UNBOX THERAPY – the TRUTH about Lew’s new phone cases [UPDATED]

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I don't like phone cases so I went out and made one no you know what I don't like these phone cases I've never found a single one that I've liked and wanted to use for any extended period of time oh wow oh man that's nice it's soft touch but it's crazy thin check out how thin that is jack a phone case it should be thin really thin and it should also be light I mean you should barely notice that it's on there that's gotta be the thinnest case I've ever tried onto an iPhone you will hardly even notice it there uh-oh Lulu did you really think we wouldn't figure it out what daily tech news in a way

That doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back from page tech first show that gives you all these tech news one key tells me to know that is you happy Monday oh man do we have an episode for you today oh just a bunch of gold it's all gold we were up all night investigating getting to the bottom of this and we have the answers and I gotta be honest it doesn't look good huge shout out to Travis MCP for help on this episode literally could not have made it

Without him he's actually also putting out a video about this at the same time we put this episode of front page check out link to his channel down below go subscribe and watch his video after this one alright put on your tinfoil hats and prepare your anus cuz this is some juicy so yesterday Lu put out a video on unbox therapy about how he made his own phone case he doesn't like any phone cases so he made his own it's called the later case and even when you go to the later cases website there's a page literally called story that takes you to his video

About the case because it's not just hey buy this phone case from unbox therapy know people there are reasons many inspiration much case Wow so this is all being painted as Lu unbox therapy the guy top tech youtuber in this space phones and phone accessories are kind of like his thing and now hey the guy has made his own phone cases he even went as far as to say that other phone cases can ruin your phone these cases can ruin your smartphone but with this one don't worry because it's unbox therapy to the rescue it's him it's the guy you can trust Lu but then you see things got

Weird the CEO of a phone accessories company named pitaka started tweeting that basically Lu totally copied their phone case and if you look at Lu's case the later case and then look at the pitaka case a home man are they close but then people started to speculate maybe just maybe blue is reselling pitaka cases or maybe he has had another manufacturer basically just copy patacas design I mean even keemstar talked about this on dramaalert last night well we did the research and we have the answers an old boy is it spicy the good news nope Lu is not reselling

The pitaka case they look a lot alike but they are not completely alike there are slight very very slight differences but Lu did most likely use that pitaka case as inspiration for his case so much so that he felt the need to cover his tracks I mean I guess Lu could just say that it's just a coincidence and he didn't mean to he had no idea but if Lou genuinely did not have any idea I would like for him to explain this on Saturday the day before he releases a video about his brand-new phone case that he's gonna sell to his audience Lou deleted roughly

Four-and-a-half million views from his channel that means one or more than one video got deleted the day before so we took the shovel out and went digging and what Lou probably doesn't remember is that if you put a video in a playlist but then delete the video that video still shows up in the playlist as deleted so you guessed it in his playlist called the mega unbox therapy session which has about 850 videos inside of it updated just a few days ago in that playlist there are two videos that have been set to private now you may notice there is a video that says it

Was deleted if you click on that it tells you that it was copyright claimed by a different company this one doesn't count we're not gonna consider it we're gonna throw that one out but these two right here not deleted but set to private what are they I mean they could be any videos right you see Lou has been talking about Fattah cases for years and thanks to some yes random blog who reposts almost all of Lou's content you can see the title thumbnail and description of one of these videos the title is three cool gadgets under $50 in that video according to the description

Of the video he talked about an iPhone 7 case from yep pitaka and linked that case in the description that video is one of the two videos that have been deleted or marked as private as you can see yeah it's gone oh but that's not it there's more it gets better pitaka themselves back when unbox therapy promoted one of their cases posted a clip of Lou on their Facebook page where he's literally holding a mother fracking pitaka case and of course you can find this video still on patacas Facebook but you will not find it Allu

Channel and remember in the video where Lou was trying to sell you his phone case he said that he's never liked phone cases from anybody else well in the clip with him talking about the pitaka case he said this oh wow oh man that's nice it's soft touch but it's crazy thin check out how thin that is jack but Lou's relationship with pitaka actually goes back a few years and the year after the iPhone 7 case he covered the iPhone 8 case from pitaka and personally this is one of my favorite parts in Lou's dramatic video about how he crafted his own phone case

