Apple’s plan to Redesign the iPad Lineup

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Okay there is a bunch of leaks coming out about what the next generation ipad air ipad mini ipad pros are going to be and the honest truth here guys is i'm not a leaker i don't have a voice in this ocean of people all saying different things that are oftentimes contradicting each other so in today's video i'm basically pitching you guys a few hypotheticals you for yourself will have to decide which leaks sound most believable as to what's actually going to happen in the future with the ipad lineup but to be honest i can't confidently predict these either just because there's

Several people with decent track records saying different things there's probably a good chance apple doesn't even know what they're going to do yet they're experimenting they're prototyping and they can't decide how exactly they want to roll these out so it's going to get complicated it's going to get a little bit confusing it's getting kind of weird but either way should all be good things okay we have good things to look forward to ipad lineup is getting better let's begin

All right so first off today's report was about the ipad air 4 which sounds to be pretty much exactly what i was predicting it would be essentially just a dumbed-down version of the 2018 ipad pro we've talked about this a lot but this report coming from actually is saying the ipad air 4 could end up being a lot better than i was originally anticipating it was going to be just with the cost that it's going to come out later than expected okay there were several leakers

Earlier this year saying that by october or november of 2020 apple was gonna launch a new 11 inch more affordable ipad you know not a pro but at the same time rocking pro features like probably apple pencil 2 support the smart connector on the back with the magic keyboard case usbc as well but as we've gotten closer to october now leakers seem to be changing their minds and saying you know what actually might not be coming out until march of 2021 but

Good news about it is it will actually be rocking stereo quad speakers just like the ipad pro so originally because the current ipad air does not have stereo speakers i thought that was going to be how they differentiate the pro model from the air model but now it sounds like they want to give the same quad speakers that we have on the ipad pro to the 500 ipad air as well which is awesome i was really happy to see that also having storage configurations start at 128 gigabytes which is also re-encouraging just like the ipad pro

This thing of course would be rocking usbc and kind of the bigger surprise to me is that it would be rocking the a14 chip that same extremely powerful yet power efficient chip going into the iphone 12s this year they want to bring that into a cheaper more affordable ipad which is kind of awesome so this all sounds great the only issue i have with this report is wouldn't this absolutely butcher and cannibalize the sales of the ipad pro you know currently with its a12 z chip probably going to be outperformed

By the a14 chip once that becomes available and now you're telling me that the only difference between the ipad pro entry level you know 11 inch size and this new ipad air 4 is going to be one of them has 120 hertz and the other one doesn't i could see a lot of people going with the ipad air over the ipad pro because you know some of us do care about 120 hertz but a lot of us care more about money you know so if they figure out hey i can save money and just go with the air 4 i think most people would do that so

Obviously this ties into the next step of ipad leaks maybe they're waiting to launch the air 4 until they can launch the next generation ipad pro so this is kind of part of the leak that i don't have much faith in he's suggesting that apple is going to update the ipad pros later this year in quarter four which in my opinion makes very little sense in comparison to when the last ipad pros came out it was just last march that's still very recent and apple in

Previous years hasn't even updated the ipad pro annually typically they do it every 18 months so every year and a half or so and now the idea that they would suddenly refresh it twice in the same year doesn't sound like apple and there were some earlier reports of this in the year but again updating the ipad pro just so it could have a 14 x chip and 5g modems and that's the only difference i i don't know it doesn't sound believable to me and this is what i talk

About when i'm saying that there's other leakers that are contradicting themselves because we've seen several reports prior and more recently suggesting that apple's not going to update the ipad pro until they can incorporate that mini led display which is kind of based on lcd technology but with much better saturation contrast ratio basically allowing oled like displays without actually using oled so you don't have to worry about burn-in while still getting the great visuals that amoled can offer

And then once they incorporate mini led that's when they'll start doing the a14x chip and the 5g modems that sounds far more believable to me because apple doesn't like refreshing the ipad pro twice in a single year if anything they'll just skip a whole year like all of 2019 nothing happened with the ipad pro not one thing it was the exact same model from october 2018 all the way until march of 2020. and the other part of the ipad lineup that we've heard reports on not so much recently but just kind of a refresher for the sake of this is a all things ipad video

We have read reports that apple is working on a redesigned version of the ipad mini from ming chi kuo who is pretty reliable and he's saying this is going to be somewhere between eight and a half inches to nine inches and that it would probably be adopting you know the more bezel-less design of the ipad pro with gesture control and face id but sadly still rocking the lightning port i hate that part of the report i don't like knowing that we're taking lightning with us into 2021 can we switch it over to usbc apple come

On uh anyway it sounds like now which you may have a hard time believing this apple essentially wants to refresh the entire ipad lineup from both the ipad pros the ipad air 4 and the ipad mini all in march of next year does that sound believable to you guys cause it sounds kind of cool i mean holy heck that would be an amazing sight refresh we wake up to three new versions of ipads all at the same time but maybe it makes sense that apple wants to kind of pioneer the mini led display technology and bring it to

As many devices as possible all at once so you got your 13 inch and 11 inch ipad pros with these great new displays and you're also introducing it with an eight to nine inch ipad mini that also has the premium hardware and the bezel-less design and then somewhere in the middle still at 500 you have the ipad air 4 which is not rocking mini led it's still just the basic liquid retina display but it will be 500 have an a14 chip which is really fast have stereo speakers 128 gigs of storage and it'll be compatible with the magic

Keyboard case and the apple pencil too so maybe they're hoping that by then the new ipad pros will seem appealing enough and exciting enough that people will want to opt for them and then the air 4 won't seem like such an amazing deal that it seems to us like right now it's kind of hard to forget there's going to be a budget ipad in the middle of all this so apple's moving away from home buttons and touch id and moving forward on gestures and face id but at the same time in the corner you know we're going to have that a12 chip 330

Budget ipad that's getting released in a couple weeks everyone's gonna be like oh yeah that that thing exists oh well but all i know is after reading all these different reports about different ipads it feels very safe for leakers to always say something is just like eight to nine months away because it sounds so distant it's like oh yeah new ipad pros new ipad air all that's coming out in october and then as we get closer they're like oh did we say october i meant march actually it's not coming out till march

So i could totally see some one of these leaks being totally wrong and it ends up being like they don't release the new ipad pro or the new ipad air until worldwide developers conference next year because it doesn't sound like apple to release this many ipads all at the same time so someone's wrong i don't know who's wrong here exactly but it does sound like it would be quite the lineup that i could get behind i'm kind of excited to see what kind of design characteristics the mini led ipads have

And how fast the a14x chip can be so having the ipad pros with their great new displays and the really fast performance and then the ipad air 4 which is like just the right amount of everything for everybody 500 bucks stereo speakers face id usbc you get all your today ipad pro features in an affordable product and then if you want the smaller ipad mini you also get an oled like display but you're still somehow stuck with the apple pencil generation one dang it i wish they wouldn't have done

That and then if you really just don't care about any of that crap and you just want the cheapest ipad possible you'll have the 300 one that it looks old and dated wow that's a lot of changes to the ipad lineup that are rumored to happen in less than a year so which ipad of the ones we talked about today are you most interested in which one would you guys want to pick up feel free hit me up over on twitter join my discord and help me make sense of all these conflicting reports because i have a hard time getting behind

Everybody so this is your help sheep here i guess i'll see you in the next one be

Apple’s plan to Redesign the iPad Lineup

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