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Hey guys it's rita gilmerry and welcome back to my channel titles and thumbnails top five solid gadgets you can buy online your monthly national also no external fit the charge for it in gts actually we can consider this your new fitbit ionic watch and maybelline gps in cash in terms of look guys very identical parenthesis

Three perro skill oled so yes under direct sunlight very easy to read so an animal function fit the charge for what is so special about it uh it will measure guys the time that you spend in target heart rate zones and it attracts progress toward the goal of 150 minutes per week isa again as i mentioned earlier in gps i know it's not very timely especially i'm very into running swimming and biking la luna

in terms of battery life guys as usual for a normal use it will last you now maximum seven days i don't fit the charge for some specific net on the bearing info guys special edition i'm price newport 10 890 pesos paranormal regular 90s special edition the price is 9590 pesos so you guys if you want a fitness tracker specifically now hiring and measuring exercise no young sleep no

And other health metrics then the fitbit charge 4 is something worth considering i know guys very specifically women foreign it's a very premium fitness tracker but again fitness traffic is for 559 pesos all right guys on the third item guys 48 megapixels foreign to

And it comes with a micro usb charger yes for micro usb you know what i'm gonna expect um usbc suppression you know it's around one thousand one hundred pesos next guys i don't know led star project or i know mary thomas stories if you guys remember i bought a similar one pero mas cheaper it's 75 pesos only yes 75 and sobering recommended

Knowingly in the long run like five days after six days so 75 pesos was disposable every week every after five days and i get it you get what you paid for item necessarily go worth it at that point consider actually again 48 megapixels you can also use the ultra white palagasa mukbang quality nathan and gustavo sana consistent

And white background so it's human 190x not right in a billionaire enjoying the mid-year sale i don't know guys if this is not something number you recommend go for beginners and indiana manchester it's quite pricey pero top five best gadgets you can buy online i am really happy someone happy sorry guys i really am happy somehow purchases my main camera for my e-roll shop

Is anyway i hope you guys enjoyed my top five best gadgets you can buy online part three again it's your tackle mary and see you on my next video bye guys


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