Top 5 Reasons NOT To Buy a iPhone 12!

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Welcome back everyone i made a video yesterday talking about pretty much the top five reasons to go buy an iphone 12 and now i have to go and do the exact opposite of that and talk about the top five reasons as to why you should not buy an iphone 12 and i can definitely tell you there's a lot of pros there's a lot of cons and if you have the money and if you have all the money in the world go for it by the iphone 12 i would recommend buying the 12 pro max but the first reason why i would probably recommend a lot of people not

To pick up the iphone 12 is if you already have an existing iphone that's like past an iphone 10 so if you have an iphone 10 or newer there's really not a crazy big difference in the performance or smoothness factor now for sure when it comes down to it for the individual iphone 12 we're not talking about the 12 pro it's a good phone it's faster than a lot of other phones that i've tested including the iphone 10 10s and 11 and 11 pro but i don't think

It's a crazy big upgrade that apple was kind of exclamating at their whole entire event they made it seem like the a14 chip and the four gigs around whatever that it was going to be a crazy crazy fast phone and it definitely is a fast phone and it's definitely a smooth phone but so was the iphone 11 pro and the iphone 11 those phones were still extremely fast and smooth and even a phone like an iphone 10r is still fairly fast for the most part and it's still extremely smooth i don't really have any problems

And when it comes down to the performance like app opening and playing the games and stuff that was perfectly fine and faster on the iphone 12s but the weird thing is the ram management was such a weird experience because sometimes i would be able to have consistent ram management you know for the iphone 12 having four gigs of ram it has the same and if not more ram than a lot of other iphones i tested but sometimes the other iphones with even less ram were able to keep the apps open in the

Background than the iphone 12 so that didn't really make too much sense to me i still don't really understand that too well but it is what it is there's nothing we can really do about it but definitely i would tell you i would not go buy an iphone 12 just because of the performance if you're coming from an iphone 6s or iphone 4 or something like that then obviously you're going to get a better performing phone but you can save some money and just pick up an iphone 11 or even an iphone 10 or 10r and still

Save a bunch of money that way too so that's the very first reason the second thing is honestly like there's not that many crazy different features from the older iphones to the iphone 12s they really didn't add anything crazy besides my opinion 5g i think 5g is a really cool thing and it's better to have it now included as a stock feature for all iphones then have it unincluded later on or something like that i feel like that would be kind of annoying but it is still like kind of weird that they didn't really add

Anything super crazy the only main thing they did was change the body of it and from the iphone 12 they put all that screen on it so that's cool then you can go for it but i still think the ips panel on the iphone 11 was perfectly fine and i don't even think it's that big of a like i think it's a cool thing that they changed the body and stuff but i would have loved to see a bigger battery on this even though it has better battery life from a lot of other iphones i would have loved to see in a bigger

Battery i would love to see you know you know 120 hertz refresh rate and there's just really nothing crazy like input fingerprint sensor different things like that there's still a lot more they could have done with this device and they increased the price for the iphone 12 which is weird so coming from the iphone 11 that was 6.99 this iphone costs 829 so that is very strange they increased the pricing for this thing too and they changed a couple things here and there but still it's like almost the

Exact same phone and i find that very weird i wish they didn't do that now the cameras on both these phones you know the iphone 12 and 12 pro included it's a good improvement but it's nothing crazy you know i compared these to the iphone 11 and i did it to pretty much all the other phones and you really start to see major differences or even like some crazy ones around that iphone 7 series maybe iphone 8 series not even iphone 8 like iphone 7 other than that it's almost the exact same cameras on all of them

Especially if you're looking at the iphone 11 and the iphone 12 almost exactly the same there's a couple subtle differences here and there but they are almost primarily the same camera and the iphone 11 is being sold for 5.99 so the fact that that one is noticeably less expensive than the iphone 12 is just makes the iphone 11 that much better in my opinion so going from the iphone 11 to the iphone 12 camera wise maybe a little bit of an increase in you know just the way the

Camera looks and everything but it's not that big of an increase at all the iphone 10s even the iphone 10 or even the iphone 8 plus all these phones still have pretty good cameras compared to the iphone 12 there's more advantages and more features i guess for the iphone 12 camera but comparing the iphone 11 even the iphone xr camera even the iphone 10s camera to the iphone 12 not that many differences in my opinion now the fourth reason or maybe the fifth one i don't remember the

