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Something is different here and no I'm not talking about my hair though thanks for noticing I'm actually talking about this TV and I am so relieved to say that welcome back everyone I'm Caleb Denison and this is review part 2 for the Hisense h8 G if you didn't see it before part 1 we got into the TV and just something wasn't right it didn't look right at all I had a feeling that there was a problem with the television called up high sense they sent a replacement this is the one and what difference with the naked eye it's very clear that this TV is performing the way it should and so far I'm pretty

Impressed if you haven't seen review part 1 basically the color and contrast was just wrong in fact I had to put it in the standard picture mode to get something that looked right which is not at all the norm here I've put the TV in it's theater day or theater night mode also in Dolby vision day and Dolby vision night mode the TV is looking correct and I haven't even done any measurements with that we will soon but first let's take a look at some of the performance characteristics of the TV will start picture quality analysis of

This review with black levels and I'd like to go straight to how the local dimming system works and in this case what we can see is we've got about 90 zones if you count them out that's true for the 75 inch model of this TV as well you get fewer on the smaller models of this TV and as far as halos around bright objects obviously the bigger the bright object the more halo you're gonna get you can see that here with these big balloons moving around but if we tighten things up a little bit take a look at this local dimming test provided by the villa man on YouTube fellow youtuber you

Can see that depending on how fast the box moves depending on where it's located you get in for an effect so off access the blooming and halo is very obvious but once you're sitting right in front of the TV I think Hisense has done a really good job of tamping down on it especially for a TV at this price as for peak brightness capability and HDR I clocked this model in at over 900 nits it kind of hung out around 928 for the time that I was testing it that's with a 10% window which we use as a standard and that's again fairly impressive for a TV of this cost

As for screen uniformity spot-on this is a very very clean screen I'm really impressed and I hope that's indicative of what Hisense is sending out right now now as for out of box color I'm a little less enthusiastic I could see with my naked eye that yellows were too aggressive and they were bleeding over into greens as well creating sort of a yellowish green so I went ahead and got out my spectra Cal C 6 meter and used cow man software to take a look at the color gamut and also do a two-point white balance analysis and sure enough there's way too much blue coming through

On this television so I would say if you want the best color out of the TV or at least the most accurate color you're gonna want to go ahead and get it calibrated which is not something I would normally recommend for a TV at this price but the good news is you're getting so much TV for the money you can spend a little bit more and get it a little bit more accurate and I think that might be desirable for anybody who's sensitive to colors you're definitely gonna notice things are a little out of whack and the best way to take care of that is to do some

Adjustments that involve measurements I would not recommend going in and messing around with the color just turning the blue down willy-nilly can actually throw other things out of whack so make sure you use a professional for that with all of that said things are really coming together nicely with this TV now I want to dive deep into the HDR experience with this television specifically for movies and TV because I am getting a much higher peak brightness than I've seen other reviewers out there get I'm getting north of 900 nits and that is proving to provide a really great HDR

Picture experience compared with the 650 to 700 nits that I've seen other reviewers getting I can understand why I'm gonna say this has a great HDR picture whereas they may not be saying that I can't explain why this is maybe I just got lucky with the panel your mileage may vary but from my standpoint the HDR picture experience is great I think most people are going to love it if they're getting a TV anything like this one so what about gaming well the first thing I want to tell you is that this TV does not support HDMI 2.1 so you're not going to get variable refresh

Rate out of this TV it's response time is fairly good though around 13 milliseconds and it's input lag is very low – so I think that you're gonna get a decent console gaming experience I would not hook up a hotrod gaming PC to this TV and expect a really great first-person shooter experience not if you're a competitive anyway but for console gaming generally speaking great and the picture quality is really good HDR gaming as you can see here looks fantastic on this TV so I think for most gamers perfectly acceptable all right so

We've unpacked a lot let me kind of round it all up for you and I think we're the best ways we can do that is to compare this TV to some others out there I just reviewed the Sony X 900 H that TV is $1,400 for a 65 inch model and I think it's considerable value considering the performance the performance over the Hisense h8 G here is notable but you've got to pay a lot to get it that TV has a lower nit count than this one but it also has slightly better black levels is it worth the extra 700 bucks not so sure then if we take a look at the samsung q 90 t which

Is significantly more expensive than either the hhg or the sony that I just mentioned yes you get much higher peak brightness and better black levels and it's a super punchy TV that thing is just a joy to watch in most cases but you're gonna pay through the nose to get it where the H 8g sits and all this is that it's a value leader it absolutely puts out way better picture quality than you would expect to get for $700 and the problems that it comes with are small enough that they can easily be dealt with with a simple calibration that doesn't cost a whole lot of money to get

So in my opinion this is a knockout TV the motion is good the black levels are solid the brightness is more than sufficient for great HDR you can game on this TV and have a really good time Android TV works just fine on here so all your streaming apps are going to be represented well the overall user interface is not kludgy it's easy enough to use so I think this TV number one word approachable it's approachable from a price standpoint it's approachable from a picture quality standpoint and it's hard to think of anyone other than hardcore TV and food

Just not absolutely falling in love with it thank you as always for watching everyone what do you think of the h8 G and what should I pit it against in a versus video leave a comment down below like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit Digital Trends calm for the latest tech news and reviews


Hisense H8G Quantum TV Review Pt. 2 | Much Better





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