Analysis: Smartphone Pinnacle Reached Next Innovation is Where?

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Hi guys this is ranjit and in this video let's talk about smartphones and have we reached the peak what do you say pinnacle of smartphones and where do you we actually go from here and guys if you noticed the smartphones in the last couple of uh generation past six months a year if you notice we are not seeing a huge improvements yes we are getting slight refinements and stuff but i feel in every technology there's a curve like this and now in the traditional smartphone surface i

Think so we are reaching that plat too so we are not getting some huge innovations and stuff yes we are seeing this increase of speed a little bit slight improvements in camera multiple cameras but real innovation is not happening and this actually happened even in the pc industry if you recall uh uh about last decade around 2005 2007 uh we started to see very good computer squad core etc but suddenly the peak was reached and people upgrading to new computers didn't find

A huge difference and i think so the smartphone revolution actually started uh during that uh time frame for example uh the i first iphone i5 recall was launched in 2007 and then we started seeing and then android came into space uh uh then we started seeing uh true smartphones that were like mini computers and for many people uh especially in india i think so their first computing was actually done on a smartphone rather

Than a pc and slowly the smartphone became an integral part of it and we see saw huge improvements uh every generation from let's say 2012 to 1314 the processor speeds used to increase quite a bit the camera sensors improved quite a bit but now lately as i've told you we are reaching that curve and lately if you have even a flagship android smartphone past two years and if you look at the latest flagship

Android phones in real world usage you won't find that much of a difference because the rate of innovation the smartphone the regular smartphone has become so good to improve it you have to do something radically different and that is not happening yes we are playing around a little bit with camera uh the stereo speakers are becoming a little bit uh improved but i won't call it a drastic improvement

Every generation and that's what i'm noticing i made some notes so let's uh go over there and i feel uh in india specifically uh the real smartphone innovation started uh last couple of years thanks to jio the mobile data became so affordable and because of the smartphones people got connected to internet and that saw a huge bum but now i think so most people who want to be connected are actually connected and these days we get some very good

Smartphones even in the mid-range and the price point of about 10 000. let me talk about one thing because i hear this quite a bit in the comments section uh whenever a new phone is launched i'm covering it or whatever some people uh talk about it okay i purchased the smartphone that was just launched about six months should i upgrade to this so there is a fomo that is fear of missing out and these days smartphone manufacturers are launching so many devices so quickly that users

Feel that they are getting missed out but that's not that's a simple myth to give you an idea uh these are some of the most powerful smartphones is the asus rog phone 3 this is the samsung note 20 ultra and yes these have got very good processor in fact the one of the fastest processors that you can get on android that's the snapdragon 865 plus on this rog phone three but uh if i compare the daily usage performance

To even about a snapdragon 855 in daily usage i don't notice that much of a difference yes in benchmarks uh obviously this will get better benchmark scores but is that translating to real world performance difference that you will do every day and the answer is no for about 95 of the users uh to give you an analogy uh let's talk about speed and cards this is very easy to do uh for example let's say your smartphone was

Old one think of it as a that maximum speed that it can go is about 50 kilometer and next after a year you get a new smartphone that can go up to a speed of 80 kilometers you'll notice a huge difference because that 50 was restricting you but now the stages are like that for high-end smartphones you could say the speed of a snapdragon 855 i'm just giving you a very vague example is about let's say 170 kilometers it can go to the maximum speed and this new snapdragon 865 can go

Up to 180 but the thing is that in real world usage you simply cannot go that fast so this incremental speed increase that we are seeing now has become sort of a mood thing it's just for bragging rights yes you have the latest processor i don't but in real world usage i would say you won't find a big difference in fact i would say even the mid-range processors for example the snapdragon 7x series let's say 712 720 etc are so good in terms of speed if i have to give

Again let's say they can go up to 125 or something like that speed but realistically you will not touch those speeds so the former of upgrading every year for a faster processor is just moot right now because real in real world usage you will not notice that percival difference if you upgraded that quickly and i would say no point upgrading it that quickly and second thing is many people get influenced by cameras because these days we see

Many phones having that four four cameras or whatever and people think it is better but this has been proven wrong again and again by pixel they mostly put just one primary camera at the back and that beats many of the smartphones even higher priced smartphones so it's not just about number of cameras in fact many vendors some vendors are also faking the cameras they just put four but they'd hardly use it so again don't fall into traps like

This it's not like if you have a 64 megapixel or something would be way better than what you are having right now in fact i have seen a lot of smartphones that are having a lower 48 megapixel perform better than 64. so it depends on the manufacturer how well he optimizes it and a manufacturer if he is launching less products will spend more time to improve a product but another manufacturer if say he's launching a new phone every every month or 45 days really put

