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Merely considered some of your images (: i'm really glad i reached task darkness you. You're great!

Hey guys it's your girl mary and welcome back to my channel for today's video guys yes guys very different from the cases that we saw so operino 2 series favorite call so we have here the phone itself i am sure guys jack numbing at ayan gonna pants in your end for a closer look marine tension green detailing so yes everything is green don't hang on accessories let us now proceed to that phone oh hi guys neymar i'm pretending

960 fps smart slow motion video smart air control little young gestures have been delano so i can't wait to share it with you guys at meredith smart spying prevention and of course for the chipset it has the qualcomm snap dragon 720 g so listen and attention guys and of course the sticker and yes guys matte effect disclaimer guys in depot glass it may look like glass yes guys when i first saw the operino for them when you touch it already it is made of plastic but guys i

Am digging the design masala it's slimmer it's very slim curved edges so with the ongoing theme of galaxies and space will this poem be out of this world so that is the question guys that i will be answering the video so make sure to watch the entire video guys converted by mug upgrade or to get the operino four so say bubble guys marion time microphone secant marine time power button named green accent on the left part meeting

Adding volume rockers with the sim card three and i have guys some attention criteria good news the wall seem dementia and expandable via micro sd card below and i'm getting adding headphone jack another microphone usb type-c port and young canyon speaker grill i love you guys on features um and if it really is something is 48 megapixels main camera with sony imx

586 f 1.7 aperture 2 megapixels and that is a 32 megapixel selfie camera with sony imx616 with f 2.4 aperture all right guys on features on camera hdr algorithm so if you guys want a natural bulky effect and create a very clear and bright night portrait then option ultra night selfie mode and ultra dark mode well for the ultra night selfie mode it will help you guys brighten your

Photos now especially at night the back the photos are okay not to the point of sobriety impressive in terms of video cement guys as i said earlier 960fps slow motion 960 fps it's good it's cool but young quality so don't expect shadows usual videos no tapas guys since nasa videographer so i think this is also the first time guys front steady video so video pro

6.4 inches amoled screen with dual punch hole display and um canyon screen ratio is 20s to 9 full hd plus 2400 by 1080 pixels resolution in terms of the display guys again amoled display will always give us deep blacks if you guys are aware of the dual function p40 pro plus it's actually

It's fast and it's accurate and also i really like the placing and the animation that comes with it but don't expect guys nassau bryant although side by side and that as many pesticides also guys it has the latest color os 7.2 based on android 10. all right of course system wide dark mode it also has an always on display since amulet nato you get to see the time the date or even some notifications though it might consume your battery always on display is a really nice feature guys

Android devices it also has this thing called oc vision effect guys it will make your videos appear smoother more vivid than it actually is usually guys um useful telegraph if mainly came on you love watching movies one thing i also like about guys the color voice 7.2 it has a lot of artistic wallpapers ai enhanced smart sensor it really helps you with privacy protection anonymous smart spying prevention so turn on new smart spying prevention

Yo merengue obama smartphones so huawei mate 30 series and i'm glad guys not even mid-range devices so basically guys from smart air control to scroll up and down the pieces the smart always on display so how does it work in layman's terms after 30 seconds it has the qualcomm snapdragon 720 g with an 8 gig of ram with 128 gig of internal storage actually guys i'm not sure if operino 4

Pro will be available here in the philippines but just in case lana curious actually guys 720g it's a really good chipset for gaming coming from its name nanjinga sabinella g gaming which is trunaman 720g is a very capable chipset for your mild to heavy which is actually just okay and somehow higher than its competitors for your everyday social media use

You and again as i said earlier national dolby atmos but you can only use it wired earphones or cappuccino wireless earphones it's a smartphone and lastly guys for the battery capacity at the opportunity for managing 4015 milliamp hour battery capacity with 30 watt volt flash charge 4.0 so power supply battery capacity 4015 milliamp hour is just enough for you to use every day but not at the point of charging i have no problem at all

Actually guys according to oppo in just 20 minutes macaroni could gain 50 percent battery charge which is adding test i was able to get 0 to 48 of battery charge in just 20 minutes now for my verdict actually guys it's a really good device to consider right now from oppo but chambray just like any other smartphones it's a mix of good and bad in terms of low orgasaken it does in terms of photos they are great they are good but nothing really special over

Its competitors but one thing i really like about the operino 4 guys is young ai enhanced smart sensor in the beanie beginner so especially for those people guys really demands security privacy also guys although it is not made of glass it is still something exceptional performance and qualities added which is for me okay if you are looking for a device not long-term use again it's a tag and mary and see you on my next video bye guys







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