes they're on a monday tuesday or a wednesday very rarely do they do site refreshes on the weekends or thursday or friday in fact in the past few years i've been recording website refresh times it hasn't happened at all in the past few years so i would expect that this new ipad 8 which in case you were curious what's coming to the budget ipad probably just an a12 chip don't expect the display to be laminated if it was laminated i'm pretty sure they would just instantly butcher and kill

The sales of the ipad air because once they bring the a12 chip to the budget ipad then the ipad error 3 basically has nothing going for it all it will have is slightly thinner bezels but it will be pretty much the exact same ipad still got the smart connector still got apple pencil support still got touch id in the home button so i'm expecting this ipad 8 to still be rocking that dated unlaminated display which i know a lot of us don't like but it's very hard to beat that 330

Price point especially when it goes on sale half the time and you can find it on amazon for like 250 bucks and now you can get within a few weeks probably the a12 chip on an ipad running ipad os for you know sub 300 half the time that's a pretty amazing deal so it's kind of hard to complain about the display not being exactly lined up with the glass but if you do mind that kind of thing the ipad air is there for you to be honest the more leaks i've read about the ipad air 4 the one that's supposed to be

Modeling off of the ipad pro design the more i read about it the more it sounds like it's not coming out this year and they might push it till early 2021 when the new ipad pros come out and then they're okay shipping the bezel-less design on a cheaper ipad because the next generation ipad pros are likely gonna have mini led display so more hdr type advertising something to go up against the tab s7 plus with its ammo led display i hope i'm wrong though i would love to see the ipad air for this year

In fact it would make a whole lot more sense for me if they updated the ipad air alongside the ipad aid but that's not what most leakers are saying these days though again they've been wrong many times in the past hopefully they're wrong on this one but the exciting thing about the next few months is that it seems like we're going to be getting something major from apple pretty much for the rest of the year if you think about it i mean september getting new ipads probably a couple new apple watches likely with new watch bands maybe even a couple new exclusive

Finishes so that'll give us plenty to talk about and then at the end of september apple will most likely confirm that they're gonna have another online event to talk about the new iphones so we get that announcement and then in october of course we get the event the iphone 12s come out and through what leakers are saying they want to start shipping the regular iphone 12 and 12 max the non-pro models start shipping those at the end of october so we get the new iphones we get

The new apple event and then the 12 pro and 12 pro max probably won't be shipping until november so that means more apple hardware launches in that month and we've got lots to talk about over the next few months and as a guy who's constantly running out of video ideas i'm very excited to hear that as well but of course i'm happy to take suggestions or requests based on what you guys think i should talk about so please feel free to hit me up over on twitter on my discord if there's other subjects you want

Covered i know that the iphone 12 kind of dominates the news right now but there's just so much stupid and exciting things to talk about at the same time but i wanted to keep you guys up to date on when to expect new ipads new watches so now you know this is your app shape here i'll see you guys in the next you

Apple Watch Series 6 & iPad 8 Less than 3 weeks Away!

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