Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra

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The galaxy note 20 ultra and smaller galaxy note 20 phones take a lot of the concepts introduced in the galaxy s20 line and refine them and of course they have the s pen let's take a look at what samsung's latest flagships have to offer there are two galaxy note 20 models both have qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processors and run android 10. the less expensive one has a 6.7 inch 1080p 60hz screen the more expensive one the galaxy s20 ultra has a 6.9 inch higher resolution 120hz screen the s20 ultra also has more ram

At 12 gigs versus 8 gigs it has a 512 gig storage option and it has a slightly bigger battery all of that will cost you 300 more of course the galaxy note 20 line is for people getting work done but also for creative types this year the phones look better than the galaxy s20 plus and s20 ultra and yet they're less expensive that could be a very good deal the note 20 has a camera system similar to the galaxy s20 plus with three 12 megapixel cameras one of

Which is really 64 megapixels so it can simulate three times zoom the note 20 ultra has the controversial 108 megapixel main sensor that's on the galaxy s20 ultra which had some serious autofocus problems but samsung has added an extra laser autofocus module to this phone so that should help video recording is a big focus here you can record an 8k at 24 frames per second change the zoom speed and mess around with audio options like turning the phone's various mics on and

Off to improve directional audio quality if you have a pair of galaxy buds live you can even use them as a remote mic samsung also changed the way its dex pc mode works it used to be a way to turn your phone into a pc with a keyboard and monitor now it seems to be more about doing presentations and casting your work to a big tv screen wirelessly if you don't like decks a new link to windows app will let you mirror up to six phone apps on your pc screen and of course there's the s pen samsung really cut down on latency this year

Getting pen latency on the regular note 20 down to about 20 milliseconds and latency on the ultra down to about 9 milliseconds that pretty much matches the refresh rates of the screens so pen response will feel almost instantaneous samsung also enhanced its s note app letting it sync with onenote edit pdfs and giving it a folder structure so you can better manage large numbers of notes the note 20 and note 20 ultra are going on pre-sale august 6 and on sale august 21st a smaller phone

Will start at 9.99 and the larger one will start at 12.99 they will be available and unlocked all carrier models through samsung and also at all of the us wireless carriers we'll have a full review at pc mag down the line so stay tuned

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra

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