Samsung Galaxy S21 – Goodbye Note.

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What's up guys and what a monumental video cause today we finally kick off the rumors and leaks regarding the samsung galaxy s21 we are almost five months away from the galaxy s21 announcement which most likely will happen in the month of february if you really think about it we're actually not that far away from the s21 launch which is why we have some exciting rumors and leaks to discuss first up we have the big news which is the fusion of the galaxy s and the galaxy note series it seems like every year right around this time we

Hear this rumor of the unification but this time it's a little bit different according to a big report coming from south korea samsung has planned three code names for the galaxy s21 lineup we have the m1 n2 and o3 code names m1 is most likely the galaxy s21 n2 is s21 plus and the o3 is galaxy s21 ultra according to this report o3 aka galaxy s21 ultra will have s pen to clarify once again all this is being planned for the top-of-the-line galaxy's 21 model which is going to be the s21 ultra

That will be the only model to come with s pen honestly it's not a bad move because samsung is doing great with its foldable devices the next galaxy z4 with s pen can actually replace the node lineup although ice universe has pointed this out on twitter that xevol3 will not be having the same volume as the galaxy note lineup so there's no way that next year's samsung will be able to pull this off but we're still pretty early ice universe believed that the

Galaxy note 21 will still happen even if we see the s pen on the s21 ultra like i said this time around things are a bit different we have leaksters and reports coming out that this decision might indeed happen as always let me know what you think about this in the comment section below i have to say this is indeed a big big news if this actually happens it completely changes everything also in the news it's been revealed that galaxy s21 project is named as project u this probably

Means that samsung is trying to make this project about us the consumer one of the biggest issues that we have seen this year is by far regarding the processor the whole performance gap between qualcomm and exodus chips samsung might completely ditch qualcomm next year and go with the amd exynos 1000 chip i talked about it in detail in my previous video so if you guys want to check that out link will be down below in the description now ice universe has also

Revealed that samsung will be bringing a new version of the 108 mega sensor aka bright hm2 we don't know any other detail whether the sensor size is getting even bigger or not if samsung really is planning to ditch the galaxy note lineup they have to make sure that they don't mess up with the galaxy s21 ultra like they messed up with the s20 ultra because then there will be no galaxy note phone in the second half of the year to fix samsung issues like they did with

The note 20 ultra samsung has also increased the price of his flagship phones massively 1400 is a lot of money to spend so if they're trying to bring a one all good package flagship device at that price range i think it's a good decision but anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section below now we have some further information coming from mariq hd these are some really early discussion regarding the s21 lineup so do take this with a pinch of salt

According to his sources the s21 ultra may still pack the same battery size as the galaxy s20 ultra which is 5 000 million per battery that's perfectly fine because next year samsung will be switching to five nanometer architecture along with that we're also going to be seeing the next generation of lgpo displays so it's definitely gonna get a lot more power efficient so that is the current leaks and rumor regarding the galaxy s21 lineup i do want to mention briefly that one ui 2.5 which is the software that is

On the galaxy note 20 devices and the galaxy fall 2. this version is already out for the s20 phones as well as the galaxy z5 is coming for s10 and note 10 series as well as galaxy s9 and note 9 series so it's a big big update indeed i know you guys want to see a speed test of the s20 ultra against the note 20 ultra i was actually waiting for the one ui 2.5 update and now that i have installed it on my s20 ultra that video is coming probably tomorrow or day after tomorrow so stay tuned for that let me know what

You think about the unification between the s and note lineup do you think samsung should do it or do you think that samsung should keep the separation like they have always done drop your comment and i'll see you guys in the next one peace out

Samsung Galaxy S21 – Goodbye Note.

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