Which iPhones are getting Discontinued this Year?

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There's no way around this fact okay an iphone is dropping and i'm not talking about a new iphone i mean one of the iphones apple currently sells is going to be dropped and that's outside of course of the 11 pro and 11 pro max which are almost certainly going to be discontinued as soon as the iphone 12s are unveiled but the wild card one we don't necessarily know is the iphone 10r is it gonna be axed or will the iphone 11 be discontinued as a whole lineup in today's video i'll be breaking down every single possibility

And arguing the pros cons of apple doing either or let's begin i think i want to start with the most logical explanation because i think most people would assume the older iphone gets axed first right okay iphone 10r you're too old you still use the roman numeral we don't even know why it was called 10r in the first place so obviously let's just ditch that one that way every single iphone in the lineup can have a centered apple logo

It can be consistent iphone 11 gets its price drop they keep it around for another year and everybody's happy right well i'm here to argue today why i think that dropping the iphone 11 and keeping the 10r might make a whole lot of sense questioning tradition aren't we dr i know it sounds weird but consider the fact that the iphone 10r price drop was very very outside the norm typically when apple releases a new iphone and wants to continue selling a year-old iphone for another year they only drop it by around

100 however the iphone 10r probably because of the entry level price point of the iphone 11 being 700 they decided to drop the 10rs price by 150 okay this was outside of the norm and a lot of people were not expecting the 10r to get a price drop this substantial to the point where it now starts at 5.99 in the iphone 11 at 6.99 now obviously the regular iphone 11 has been a bestseller one of the best selling iphones we've seen in years and it's

Actually globally one of the most popular smartphones of 2020. people love that starting price and all of the features they get along with the iphone 11. and for that reason i have to wonder with the introduction of the iphone 12 rumored to start at around 650 to 700 are the upgrades with that new iphone 12 gonna be substantial enough that people don't just feel like they should go with the iphone 11 anyway yeah the iphone 12 has a lot of stuff going for it it's got the 5g modems it's got the oled displays it's got the updated design language a14

Chip there's a bunch of advantages to go with it but if they keep the iphone 11 at a reduced price point and now it's 5.99 you can still get that dual camera you can still get night mode you can still get that all-day battery life and the only thing you have to put up with is the rounded edges and slightly thicker bezels and a liquid retina display which i know a lot of us are always thinking well oled is clearly way better than lcd but in that case you know apple's been selling oled iphones since 2017

And they can't get them to outsell the lcd iphones they keep selling whether it be the 10r or the 11 because they're cheaper and i think there's a large number of people that literally just don't care they can't really see much of a difference unless it's side by side so they're just gonna buy what's cheapest and what works for them in that case i could personally see apple keeping the iphone 10r around which i know sounds weird and it does mean putting on your tinfoil hat because they typically

Don't do this but my point being they would keep the 10r at its current price point of 5.99 drop the iphone 11 and start the iphone 12 at around that price point of 650 to 6.99 that way there's still a 100 difference but my reasoning with keeping the 10r around is it's substantially worse camera than likely with the iphone 12 will be rocking okay because you don't want to drop the 10r price too much i think a lot of people forget

About that because the iphone se exists you know at 400 so you don't want to drop the price of the 10r again because then it'll be around 450 way too close to the sc and then no one would want to buy the 4.7 inch iphone because it's only 50 dollars cheaper than getting you know face id gesture control and all the great perks of buying the 10r so the fact that the 10r is still rocking the a12 chip the battery life isn't as good as the iphone 11 and likely won't be as good as the iphone 12 and it would only cost you an extra 100

To upgrade to the iphone 12 which would grant you that dual camera that ultra wide lens and of course that would allow for night mode you'd have the a14 chip so people would feel like hey i got a pretty substantial upgrade and it's only 100 bucks more essentially what i'm saying is the 10r this little middle iphone in the lineup that's not quite se cheap but at the same time not quite iphone 12 flagship its purpose should be to cover the basics for someone who wants something a little bit bigger and a little bit better than the se but at

The same time encourage people to upgrade to the flagship okay because at the end of the day apple really really wants you to get the latest iphone they don't want you buying a year old iphone because it's cheaper and does the basic stuff so in my opinion keeping the 10r at its current price point for another year because again when they first reduced the price of it it was much more than usual that would make people feel like upgrading to the iphone 12 and opting for that oled

Display opting for the latest generation it's only 100 bucks more so why not get the latest iphone possible instead of settling for the old iphone from 2018. so in a sense the 10r is less appealing and that's why it could help having iphone 12 sales because people will feel like the 10r is not that good a deal if it's still gonna be 5.99 for another year and there's still a decent amount of room between the se and the 10r is this likely to happen probably not is it a theory i could get behind yes

Absolutely but sure if you want to talk about the most likely scenario it's probable that they're just going to drop the 10r for the sake of consistency in the lineup and keep the iphone 11 around at 5.99 i could totally see that happening as well but there's a few outlandish possibilities out there maybe they keep both of them maybe they start the 10r at 4.99 and keep it around at 500 dollars so it's 100 bucks more than the se which you know there's a big enough gap there and then they keep the iphone 11

Around as well at 5.99 so now you've got an even more complicated lineup as a whole and keep both of them around or simultaneously i just got another idea what if they discontinue both of these things and they just say you know what if you're comfortable with an lcd display then just go ahead get the older design iphone se you only gotta spend 400 bucks on it but if you want anything better than the sc you have to go with the iphone 12. i mean it's fair to say apple has never released four iphones at

The same time before and the fact that we already got a 2020 iphone at the beginning of this year means that the iphone lineup is already getting pretty confusing for people so for the sake of not having too many options and not distorting the lineup so much maybe apple discontinues both maybe there's no 10r maybe there's no 11 and they just stick with the four iphone 12s and if you can't afford any of those four then you just gotta settle for the sc which makes most sense to you i'm curious because in my opinion keeping around the 10r because the

Iphone 11 has too many of the same camera features that the iphone 12 has makes a whole lot of sense especially given how much they drop the price compared to usual years let me know what you guys are thinking about hitting me up over on twitter join my discord let's chat more about it there this is your apple ship here and i'll see you in the next one me


Which iPhones are getting Discontinued this Year?





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