That much effort in optimizing that smartphone so that is something you have to note and i frankly feel too many smartphones are getting launched and if you have a good enough smartphone that you bought recently just don't get into that fomo because just that new smartphone is coming out with the new latest processor for example the latest s8 snapdragon 865 plus if you already have 855 i will tell you that in real world usage you won't find a huge difference that you should

Upgrade upgrade when you really need it because this is a formal that is happening a lot in the industry and we have reached that stage of pinnacle because if you upgrade even to the latest processor the personal difference the actual difference that you notice every day working is simply not there and also just go don't go with the hype of four cameras five cameras at the back just look at the image quality actual image quality that you would get

Because we as indians what i have noticed is that get impressed with numbers big numbers four cameras oh 64 megapixel 48 megapixel 108 megapixel and we just go ahead and buy it and these companies know that and that's how they are marketed so be a little bit careful because we have reached such a stage that even mid-range smartphones that we are getting around let's say 12 000 14 000 uh are actually really really good so just when you are upgrading or buying

To just dying to buy that new smartphone think about it do you really need that and i feel we have reached that stage of what you say stagnation in the current smartphone form factor and i think so things need to change and i feel it will change but we are in a situation right now yes foldables offer a lot of opportunities and new form factors but the thing is that these foldables are super super expensive as of now the samsung fold cost what two thousand

Dollars the new one is also being rumored to be about that so uh these are very expensive so this will take a lot of time to come into the mainstream they have to go below thousand dollars microsoft also is now trying something we don't even know what will work will this form factor work or some other kind of affordable will work so that's why we are going to see a lot of new form factors just about yesterday microsoft also announced the microsoft surface do

A new take on it uh so i think so this will be a transition phase for the next couple of years and finally eventually we will see foldables that will be the new wave how will it be when it will be is a big question because right now these foldables are just too expensive and they really need to come down in the price point to be attractive to normal users but that will definitely take a lot of time uh so again if you already have a good smartphone

Just don't have that fomo syndrome that you need to upgrade to a latest and the greatest and these days guys what is happening in the latest and the greatest uh they are just playing around with the colors polishing stuff it's like become the fashion industry now instead of real technological innovations that you will see it's become of like what do you say how cool it looks how so we are into that but i hope things changed with the

Foldables and i don't know what else we were having a lot of hope with smart watches but that category just simply did not explode uh because still good smart watches are very expensive so i hope uh this changes and we move to a new form factor but i feel uh that will take a couple of years from now hopefully it happens in the next two three years and we get new in order to form factors not just what microsoft is trying

Samsung is trying we don't know what else we could be doing with foldables but i feel the next wave of computing is going to be starting now because we have reached that point regular the form factor that we have with the smartphone we have reached that pinnacle point where improving it considerably is now very difficult anyways also about 5g i just want to talk about 5g because many of you have actually talked about ask me about 5g 5g

Yes will come in india guys and probably jio and atl will come will get it but i don't expect it realistically to roll out until 2022 and the thing is that many users are asking me should we buy 5d smartphones right now the fact is that right now in india uh the government has not even given out the spectrum for 5g the bidding has to be done and right now uh we don't even know exactly what bands will be used uh in india for 5g yeah i think so we've in india we

Will go with the sub six gigahertz band not millimeter wave uh but again in that also we have different bands and uh many uh smartphone manufacturers now will be touting out a lot of new models claiming that they have 5g yes technically they have 5g but do they have the banks that will be used in india are those bands supported by that smartphone is the big question and because in mid-range this can be a big problem because

We know uh on a mid-range smartphone they will not support all the bands so if even if you buy a new smartphone right now with 5g unless the government policy is very clear what 5g bands are we using it's a hit or a miss if you're going to buy a 5g smartphone right now for example if you buy a new 5g smartphone right now and that band is actually not supported in india yes technically your phone has 5g but it won't be able to connect to the 5g networks in india so again beware of that let's wait

I think so the government should give clarity on 5g what bands will be used by these isps only once we have that clarity you should go with 5g and as of now i would say i won't recommend 5g because we don't know when it will come it might come in 2022 or because again testing has to be done a lot of things have to be done realistically i would say 2023 when the prices will go down so does it make that much sense to buy a smartphone paying a huge premium right

Now and getting 5g if you're getting that 5g smartphone for the same price what you're paying then okay go with it but again there is no guarantee especially in the mid-range segment what 5g bands what they are currently providing will that work in india or not that is a question that you need to ask anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

Analysis: Smartphone Pinnacle Reached Next Innovation is Where?

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