Uh oh… Samsung did an OOPSIE.

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Samsung yet again has done one of their good ol oopsy doopsy poopsie loops heed oopsy poopsy boop boop what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode Oh what's going on guys welcome back from page tech of course show that gives you all its tech news from one geek to this week that is you happy Wednesday happy hump day we promised you a cyber monday say we promise to do that whole thing but then the controversy with Lou happening we just didn't feel right like promoting our merch and stuff during that stuff we

Didn't want to take advantage of the controversy so we're gonna do it now surprise right now we're launching our own case it's called the now case you can buy it now and it definitely doesn't look like any other case of course I'm kidding as promised our merch is now available for one day only only today it's not Cyber Monday but it's like cyber hump day it works again today only you can get this very special limited cyber toilet shirt in two different design versions you can also get any of our other limited runs shirts maybe you missed it throughout the last couple

Years you can get them today only today so the good ol ever so classic Frank field shirt our first toilet squad shirt that we released as well as anything else you may have missed today's the day including this very designed as well all those links are down in the description below good luck if you miss it today sorry alright so first up for the day story numero uno the galaxy a series is one of Samsung's bestsellers in fact not just Samsung's bestsellers like almost every year it's one of the top selling smartphones throughout the whole year like at least

Top three and in typical Samsung fashion they accidentally leaked – or not accidentally it depends on how much tinfoil you got there was a video from Samsung Vietnam that was posted on YouTube that obviously features the new galaxy a series not only does it show you what it looks like but also gives us a date so even though we know them as the galaxy a phones supposedly Samsung is going to be rebranding these a bit going from the a 11 to the a 91 they'll potentially have different branding looking at a launch date of like December 12th and can we be honest this

Looks pretty good I can't lie it looks pretty good you put that sumbitch in between a couple slices of bread and I would eat it listen we've been making this show for seven years and this happens all the time typically right before a Samsung event Samsung themselves accidentally leaks devices with an official press image on a website or a teaser trailer on YouTube so this is like completely normal but also the phone looks good December 12th is the day next up sundar sundar some help me is his name sir is it sundar every time I say sundar

Everyone's goes weird or felt like Sunday it's like soondae as it says it sundar or sundar anyway you know the frankendude you know him pop quiz is he the CEO of Google or the CEO of Google's parent company alphabet go ahead class we'll give you a second to turn in your answers and it's both the answer we were looking for was both if you were unaware Google's co-founder Larry Page was actually the CEO of alphabet and as of yesterday he's stepping down Larry himself has sort of played less and less of a role throughout the years so we shouldn't be

Shocked I guess but now it's Sundar's turn sundar Stern son sooner sooner take in a statement from Google they said we've never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there's a better way to run the company and alphabet to Google no longer need to CEOs and a president going forward sundar will be the CEO of both Google and alphabet he will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google and managing alphabets investments in our portfolio of other bets we are deeply committed to Google and alphabet for the long term and will

Remain actively involved as board members shareholders and co-founders in addition we plan to continue taking took talking taking talking with sundar regularly especially on topics that we're passionate about yes I nailed that uh okay that happened this is the news not bad news whatever news sundar CEO of both okay and last up for the day five good you like five gun you want five good because five good is fast t-mobile has officially started to launch it six hundred megahertz five good network across the US according to t-mobile the

Areas in which they've turned the microwave on for time ger covers two hundred million people and according to them the network itself is live as of like yesterday but we the people can't use it yet as for when that will happen December 6th I guess now t-mobile doesn't give us a lot of details or specifics in terms of like what you can expect with your phone on their network they just said in some places 600 megahertz 5g will be a lot faster than LTE in others customers won't see much difference we should note that on Friday t-mobile is getting the oneplus 70 Pro

5g McLaren Edition and the Galaxy Note 10.1 I'm trying to tell you is 5g is gonna be available December 6th on t-mobile and you won't even know you won't be able to tell it'll feel the same and that's the show hopefully you liked you learn something if you did hit down like a button if you hate my stupid face the dislike button works to hit dot if you're new here subscribe and we'll see you guys to marry to me the next day


Uh oh… Samsung did an OOPSIE.





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