Because all the other cases suck he said this I mean you should barely notice that it's on there how funny you say that Lou because that's actually the same thing you said about the pitaka case that's got to be the thinnest case I ever tried on an iPhone you will hardly even notice it's there and because we are all so tech youtubers pitaka emailed me in the past asking us to review their cases and in the email that literally used Lou as an example saying that he uses the Mac case as his daily driver so even though Lou pretty much went back and erased all evidence

Of this stuff we were still able to go back and find most of it and you know what it's fine if this was an accident and I want to give Lou the benefit of the doubt but it's hard to do that when he obviously knew that there were similarities between his case and the pitaka cases and he went out of his way to private the videos videos that went back two or three years I mean Lou listen these videos are set to private which means they do still exist you manually set them to private you didn't delete them so if I'm wrong you could I don't know say just re list

Those private videos make them public again and if I'm wrong when you relist those private videos they definitely totally won't be pitaka videos right Lou you know this whole thing really got me thinking if I was a tack slash tech accessories youtuber that wanted to come out with my own product my own tech accessory my own phone case how would I do that well if course if it was me I would look on Alibaba for those of you who don't know Alibaba is like Amazon but specifically where Chinese manufacturers sell large

Quantities of products for you to buy in bulk and then go ahead and sell as your own a lot of products that you see on Amazon are actually just products from Alibaba rebranded and repackaged this is normal and I guess like if this is what Liu did then cool I wouldn't have a problem with that that that's fine cool whatever my issue is that Liu made this super dramatic video promoting his cases that he custom-made it was his idea his design and even Dave Lee tweeted about this saying now this is how you make a phone case and that's all really wholesome and inspirational even but Liu

When you say that you made your own phone case do you actually mean that you went to Alibaba like I don't know maybe you went to Alibaba typed in carbon fiber iPhone case because it's just like that one pitaka case that you really liked so much and then clicked on literally the first freaking result the first result on the page like you didn't even dig very far everything about the later case is the exact same on the 2019 special carbon-fiber phone case for iphone from Alibaba the cutouts are the same the ridge around the camera bump is the same

It's even the same thickness Liu in his video about his case they measure the later case at point six six millimeters this case that we're showing you on Alibaba then thickness is point six five millimeters they even make the same cases for other models of phones just like you have on your website oh and if we go back to Alibaba if we order a bulk order of at least one thousand of these cases from Alibaba you get your own custom packaging how cool the idea of Lu just having thousands of these cases sitting somewhere in his studio makes me laugh a lot now who knows if this is

Really exactly the case that Liu ordered I don't have the frakkin receipt but I mean come on it looks a lot like it all of this looks oh so bad even if his intentions themselves weren't bad but man it is really hard to try to find an excuse for him when he went back went out of his way private 'add all of those past videos going back years seemingly purposely trying to hide those videos and then just ordered phone cases on Alibaba pushing the narrative that he's somehow manufactured his own and I mean speaking of hiding stuff literally the tweet that

Was on dramaalert last night this one right here if you go to that tweet now you hit it it's just gone again I would not have an issue with this you know him ordering from Alibaba it's totally normal it's how a lot of people sell products all the time and if you never knew anything about Alibaba I guess you wouldn't even think twice about this but to make a video promo like that is if you fixed all the problems with phone cases with nice music in the background very inspirational the whole thing about how you didn't like phone cases so you

Went out and made your own I don't like phone cases so I went out a made one but in reality you kind of just ordered a frank ton of these cases from Alibaba and it just the whole thing makes this feel very very icky and hey if you really like that case if you really like lose $45 phone case the ones with authentic Kevlar fibers that are hand laid by skilled craftsmen precision formed to fit your phone that is laser cut to perfection if you really want that then we'll help you out we'll leave a link in the description below you can go buy the same case right now on

Alibaba for $12


UNBOX THERAPY – the TRUTH about Lew’s new phone cases [UPDATED]





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