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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the 20/20 iPhone se otherwise known as the iPhone se 2 or some people call it the iPhone 9 a lot of names for one little phone so not too long ago Apple refresh the MacBook Air their most affordable laptop and made it not such a bad deal but with the iPhone se it starts at 399 and that's actually a really good deal we're gonna look at it now so what is 399 gets you 64 gigs of storage which is the same as you would get on an iPhone 11 not bad there the Apple 8 13 Bionic CPU again the same that you would get on a fellow 11 pro pro Macs and level you get the idea nice

For the price and this is the currently the 8 13 is the fastest mobile phone chip on the market sorry Qualcomm and Snapdragon it is true you also get updated LTE so if you're thinking about finding an iPhone 8 and buying that well I would suggest getting this one instead you get gigabit LTE you get bands 71 coverage for a t-mobile which is a nice thing to have the casing obviously is the iPhone 8 so the look isn't any different there the camera module may or may not be identical it's pretty close but with the new CPU and the new image processing software that Apple has it's

Certainly gonna blow the previous iPhone se anyway and to my eye does a little bit better than the original iPhone 8 which wasn't a slouch as cameras go it is just a single lens it's a 12 megapixel camera on the rear so there's no white angle there's no telephoto it does have portrait mode it only does portrait mode on people sorry cats dogs and other things you could use third-party software to get around that but I have noticed that when taking portrait like shots of my cat and flowers and other things said it does have a kind of natural bokeh effect in

The background anyway so you also don't get night mode which is too bad so if you're into night shots this might not be your first choice for a camera but overall I was pretty impressed with the cameron how company is of course like again the the iPhone 8 was a pretty good camera phone in and stay but they're definitely tweaks to the image processing and all that sort of thing because these photos are looking pretty darn good certainly for this price range for video recording it does have optical image stabilization and but it's not as good as the latest

Models from Apple or even the iPhone 10 family of phones I could see some movement and bobbling opposed to the impossibly smooth looking video that you get from the latest iPhones again that's fair for the price Institute 4k video up to 60 frames per second it can do slow motion video 240 frames per second the usual stuff pretty much like the iPhone it could do just like other recent iPhones and supports the HEV see more efficient video recording kodak takes up less space still good quality and also the htif format it's a new format for JPEG replacement if you wish to use that

As well and as ever there's always icons so if your phone starts running out of space it can automatically just ship stuff up to the cloud and bring it back down when you want to reference it but if you're a big-time video shooter again go for that 128 gig model to make sure you got some cushion there front camera is 7 megapixels and looked a little more hazy and a little less defined to me versus something like the iPhone 10 RR the iPhone 11 it is what it is it's decent it's not a classical anything it's not priced like a class-leading phone we have qi wireless charging

Onboard if that's your thing and also the phone is a little bit more memory than the iPhone 8 had it has three gigs around versus two gigs on the iPhone 8 so if you're talking about memory of you talking about storage options versus the past se it's a huge jump ahead the screen is also bigger at 4.7 inches it still apples retina resolution which means 326 PPI the resolution is a little higher than the previous iPhone se because the screen is bigger the although is only four inches so yes this phones a little bigger than the previous iPhone se but by today's standards it's

Darn tiny when I picked it up I said God is so small granted I do prefer big screen phones this wouldn't be the phone for me as a result but I know a lot of people actually prefer a smaller phone in their pocket in their hand not to mention the price tag by the way if you do want more storage you can go up to 128 gigs that's $50 more not a bad deal that one and if you want to go up to 256 gigs then it's fine 50 at that point I might start looking at an iPhone 11 the display on this is not OLED in is IP yes just like iPhones of old but it's a very nice-looking display you don't look

At it and think oh it's drab but it actually looks quite nice it's wide damn it p3 it has a good 1,400 to 1 contrast ratio the brightness isn't great compared to the iPhone 11 family of phones but I guess that's fair for 399 and so this does around 625 nits a brightness versus over a thousand on the iPhone 11 family or even the tennis and tennis Maxim if you use it outdoors in bright sunlight a lot that's something to keep in mind it is still visible I had no problem seeing it but it wasn't as easy to see the phone is technically

Dual SIM because as an e SIM and a nano SIM card slot so if one of your two carriers supports eason you can use it with two sims it's also ip67 water-resistant which means down to one meter or three feet of water for up to 30 minutes for those who are into fast wired charging it does support 18 watt fast wired charging just like the iPhone 11 family but of course just like the iPhone 11 family the fast charger is not in the box just the standard small charger so that's an extra spend it has touch ID obviously and not face ID so for those who are more comfortable with

That there you go the gestures are of course different it was a little trip down memory lane to remember that you swipe up from the bottom to get to control center you use the touch ID button for multitasking that sort of thing it does have Apple pay and FC Wi-Fi six which is another upgrade versus say buying an iPhone 8 instead it might be a little guy but the stereo speakers are pretty good I mean Apple typically does a good job with these so you have one in the earpiece up top and one on the bottom for stereo sound not bad at all there is no headphone jack we

Are talking Apple and there hasn't been one for quite some time with them you have the enlightening connector on the bottom some wireless headphones are enlightening to 3.5 millimeter adapters what you're going to need if you want to use wired 3.5 millimeter headphone on this the battery life on this is pretty much just like the iPhone 8 no surprise 1800 milliamps which is just what the iPhone 8 had different connector though on the battery which is interesting if you were to take it apart and service it for most people probably would like to moderate use this is an all-day phone

Charge it by 10 o'clock at night if you're going to use it heavily not so much compared to the iPhone even though this is a smaller lower resolution display I thought it didn't have as much stamina but again something this teeny you can only fit so much battery and it's fair for the price and I think most people will do okay going through a day when it comes to high quality with a fast processor a pretty nice display a decent camera kind of phones in this size range and in this price range there's very little competition the pixel of three the last

Generation pixel comes to mind and and photography is really your thing then that is still a solid buy there it's gonna be a little bit bigger though but okay other than that not a lot I have to say about Apple even if there were competition I think that they have done a very good job with this phone I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos hit that notification bell and like if you did like the vid


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