CRAZY iPhone 12 leak – Dear Apple, y u do dis?

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What type of camera is that? That is definitely a decent good quality.

Okay okay I think I think that's enough I think we can stop now I think we're good what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode check out and welcome did I say jello welcome back to front page tech of course show that gives you all these tech news from one geek that is me to another that just really felt like yelling okay news it's the first stop story numero uno number one for the day actually hang on hey there gern here just gonna let you know that uh the news for the shows kind

Of man it's kind of shaky so this consider this like a movie review you know how you watch a movie review before you go watch the movie to actually figure out if you want to go watch the movie yeah here's that review this movie is frakking shitty it's terrible you don't have to watch it you can just skip this episode if you want so those of you that are still here let's keep going alright so for those of you who are still around there's another there's another iPhone what are we even doing so at first we were hope we were getting three iPhones and then somehow

We were getting four we got to report hey for iPhones are coming out and now then we got another surprise five iPhones one two three four five count them five iPhones coming in 2020 I'm pretty sure in a private chat somewhere Brian I were talking and he joked about like how a new news story comes out every day and then just another iPhone we're just adding another iPhone so now we're up to six iPhones and just to be clear like this isn't a meme this is a real report supposedly actually happening according to a new report from analysts oh god John Zhang Zhang's ex

Mr. Zhang he said in 2020 Apple might actually release six different iPhone 12 models now remember we are like nine months away from seeing new iPhones that is a baby amount of time like when you and then the baby grows inside and gets born nine months it's that much time so things could change again every day there's new reports a quarter in those six new iPhones a reminder that next year Apple is playing on doing a dual release cycle so in the fall and in the spring we're gonna get different iPhones but according to Zhang as a hang he says that this is what we can expect

An iPhone 12 4G for guff with a 6.1 inch LCD display and dual dual why was that hard to say dual rear cameras and then an iPhone 12 pro four go with a five-point four inch OLED screen and dual rear cameras an iPhone 12 pro five go with a five-point four inch OLED display dual rear cameras and then an iPhone 12 pro +4 go for G with a 6.1 inch OLED display trip return for triple cameras on the back and a time to fly 3d sensor on the back and a time of flight three sensor and then iPhone 12 pro plus five go 6.1 inch OLED screen triple cameras and time-of-flight thing and

Then finally an iPhone 12 pro max 5 go with a 6.1 inch OLED display triple camera setup and time-of-flight was that all did we get 6 ok so I gotta be honest that doesn't set Daddy's – Apple does some wonky stupid like stuff that it just doesn't make sense it's kind of confusing like their names for example but this is almost too confusing for it to be believable now if you remember in the last episode I think was last episode we covered a report from Ming Chi quo his prediction saying that we were gonna get five different iPhones four of them would have 4G capabilities

And then there would be one 4.7 inch iPhone se – that would have an LCD display singer singer a singer camera a single lens camera on the back and no 5 G 4G this new report of six different iPhones doesn't match up with maangchi close reports and Ming Chico is a lot more reputable I would lean a lot more towards his report being accurate and correct and this other this of whatever this wankers name I don't know I can't remember I I don't think I don't think this is it sick this seems like too much let's lean more towards Ming Chi quo

Until we get more details however I'm not gonna say it's not gonna happen either I mean again keeping in mind that we're getting two different releases so one in the fall and one in the spring dual release cycles so technically they could fit six iPhones I just don't want to like okay five was fine whatever I guess we can adjust that but six like we didn't even give time like didn't even give us time to get used to all these iPhones in 2020 we're just gonna get six of them for real I don't think it alright so next up speaking of Apple we got to talk about the iOS 13 update

Because oh my god they fixed it we have shown you footage of this happening on the show I have been complaining about this for months saying that there's a cropping bug in iOS 13 like you take a screen shot right you go to a crop it and then maybe you maybe a right on it draw something on it and then you save it you save it and then you send it off and it wasn't until I sent it off before I realized oh it didn't actually save any of this it's like how when you're on McDonald's and you say do not put ketchup on my burger and the settings don't save the settings don't save and

You get your burger there's Frank and ketchup on even though you said not to do it except you didn't tell a computer that didn't save the settings you told a person an employee that's paid to be there and not put the ketchup on the burger when you ask for it but they're totally fracking incompetent but now finally in iOS 13.3 there's been a new update and in the little thingies the improvement the listing of improvements there it is resolves an issue we're cropping or using markup on screenshots may not save two photos again people I have been dealing with

This for many months and finally it has been fixed oh honey I feel vindicated this feels so good I've been talking about this for so long even captured actual footage of it happening some people have been like oh man I've had that problem – that's crazy but some of you iOS fanboys have just not accepted it but turn I don't have that problem so you did you did you save the settings it's cuz you didn't save the picture Yui I don't have that problem iowa's is perfect I've never seen this I'm sorry I forgot that when the Iowas fanboys don't

See an issue it means I don't actually have it false alarm everybody either way it's fixed you bunch of Frank's alright the last up for the day if you're somehow still around Yahoo I told you the show was gonna be bad yep Yahoo's in the news somehow I remember how they're shutting down yahoo groups yeah I think we talked about that in October who knows anyway they're shutting down yahoo groups and if you want to like get that data you can I guess you have until January 31st 2020

So if you want your data from yahoo groups before it all goes away you can request it by then and download it whole do you know what actually I don't care I do not care about this I'm done see you tomorrow bye Burt Brian can you end the show I can't see me right so just end it just cut the it's like go end it end the video the whole video just ended just just end the show what the stop okay you can stop watching now you can go away thank you for see you tomorrow thanks for coming today very nice to you okay see you tomorrow kids go away go away go away okay whatever oh

Well we should just like make the video ten minutes and fit a bunch of ads in there we should just we should I could just sit down here with nothing and make them watch for the ten minutes and we'll just stick a bunch of ads in I think we could do that I'll get to that in the video

CRAZY iPhone 12 leak – Dear Apple, y u do dis?

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