MAJOR change coming to iPhone! Apple is getting rid of it

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This is a beautiful shot with very good lighting :-)

They're actually gonna do it Apple is actually gonna do it and I told you that we're gonna do it what a beautiful day what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yeah what's going on guys welcome back to front page tech fatah the show that gives you all these tech news Wendy that is me to another that is you happy Friday and oh it is a wonderful Friday indeed my friends my fellow lovers of tech not only is your boy handsome and hilarious I also happen to be a bit of a marketing genius you

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Okay news alrighty so first up for the day story numero uno I just had to put this first listen I know I know you hate it when I say I told you so and I know you hate it when I'm right well Frank man sometimes I just can't help myself every year the same reports hey the next iPhone has USB C and every year for years on the show and on Twitter I have been saying that Apple will go portlets before they ever put us BC in an iPhone but John they put us beat that's the type see in our big shut up I know they put it in the iPad USB type-c in an iPad

And other Apple devices adds functionality to a device that needs more functionality a super mainstream device like an iPhone nunna no Apple will never give up lightning for USB type-c no no they will however go portlets as I've been saying and haha I don't want to say the thing but you know I told you so according to Ming Chi quo or calming G however da frak you wanna say it I don't care he's my best friend right now Apple analyst extraordinaire the person with the best track record when it comes to leaking Apple stuff

According to him in 2021 Apple's iPhone or iPhones will not have a lightning port and before you get excited nope no USBC either instead no ports 0 ports 0 none the phone's according to him will rely completely on wireless charging charging of the wireless Ness Sargen 4th magic the Lightning port is getting air powered which is ironic cuz wireless charging again quo has a great track record when it comes to leaking Apple stuff if you watch the show you know that couple of times this year we thought it was a little wonky but the past few months he's been right on to

Ball which makes this the most clever clickbait of all this is the bottom of the phone I'm circling the port area you thought there was no knotch franken nerds so what do you think do you love it do you hate it I mean if we're being honest and I felt with no porks it's kind of scary cuz like what if I mean it makes sense obviously I said they were gonna do it but like it is still scary what happens what happened if your phone like bricks or freezes are late and you got a plug that in you can't now you can't plug it into a computer to like back it

Up and fix it and you can you can't restore that I guess at that point you would just start praying to Steve Jobs who last time we checked is still dead yep he's still dead go ahead and flush your toilets out of respect just a little you know just a little tap just a little okay how about some Samsung news got a leak of a phone that's it actually we got some brand spankin new Galaxy ten light pictures render things and also renders of the note 10 light here's no 10 light renders thanks to our friend Steve from on leaks and here is the s2o sorry you weren't

You weren't done looking at the other one okay we'll go back you go just give me time to give you a second to look here take your time you know we're not doing a show or anything like that oh hi yeah it's me still here are you done looking okay moving on here you go da da da da we Papa – Papa – Papa – Papa – Papa – Papa put up with the Papa Papa here's the thing renders listen I totally asked if that and I think I nailed it okay okay okay for real here's the s10 light thing and can we be real folks this looks tits it looks great is it is

It just me or do like the light phone's the light versions of these phones and Samsung mid-range phones do they look better than the flagships because to me that looks you know good and next up we have some Instagram news Instagram we have more iPhone news after this but first I'm gonna tell you a mystery I'm trying to like split the stories often won't put Apple like but – but you know cuz they were they were the first story anyone put asked ass Apple stories together trying to split them up a little bit it's like those two kids on a school bus that you know right you know

They're sitting too close and you're like hey like this is a school bus and you're you know like a child so we got to like separate you so you put a couple friends between them yeah putting a couple friends between these Apple stories what am I even doing anymore why do you watch this huh the show it's so bad why do you do this you said every day we make this show every day you come back and every day it's shitty run away people run away where were we hurry a histogram Instagram is gonna ask for your birthday as of today because it starts today

Instagram is going to try to give you a more age-appropriate experience I guess effectively based on the age that you put into Instagram the age that you say you are because nobody lies on the Internet it's going to produce different recommended privacy settings or generate in-app information about staying safe online now don't worry when you put in your birthday it's not going to be shown to people that see your profile it will be hidden and if you already have account you're an existing user chances

Are you won't have to add your birthdays at least for now they're not gonna make you like go back and be like did that Walter I am Instagram none of that stuff but as per use you got to be 13 to join Instagram and they just want to make sure and just collect more data about your age to give you appropriate recommended settings and whatever now of course I know there's nobody on Instagram under the age of 13 right like none of you were lying about your age right hmm uncle journos he knows all things speaking of all the things I know did

You know Apple's gonna release an iPhone that's portlets okay that's enough I know I'll stop all right first up let's talk about the new iPhones meaning like the next iPhones that we're gonna get in 2020 there's gonna be a lot of them another day goes by another new iPhone gets out into the release cycle since that seems to be the theme right now once again thanks to Ming Chi quo we have information saying that Apple is going to launch five iPhones in 2020 okay so let's run down this list a little bit

Number one iPhone 12 pro we're gonna get a couple models number one a six point seven inch device OLED display rear triple camera setup I'm a flight sensor then another one a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro with an OLED display rear triple camera set-up time a flight sensor and then another 6.1 inch OLED device but this is the Regulus Megillah iPhone 12 so just dual cameras on the back and then we're gonna go even smaller look at this it will go smooth see smoke a 5.4 inch OLED device rear dual camera setup I guess another iPhone 12 just a small one all of those phones that I named are

All 5g and then and then a 4.7 inch LCD phone with a rear single camera setup we can assume that would be like the iPhone se – it's gonna look like the iPhone 8 or something according to Ming Chi quo he is expecting the iPhone models that are 5g to be available in five different markets so that's United States Canada Japan Korea and the United Kingdom now that is a lot that's a lot of iPhones so let's remember the report from the last episode from page Tech where we covered that Apple is planning on doing dual release cycles throughout the year so one in the fall

And in the spring what comes first spring or fall I'm trying to think but all I hear is like the dial-up modem sound in my head anyway yes this is a lot of iPhones but I guess if they split them up and we get iPhones released twice next year different release cycles I yeah I don't see why this wouldn't work I mean iPhones are selling obviously and the competition is just too hot right now super hot fire companies are releasing phones all throughout the year and I don't think Apple can get away with just once anymore that God do more so this is them

Doing more so if you like iPhones if that's your thing are you gonna buy any of these next year you excited for any of these so you studied to see something new from Apple in terms of like how they're releasing these things new strategy sort of deal kind of in we'll see we'll do this next year next year starts next month so okay and that is it that is a show hopefully you like to you learn something if you did what a weird show today if you learned something hit the like button if you hate my stupid face that dislike button works as well if you're new here subscribe and I will

See you guys on Monday Monday I say I usually say to mover but I won't say to move because it's tumor Saturday I'll see you Monday you

MAJOR change coming to iPhone! Apple is getting rid of it

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