Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Wireless and Wired Charging Station Review

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This is Lisa from mobile tech review and there was something a little different I don't do a lot of accessories but when pitaka asked me to take a look at their new air omni that's on Kickstarter right now but they'll start selling it regularly on June 15th I said yes because this thing is one insane 6 in-1 charger with qi we're gonna look at it now so some of you out there are probably familiar with pitaka right they make those really thin aramid fiber cases at like this one right here there's a regular case and then there's the Maggie's as 50 bucks is what's on ur Samsung Galaxy S 20 plus I make it for

All the s20 mozzie has 10 iPhones you get the idea so the magnetic one the idea is with their existing products like this one is $129 and this is their magnetic charging bar called the Maggie's so what's the deal with this qi wireless charger you can see there's two spots on it for charging two phones in this area is magnetic as well so keys or anything else ensure that you don't want to have falling off your desk or something I guess you can put it there so it's a very strong magnet they actually say you can wall mount this it's a little terrifying but it's pretty

Strong so that's interesting and that's nice and the cases are great for those who are looking for scratch protection not someone to drop protection they do have a more rugged model for those who tend to have the dropsies and are worried about more than just scratching your phone with the air omni replaces their air quad which was a four in one charger and the 601 charger is just like if i was designing something i would do it it has so many nifty features we're gonna check that part out now so this thing like all their products it's covered an Arab in fiber which they say

Is more flexible and more durable I don't know whatever it looks pretty nice hanging and it's got kind of rubbery sides on it so this is your perfect like nightstand or a desk companion I think for me nightstand particularly so the outline over here tells you this is where you would charge your phone it doesn't matter if it's an iPhone or an Android phone anything sports Qi wireless charging you can do five seven point five or 10 watt wireless charging over here and it's got a triple coil design so you don't have to be really picky about how you place it to charge

It and will plop it down so you can see how that works so over here is where you can charge air pods second gen or ear pods Pro or Samsung Galaxy buds so just put it right on there and then this little disc right here is charging the Apple watch so Samsung launches are kind of picky about the wireless charging even among Samsung charger is only one of their Samsung charges works to charge Samsung watches so sorry I'm not going to work for that but for Apple watches you place it here now what if you have something like the Milanese loop one of those enclosed

Circle bands right that's just not going to work you can't do that so what you're going to do instead is there's this nifty little button on the side and it gently deploys that upward so that what you can do is set it like some pretty cool so also it doesn't block the air pods and galaxy buds charging spot right there so that's pretty geeky right so that's one of the things like if I was designing it I would want to do something like that but wait there's more right this is an infomercial style product view so there is on the back little stand and that part's made of

Metal adjustable so we have a lightning connector here so you can charge up an iPhone if you wish what through wired charging or you can charge an iPad up to 18 watts and support so that's fast charging but what if you have USB see like one of the newer iPad pros uh-huh there's an answer for that too by the way this connector stays inside them until you lift this up which is kind of cool too so it's just not sticking up for things to catch on just put that down there's a button on the back you push it and reverses to USB see so you can charge your iPad pro or a

Samsung galaxy device or any other modern Android device awesome pretty cool yeah so last thing there is a little jewelry drawer on the side so you just push it and open it up and there's a little LED light so you can see your little teeny jewelry and the nightgood for me maybe I wear earrings I don't know it's up to you but there it is it's built pretty beefy it's got cooling over here they've been doing Qi charging for a while with no mishaps up I think I would trust them to actually charge multiple devices at the same time so far they've been doing well and look Apple

Hasn't managed to make this product yet exactly have they and the charger is 65 watts so this is what it looks like variety of plugs depending on what country you in that's a pretty powerful charger and given the number of things that can charge charge it makes sense also on this side we have both USB C and USB a so why are charging for your photos are your tablets your Kindle your phone your camera whatever it is but also they say you can charge your macbook air or even your macbook pro i have a 16 inch macbook pro which requires way more juice than this can

Output this outputs 18 watts it would be fine for a macbook air it would super slow charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro you get the idea so no yeah if you have an ultrabook again it could slow charges say an HP Spectre x-360 or something like that not ideal but maybe better than nothing yeah so that's the air Omni by pitaka and as you can tell I kind of like it I mean it's 119 bucks when it releases its on Kickstarter now if you want to get involved earlier but that's cheaper than their previous one that did well less stuff and it's cheaper than a lot of the competitors on

The market it's really cleverly designed by humans for units that's how I feel about it I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification aisle too


Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Wireless and Wired Charging Station Review





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