There’s a secret MYSTERY iPhone

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Oh what a nice iPhone surprise what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode hello and welcome back to cursor that gives you all this tech news one geek that is you have a Tuesday what an interesting past 24 hours okay let's do the news sort of all right so first up for today's story numero uno yes I am gonna talk about the iPhone stuff we'll talk about that in a second but first I want to give you an update to the whole unbox therapy situation I just didn't want to use that in the thumbnail or the title

Just to avoid all that like you're just doing this for views honestly I'm over it I don't not trying to go after Lou I just want him to tell the truth whatever here's the update and then this is the last I'm gonna talk about this yesterday we posted a video about how we discovered the prior to Lou launching his brand-new phone cases the later case we found proof that he deleted videos where he mentioned pitaka cases cases that pitaka themselves as well as a lot of people in the community said that Lou copied the design from we also mentioned that he most likely got

His cases from a supplier on Alibaba okay updates start here Lou actually tweeted me yesterday morning saying that I could have just asked him directly and he'll be explaining it all on an episode of blue later later in the day okay he's going to address it so we all patiently waited around for the episode to come out the episode drops and it's not at all what we thought it was gonna be it's just 45 minutes of nothing he doesn't address any of the questions that we brought forward like why he deleted pitaka videos literally the day before he launched his brand-new case why his

Case looks a lot like the pitaka one none of that in fact pretty much all we get is he just scoffs at some shitty $1.00 cases from Aliexpress and says see I didn't get them there because look at all these revisions I made I custom-made these cases and he just shows us a bunch of different versions of the case on his table we didn't say he cut them from Aliexpress we said he most likely got them from Alibaba you absolutely can get revisions of products that you order from Alibaba that's like the point that's why you connect with manufacturers on Alibaba you cannot get

Revisions from stuff that you order from Aliexpress that's different you can from Alibaba and oh my god holy that is totally fine but this is just how Alibaba works you find a product that you like based off of the product template you connect with the supplier the manufacturer of the product maybe you go back and forth a couple times to negotiate and then you ask for samples they send you samples you can ask for revisions and keep getting samples until you're happy and then you make the bulk order and that's when you end up with thousands of these cases so yeah I'm

Sure Lou did ask for a few revision and the supplier from Alibaba that we use as an example on yesterday's episode of front page tech does offer Kevlar as a material option whatever suppliers he did use I would almost go as far as to maybe guess that maybe pitaka and Liu are using the same suppliers and that's why we end up with cases that are so similar listen the bottom line is that we were correct we correctly retraced his steps and showed that in fact he did go ahead and delete videos a day before he launched his case videos that featured a case that looked identical to

His and he was purposely trying to suppress content so he couldn't just say oh it was an accident I didn't know it looked like the photonic ace obviously he did and that's why he deleted and suppressed the content and that's fine in fact I probably wouldn't have even covered this if he was just transparent left the videos up and didn't try to hide his tracks I probably never would have talked about this because whatever second sell your cases he even issued a copyright strike on a video on the pitaka channel remember how when the

Verge started taking videos down and issuing copyright strikes we all complained but it's cool when Lou does it I guess he took down the video with a blatant abuse of the copyright system he said he did it because they used a clip of him without his permission but that video has been up for two years and now all of a sudden because his case looks like the pitaka case he issued a copyright strike on the pitaka video two years it's been up for two years and he came back to strike down the video two years later now all of a sudden huh maybe that's why

It's called the later case he kept sending tweets on Twitter yesterday two random threads two random people until I finally said that none of the court questions were actually answered and earlier when he wanted me to ask him first Here I am doing it asking you first and he pretty much couldn't be bothered at that point because he already copied and pasted a bunch of responses to random people but eventually he did come around he started answering some of the questions in the thread all the while totally avoiding the real issue it is maddening he took

Down the pitaka videos because they were of no use to him anymore funny how your other case videos get to stay up though and it was only two videos out of all your videos they got removed because they featured pataka the case that looks like your case that's the only ones that got removed he issued a copyright strike to the Pataki YouTube channel because they used a clip without his permission and he just doesn't want to pitaka videos up anymore because then people could take the clips from his video and edit it into an ad but Lou you make videos about stuff and I'm sure

Pitaka is not the only company that has quoted you talking about their stuff anyone at anywhere at any time can take any of your videos any clip any quote from any of your videos and edit themselves and put it into an ad so you might as well just private all of your videos while you're at it right no just the pitaka ones because they look like your case listen if you want to see the thread I guess I'll leave a link to it in the description below it's over on Twitter it's an absolute frakking mess and because he didn't talk to me privately everyone is jumping in

On this thread it's a it's a mess but you can read it if you want and I hope somewhere in there you get the answers you're looking for personally anyway that's it I'm done with this topic bottom line we got the story right we retraced all his steps of him deleting his own videos trying to suppress pitaka content because their case looks like his case whatever the bottom line is we got the story correct he didn't deny it in fact he confirmed it we're not trying to go after Lou here this is the last thing we're gonna say

About it we just gave you the facts you can choose whether you care or not if you care cool if you don't cool he's still gonna sell a ton of these cases like a lot of them and I think it's cool that he's trying something different and no one no one would blame him for deleting and covering up pitaka videos because he knows his case looks like the pitaka case and he wants to erase the competition he can delete videos hide tweets like he's been doing hide comments that's fine that's business I just wish he had the balls to say it especially after we caught him but

Apparently he left his balls over on that pickup truck where all the iPhones are that he was supposed to give away all rights less up let's talk about this iPhone stuff I'm personally kind of excited about it it's kind of a new weird thing that we're gonna get from Apple and I'm all about it so you know how we've been seeing really weird sizes for iPhones coming up in 2020 so the sizes that we were supposedly looking at was a 5.4 inch model that would be the iPhone 12 Pro there would be a small version way smaller than we're used to currently it's like 5.8 inches this

Would be five point four and then a 6.1 inch regular iPhone 12 and then a 6 point 7 inch iPhone 12 mm pro max Frank these names are so bad but apparently that's not what is happening and there's actually a fourth mystery iPhone in the mix according to reports Apple is going to start releasing phones twice throughout the year instead of once so a spring and then a fall release that spring and fall release would hopefully start around 2021 so here's what we're looking at for a 20/20 iPhone lineup a six point four inch model OLED 5g full lens camera and then another 6.1 inch

Model OLED that has 5g dual lens camera and then two pro models another model that is six point one inches OLED 5ge triple lens camera 3d sensing and then another pro model six point seven inches of the pro max or whatever six point seven inch model OLED 5g triple lens camera 3d sensing who knows maybe in the pro models we'll get that 120 Hertz promotion display so all said and done for new iPhones next year and then by 2021 we're getting a different release schedule which to be honest is a really great idea from Apple they have to they have gotta the

Competition is just so hot it's so hot lately and these manufacturers are releasing phones all the time like throughout the year Samsung is doing it will always do everyone's doing it an Apple is just like kind of taking their time with one release a year that ain't gonna cut it any more so I'm definitely looking forward to a dual release per year so a spring release and a fall release that they kind of have to at this point because everyone else around them is dancing circles with releasing devices not saying that releasing more devices makes you the better company

Helps you sell more stuff but just releasing once a year isn't gonna cut it any more and especially in terms of the like selling cycles of selling these units and when people are willing to buy the unit's releasing twice throughout the year is probably the best move and that's the show hopefully you like to you learn something if you did it it's a like fun you hate my stupid face it's a dislike button that works too if you're new here subscribe and we'll see you guys tomorrow

There’s a secret MYSTERY iPhone

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