SuperVOOC 2.0 65W Charging Test On Oppo Reno4 Pro

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Hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we'll be testing this renault 4 pro and this smartphone actually claims to have the fastest charging 65 watt charging so we'll test it i also have a power meter and as you can see i've completely drained it so let's charge it and see the charging speeds so guys here we have the oppo renault 4 pro and as i've told you this is completely range zero no charge and i've just kept a stopwatch here and this is the super book charger that's the 65 watt and here is

Our par meter and i'm using the supply cable guys you have to use the supplied cable and let's see i'm just going to plug this in first yes and now what we are going to do is plug this in and i'll start the timer also and see how much time does it take to chat as you can see completely dead i'm just going to put this and we're going to start there and give me so as you can see completely dead now we look

After about a minute or two to see how much it has uh charged and still completely led so let's just put this here and here is the timer and here if i notice it's not actually pulling that much according to this one just about uh 3.45 4 watts so i think so it's priming it up and later on it will start pulling yeah it's completely dead i i think so i should have kept it on one or two percent

As you can see it's completely dead but yeah so not the ideal test maybe i should have kept it to one or two person just giving a lower charge initially as you can see just pulling about four watts according to this one so it's just past two minutes guys and still if i press this is completely discharged i think so that was a bad idea to completely drain it so i think so it will wait till about a couple of percentage then start pulling uh more power because right now just

About 4.6 watts of power it is pulling now guys it started just pulling after like about three minutes as you can see if superbook came and now it has started pulling it touched 60 i hope you can see 61 watts so don't drain it completely like me kill it if it has just one person then it starts pulling and now as you can see it says super voc over here so actual test started i would say approximately from three minutes it

Started pulling and as you can see not exactly 65 but 63.8 almost 64 yes it did touch 64 now so yes it is pulling the rated power just to give you an idea as you can see 64.9 so almost 65 yes it did touch 65 now it is pulling 65 and if you noticed guys from almost three minutes it started pulling that earlier it was just going about four four point five uh watts so it will be roughly a minute since it started that 65 watt charging

Now it's four so just a minute so let's see and it charged almost four percent in a minute so that's impressive so guys just cross that six minute mark so approximately three minutes of fast charging it's showing about 62.8 watt almost 63 watts and let's see how much did it charge 17 percent done almost in about three and a half minutes since it started that quick charging so really fast indeed so guys it's uh almost nine minutes 40 seconds and i have this uh so let's check the

Temperature and as you can see it's just showing 36 so it's not getting very hot i thought it would be getting hot and looks like that high temperature is on the charger so the charger is taking all the heat not the device and it just crossed this 10 minutes so let's see how much did it charge and 35 minutes done and guys technic 36 and technically this was done in seven minutes the first three minutes it didn't do that quick charging but nevertheless 10 minutes if

Completely dead you can get about 36 percent of charge so just cross 13 minutes and let's have a look and it's pulling what about 45 watts according to this one and it's on 49 percent so if we remove that three uh minutes approximately 50 percent of the charge you can get in about just about 10 minutes that's amazing as you can see 49 already right now and should cross the 50 mark yes

As you can see so indeed roughly about 10 if you just charge it for 10 minutes you can technically get about 50 charge so yeah indeed it works so guys just cross that 20 minute mark on this one let's see and it has charged 74 so technically that's 17 minutes as i've told you uh so 74 percent charged so guys i just noticed it crossed 80 83 right now and it's 22 minutes 28 seconds and now uh the draw has dropped down it was pulling almost at 40 now it came

Down to 36 that expected because it's almost coming to a full in right now it's 83 and the last uh generally uh that 10 15 percent takes quite a bit of time and almost reaching the 30 minute mark and uh the wattage drawn has dropped down down to 15.3 just crossed 30 so let's see how much did it charge 99 so almost done so should be done in a minute or so i'm just hoping guys we crossed 38 and now it's for

2.8 2.9 so still at 99 wow that last one person and guys just crossed 43 minutes and still it's doing a trickle charge and this is a 99 as you can see so the last one percent so guys it just touched a hundred percent and i just paused it so 53 minutes so the last one percent it actually charges very very slowly trickle charge so charge until about 99 percent will be done in about 32 minutes but the last one it take it took almost 20 minutes for

That because it was doing trickle charging so guys as you saw some very interesting results that we got while charging uh with this one uh it was very surprising that the first almost fifty percent of the chat was done just in about 10 minutes and till that 99 percent i'll add it over here the breakups uh and then almost that 99 percent was done in about 32 minutes but the last one minute uh it went to a trickle charge and it was charging very slowly took about uh what

Do you say 20 minutes and uh guys it is able to do this very quick charging because the 4000mah battery on this is actually divided into two different batteries if you notice if you know a normal battery is charged at 5 volts but the charger on this is actually 10 volt and a 6.5 amp charger if you multiply that 10 into 6.5 that is a 65 watt the maximum that it can put and as the battery is now divided into two two different batteries uh though it's passing on 10 volts but

Indirectly it's being split up here in five and five that's why it's able to charge quickly and in fact it has a lot of protections for this quick charging it has five different types of production the charger as we have noticed is at the entire most of the heat is taken up by the charger not on the phone and we also have some protections here and even we have ic protections here before the current goes into the battery so again it also has that safety feature

So yes it is really really fast and i really like the fact that you can get that about 50 charge in just about 10 minutes anyways guys uh that's it for now for this video hope you guys uh like this kind of a video slightly different video but anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

SuperVOOC 2.0 65W Charging Test On Oppo Reno4 Pro

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