Repairability of the iphone 12 has actually gone down so probably within the last several phones probably since the iphone 8 it's been pretty hard to replace anything on your iphone but now the iphone 12 is even harder to replace those things specifically the camera which we just talked about so if your camera goes bad or something like that with previous models you were still able to swap out the camera for yourself so if you wanted to go buy a camera online and repair it yourself without going to

The apple store you could have done it without too many problems as long as you connected everything properly and everything now on the iphone 12 in this case that's not really the you know case in this position because when you swap out the camera i fixed it actually you mentioned they said some things fail sometimes the ultrawide sensor doesn't work all those different things like and it's just something i don't want to deal with and i don't want anybody else to deal with so if you plan on getting this phone

Just know the repair ability of you know self repairing this phone isn't really going to be good or at the same quality as something like the iphone 11 or iphone 10s or especially something like an iphone 6s or iphone 7. so those are another thing to keep in mind of course screen repairs and stuff i don't know how those are going to work i'm sure face id and stuff are still going to be broken but parts and everything to repair this phone are still going to be expensive

For the time being so that's another thing to keep in mind now the last thing i want to hit on is the price difference there's not that big of a price difference between the iphone 12 and the iphone 12 pro and if you have to go buy a brand new phone the iphone 12 pro brand new is 9.99 the iphone 12 brand new is 829 so again when you think about it like that it just kind of makes more sense to buy an iphone 12 pro if you have to buy a brand new phone

You might as well kind of just pull extra money together and just buy an iphone 12 pro that phone will probably get you more in the long run and you know it's a better phone it's a better feeling phone it's more expensive it's a better phone overall but i would still probably recommend buying an iphone 12 pro over an iphone 12 just because of that additional camera lens as well as the you know better performance the lidar sensor and just the way it feels it feels so much

Better and you're getting an extra 64 gigs of ram for the base model so if you're getting the base model of the iphone 12 and the base model the iphone 12 pro you're getting twice the amount of storage so you can actually kind of save money if you're getting the 256 iphone 12 you may see if you're okay with 128 gigs and just get the iphone 12 pro so that's another thing i would probably recommend a lot of people doing so that really pretty much covers it up if you guys have any other questions or

Anything let me know in the comment section below i guess i have like one more thing i wanted to hit on before i go and end this off the iphone 12 in my opinion like i stated before one of the bigger features of it was the magsafe capability and i guess this is like a sixth or seventh reason so like a bonus reason for you guys one of the problems with the max since i've seen it and since i've even been using it is that scratches can sometimes appear

On the back side of the phone now not only can happen on the back side of the phone but it can actually happen on cases as well and this can be really really annoying on the apple watches i saw scratches on the back of my apple watch because of the charger but the craziest thing is is that that charger is actually indented on the back so when you put it on it actually you know kind of molds to the back of the apple watch for the iphone 12 that is not the case it's

A flat display it's a flat back so it's not just doesn't have a curve to it so it's going to scratch the back of your phone even more and that was a decent feature for the iphone 12 and 12 pro it's an extra 40 but that can actually cause some pretty serious damage to your device too so that's another big thing in my opinion if you're trying to go get a device you don't want it to get scratched up by something that apple has pushed out as a feature and the craziest thing is apple actually

Stated and they put out a certain thing that said you know this can actually cause scratches on your device so you may want to go and swap out the cases and i recommend everyone who has an iphone 12 to buy a case especially with the maxi capability if you don't want to go and you know risk the chance of having scratches thumb back your device so that's another pretty big thing in my opinion and kind of a con if you're going to be using these type of wireless chargers specifically the

Magsafe capability that's going to actually cause some damage to your device in the long run it's not going to cause any damage for the first day or first week but within months and months and months of using it i'm sure there's going to be a lot of damage to the back your device especially when it comes down to the scratches so that really pretty much covers that up for the most part if you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button now me so much but

Definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does count so me so much if you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything else every single one of you guys hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then bye

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Buy a iPhone 12!

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