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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the magic keyboard for the iPad pro just came out three hundred and fifty dollars for the twelve point nine inch iPad pro and three hundred dollars well they call it $2.99 for the 11 inch iPad pro obviously it's unique you have the floating iPad here really well attached with the magnet is it worth it we're gonna find out now but first a shout-out to our sponsor paper like we did sponsorship with them about two years ago for the last generation iPad when it came out in fact I've been using those ever since they're pretty darn durable I'll say that for them and if

You notice looking at our iPad in the keyboard right now if you don't see any glare it's because it's the paper like which is a matte screen protector but not just that it's matte it's supposed to well given the name feel like paper it's mostly aimed at no takers and artists creative types who want the pencil to not skate approach let's cross the slippery glass and feel more like paper and it does it also obviously reduces glare it doesn't show a lot of finger prints and they use a nanotechnology so they say it doesn't wear down the tip of your Apple pencil

And in fact like I said I've been using them since 2018 and it has never worn down my Apple pencil and particularly if you are an artist I really do recommend this having used it it's great for reducing that skating feeling and giving you more control reducing the glare without making the display look too dull and obviously it protects the screen as well dr. a video so for the 12 point 9 inch which probably more of you are considering because that's already close to a 13-inch laptop size tablet its compatible with the third and fourth generation so the 2018 and the 2020

Models of the iPad pro 12 point 9 inch for the 11 inch model is compatible with both generations the 1st and the 2nd gen now the cutout on the back because this protects both the front in the back is the big kind of square for the larger camera cluster on the latest generation of the iPad pro models but obviously it still works backwards compatible with the previous generation that had the smaller camera cutouts in terms of build quality there's the good and there's the the good part is point this thing is beefy sturdy and yes it is heavy on the 12 point 9 inch it's gonna weigh as much

As one of your lightest 13-inch ultrabooks around three pounds or so I it's the the magnets that hold the iPad on are impressively strong there's no way this thing is gonna accidentally fall off but the idea with this is if you got a sitting on the table it really is surprisingly pretty easy to just rip the iPad off when you do want to grab it and go and just do something tablet Eeyore show somebody something's on the screen without picking the whole shabang up the hinge on this the floating hinge also very stiff it takes a little bit of effort in fact to move it that's

Probably good in the end the bad news is you've probably heard about this there's not a lot of backward tilt so it's fine if you're using it on a table or something like that then the tilt is just about the right amount and the fact that the cantilever design raises it up about an inch actually helps it means you need a little less tip but if you put it down in your lap and then that's typically when you'd want to tip your display back further to see it and then it becomes a little more dicey now in terms of build quality being sturdy that's the good part but in terms of the

Look in the feel of the product it doesn't look cheap at all believe me not that but the material is pretty much the same as the iPad Smart Covers which means a grippy slightly rubbery feeling on the outer surfaces which is good it's durable it's easy to hold onto it does show some fingerprints but it doesn't have Apple's usual level of chic frou-frou you know for they're more expensive products which this assuredly is this cost as much as a base iPad doesn't it in terms of how it's gonna hold up and whether it's gonna start to fray or anything like that in the future

I can't tell you because the product just came out I wouldn't put stickers on everyday normal stickers unless you intend to keep them there cuz it probably might damage the outer surface but if you want to get some like a deep brand skin that's made to go on there safely and not harm it definitely and that could certainly improve the look because it's pretty dull it's available in your choice of black black or black it does come in 15 different languages though so worldwide you've got your options there for the proper keyboard the keyboard

Connects via the smart connector on the back of the iPad basically the little Pogo pin connectors area requires no power no batteries no charging so it's low hassle in that respect it does have a USB C port and that's for pass-through charging of the iPad but not for data so if you want to connect SD card reader or something like that you start to plug that directly into the iPad but that port is not obstructed it's still readily available so speaking of the keyboard it's backlit and white that's controlled automatically so far it's worked reliably for me I haven't

Had any glitches with that the level of backlighting has been appropriate there is no f'n robtop or multimedia control keys which would be really nice you still have to reach out to your screen or use the trackpad which we'll talk about to control things like your brightness and all that sort of thing but I can see why they did it they wanted to give you the largest keys possible so it doesn't feel like a netbook of old or something like that there's just not enough room to them to add another row of keys there's that there's no escape key kind of weird but

There is under the general settings on iOS and the hardware keyboard section place where you can remap the command or the option or the globe key you get the idea to be the escape key instead if you need that in terms of feel it's the magic keyboard so here we go again one millimeter of travel the same thing we've seen on the 20/20 MacBook Air and the 16 inch MacBook Pro scissored keys no more butterfly keys totally normal it's night and day compared to the previous keyboard folio the one that's 179 dollars with the strange fabric a keyboard with not much

Tactile feel this is quite nice that trackpad it so here's the thing I have never really succeeded in using the iPad pro as a laptop replacement in part that's because the file system is still kind of annoying and also because some of the programs I use like Photoshop I need all the Photoshop features not just some of them but let's face it a lot of the time we spend these days doing something like video conferencing or spending time in office documents or Apple's alternative to Pages Keynote and all that sort of thing streaming videos it's perfect for all of those things but

The ergonomics were never very laptop like I've tried third-party keyboards I've tried apples on previous folio keyboard and none of them really cut it they were either bulky maybe it was hard to take the product in and out and there was no trackpad with the trackpad which doesn't exactly work like a trackpad but but it's a new experience suddenly you're not reaching out to the screen constantly the trackpad it feels really good the first thing I notice is like wow this is responsive you know it's every bit as impulsive as a Macbook key trackpad would be but it did change some

Things up which you may know already so instead of having a little teeny-weeny cursor which doesn't really make sense in a touch-centric OS you have a little around circle not super little though so you select your icons of you on a launch and when you're doing things it highlights Windows as you mouse over them it just makes it easier to use at the same time but when you are doing things like typing in a document then you get your usual bar cursor so you can easily edit text which something that is a little annoying sometimes even with the Apple pencil or with your finger

Just because of the stretch and reach you're doing if you're using it in some kind of keyboard so that is well done it almost convinces me I can use this as a laptop replacement I probably could if I didn't need Dreamweaver and all the features of Photoshop and some other things but for those times when I have everyday business use cases it would be really very usable so yes for me it makes the twelve point nine inch iPad pro feel like a laptop it's pretty darn convincing and enjoyable experience the 11 inch I mean I leave that up to you that's getting a little bit small and

Netbook II tiny original Chromebook size II kind of thing I'm a little less all-in that proposition the price and this is the thing with Apple products right this is not cheap this is almost as much money as an iPhone se 2020 Edition which is a lot of money and the iPad pro is already pretty expensive I guess they figure if you're well-heeled enough to afford one of those you can throw $350 as something that can turn it into a laptop replacement is it a great value no for in terms of the utility it could be so if you already own the iPad pro but obviously at the end of their

Argument is you could get a MacBook Air for the same price as your a 12 point 9 inch iPad pro plus the keyboard case right or the Dell XPS 13 – and one that we have okay that one's still probably little bit more pricey but you get the idea here but those of you who want the touchscreen experience do you really like iOS you like the incredibly low maintenance experience of iOS for example it that can make some sense I'm a super mobile tech review me share subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review

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