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That is a beautiful photo with very good light-weight :o

Hey guys it's irita gilberti and welcome back to my channel for today's video guys smartphone and huawei so yes guys review number number some market mobilion 5g ready now hamura actually is also from huawei and that is the one over 7s e5g so come up and see you guys needing when it comes to providing 5g here so philippines i mean there are other brands naman guys on the cup providing 5g but mostly to their flagship devices 5g

I mean i've tried it already guys on huawei's flagship device in makati and young downloads guys so next guys let's talk about the design is it something new and hindi basha kapariya marine huawei nova 7se well to tell you guys stay silver nitin huawei nova 7 7.9 millimeter thickness and it weighs 180 grams in terms of weight so guys mid-range devices in the review ion so it's not too heavy it's not too light

Making it more comfortable actually guys is silver again mid summer purple so in terms of the camera setup guys and for my overall opinion about the huawei nova 7 5g and of course the prism effects devices but you know still the design is very eye catchy it looks and feels very premium series display mirrors 6.53 inches 2400 by 1080 pixels full hd plus oled display meridian push on 20 is to 9 aspect ratio with dci p3 color gamut as expected guys

From oled displays so also you can change the color mode and temperature guys settings f 2.0 aperture with ai beautification support and it can shoot 4k videos at 30 fps take note guys marina eis making it quite a big deal guys especially for vloggers or content creators front camera for vlogging expect it to be more stabilized now young front camera guys

On super night selfie 3.0 photos 5g was able to capture detail and colors also guys pansen commas less than your noise number thank goodness for the quad camera setup guys managing 64 megapixels for the main camera 8 megapixels telephoto lens 8 megapixels ultra wide and 2 megapixels macro lens at huawei nova 7 5g guys it can shoot up to five times hybrid zoom and 20 times digital zoom so must me access style guys especially

Young scenes and i noticed guys it works very well with the powerful zoom actually guys for the ultra wide angle lens it can shoot 120 degrees i can see you guys for the ultra wide hindi shotgun while going comprehensive mid-range close it's good that we have the macro lens but until now guys now for the super night mode wowie nova 7 5g it really takes outstanding night shots guys now for the operating system guys you know

Manage an emui 10.1 based on android 10. system wide dark seven five jinyoung or hindi also guys you can always hide it or aluminum just to show a tournament what the hell mostly the hat no smartphones you can add apps that you usually use definitely what i was waiting for for the emu wine macaron last year guys indie gonna discuss 9 and plants vs zombies paranormance of photography maritime camera 360. photograph picks art and beauty plus for finance we have gcash my home credit

Global awards paymaya bdo and cash alo for communication guys marion but i'm viber wechat and young usable apps guys facebook instagram facebook live pinterest and link in subscribe 5g and the rest of the huawei smartphones surveilling application for you to access it so not for my gmail mary well no man built-in mail app details nova 75g gmail access netflix guys and other applications

Netflix and then apps news images and many more interests unboxing high silicon 385 5g soc with mali g77 meridian push on 8 gig of yam with 256 gig of internal storage actually guys and performance mode off or performance mode on for my gaming experience guys smooth as expected from a korean 985 chipset actually lastly guys for the battery capacity and charging

Again some 40 watt huawei supercharged with 4000 milliamp actually guys in just 30 minutes i was able to consume 78 percent of battery charge you are already good to go telling me 78 so overall guys 4 000 from social media to video playback to gaming all day also guys welcome from 128 gig from the huawei nova 7se to 256 gig of internal storage sodo mobley although indianapolis expandable storage via macro sd card

Napo and m 256 gig para guys the price is twenty three thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos a display guys actually i feel like i'm holding a flagship device then oled it makes it more comfortable to hold gaming wise guys the walling of a 75g could really handle your high graphic intensive games heavy multitasking and again 5g ready you young importante guys for 23 990 pesos it's still cheap for a smartphone and a 5g

Readiness young canyon 40 watt huawei super charge definitely it will not disappoint you now paradigm and safons the man again headphone jack that some people might find it disappointing because of its price range smartphones it's not expandable storage which is for me again it's not disappointing but to some it might be so yes guys for a second for 23 890 pesos you are really getting what you paid for

From its appearance to the quality so pira7 guys it is an overall package already so you're gonna imperfect 90 hertz screen refresh ratio anyway that is it for now guys for my huawei nova 7 5g review


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