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Welcome back everyone time to do another comparison this time around between the iphone 7 and the newly released iphone 12. now both these phones are very different but they both have numerical numbers in them which is pretty much the main similar thing between them the iphone 12 costs 829 to pick up brand new the iphone 7 does not cost 829 anymore this phone came out in 2016 and you can pick up a lot of these things for probably around a hundred dollars to like 120 to maybe even 150 dollars so this one is definitely you know way

Cheaper than the iphone 12 but again these two phones aren't the only ones available there's a lot of phones in between them but let's go and see how both these compare now i'll find the cheapest ones about these link them down in the description you can get them from there and help support the channel at the same time now side by side you can kind of see that the iphone 12 is a bigger phone as i said before in pretty much every single dimension this phone has the same pretty much

Specs or just the same body size as something like an iphone se 2 this one obviously is like the iphone 11 now looking on the front of the iphone 7 we have a 4.7 inch ips panel and it's not a bad panel at all i always said it was actually pretty decent for like the actual type of phone it was at the time and of course nowadays it doesn't really hold up that well the panel itself isn't that bad it's just everything surrounding the panel you have a pretty big top bezel pretty big bottom bezel you have the

Home button though which kind of makes sense for that bottom bezel and other than that i mean it's a good panel for a 2016 phone it doesn't really hold up anymore but to make you guys feel better the iphone se 2 that just came out that everyone kind of likes that thing has pretty much the same exact front as this thing so it's not extremely outdated since apple's still kind of recycling some major parts of it but you can definitely tell when you look at something like the iphone 12

This phone definitely looks much better you have a 6.1 inch super retina xtr oled display and it's definitely a better looking panel in my opinion the viewing angles are great both phones are actually pretty decent viewing angles you have the flat sides on the iphone 12 now 2 which is really cool so it makes it feel a little bit thinner in the hand which is really awesome and i think that's something that's really really cool so definitely for sure at the end of the day the iphone 12

In my opinion is way better in terms of the front than the iphone 7 in terms of the thickness the iphone 7 pretty much is almost kind of the same thickness as the iphone 12 not a crazy amount you know a difference i would say i think the iphone 12 actually looks pretty good for the most part but i think the iphone 7 is the thinner device since the iphone 12 is a little bit thicker it's not really that big of a deal since you have a bigger battery and things like that in the iphone 12

I'll definitely say in terms of thickness the iphone 7 is a little bit thinner but the iphone 12 isn't far off either and you can see on the iphone 12 dual camera setup on the back single camera setup on the iphone 7 a glass back on the iphone 12 that looks and feels really good the iphone 7 has that standard aluminum build which again isn't a crazy big deal they both feel and perform pretty well but i think the iphone 12 here is pretty much the clear winner it definitely looks

Better in my opinion than the iphone 7 the iphone 7 doesn't look ugly but the iphone 12 definitely looks better you're getting better ip certification on the iphone 12 and you're getting pretty much more base storage model this is 32 gigs this is 64 gig so that's another big deal and again the iphone 12 feels like the more premium device the iphone 7 is okay still too now in terms of software the iphone 12 i mean is totally going to outlast the iphone 7 by a ton the iphone 7 you know started off in

2016 it's probably going to be getting ios 15 as some people actually reported the other day but the iphone 12 is going to be lasting for so many years now and i've said this before and i'll say it again most people will probably end up updating their iphone 12 before it even gets done with software i mean even you look at the iphone 7 how many people are still rocking the iphone 7. i'm sure there's quite a few out there who are watching these videos but i think as a whole most people are already on an iphone 10

Or above on that like face id craze and the iphone 7 is still supporting i don't really see that many people using this phone so that kind of goes to show that the iphone 12 will definitely last probably in my opinion way longer than the iphone 7. now i'll go ahead and do a speed comparison between these two phones too the iphone 7 has that apple a10 fusion chip inside of it with two gigabytes of ram the iphone 12 has that apple a14 bionic chip inside of it with four gigabytes of

Ram so let's go and see which one is the faster phone between both of these now that we're back let me go and clear the apps in the background and i think they're pretty much already cleared out so let's go and get into it let's do phone calls three two one and the iphone 12 again uh pretty much noticeably faster already into music 321 and again the iphone 12 seems to be a little bit faster but it did take a second to get into that specific panel we can go and load up a webpage let's go ahead and do something like apple.com321 and both did take a minute i think the

Iphone 12 was the fastest one there not by a crazy amount but i would still say it was faster overall now i guess i can get into the app store three two one and animations and just the app opening speeds seem far better on the iphone 12 as well scrolling through you can see that the iphone 12 i think actually looks unnoticeably smoother and faster than the iphone 7. you guys will probably be able to tell that over the camera that's something i was not expecting so that was very

Interesting so that really pretty much covers up those ones let me go and hit on these third party apps that i did let's do facebook three two one and both of them seem kind of the same right there let's do temple run two three two one and you can see the iphone 12 is definitely faster than the iphone 7. it's definitely taking its time right here and as you can see the iphone 12 was way ahead of the iphone 7. that was definitely something that was very very interesting and you can see

The iphone 7 eventually got into it but for sure the iphone 12 is faster there it needs to some gameplay let's see if there's a difference and i don't think there's going to be a difference but i could be totally wrong and they both seem pretty much the same in terms of gameplay a little bit more glitching i noticed with the person on the iphone 7 and other than that they look pretty much the same let's do bofa three two one again the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 a bit behind i don't want to say it's a crazy amount but that was a

Pretty big difference right there let's do quizlet three two one and the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 shortly behind netflix three two one and the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 again shortly behind snake versus blocks three two one and the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 is shortly behind there too it needs some gameplay you can see pretty much the same type of thing it did glitch up a little bit on the iphone 12 there which is very weird i wasn't expecting that

Other than that they seem pretty much the same right there too let's do thank you three two one and you can see again the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 definitely behind it eventually gets into it but there was that was a pretty big difference if you ask me let's go and kind of scroll through right here and they both seem kind of the same there too stack three two one and again faster on the iphone 12 iphone 7 shortly behind there

Let's do fruit ninja three two one now it's probably gonna mess up on both because fruit ninja has been having these really weird updates so i don't even feel like hitting on it okay it's loading here and eventually we might get into it on the iphone 7. we did get this little pop-up that i've been through 30 000 times and i don't understand this i don't know why there's so many pop-ups but the iphone 12 i feel like would have been faster anyway so pretty much covers that new paper io2 321

And the iphone 12 is faster iphone 7 shortly behind there definitely a pretty big difference there in terms of gameplay you're probably able to see that the iphone 12 would have been faster anyway and i mean to kind of sum up this video i mean that really pretty much answers everything i wanted to hit on it pretty much you know the iphone 12 is the faster phone when it comes down to it but if you have the iphone 7 i don't think it's a horrible performing phone and it's really probably tough to see something like an iphone 7

And you know see it compared to the iphone 12 and you know make yourself feel bad like oh my god my phone is so old or whatever but i really don't think that's the case i think the iphone 7 if you made it last this long and if it's like your only option then i think it's okay ram management seems like about the same on both which is very weird i think the iphone 7 is still a pretty smooth phone for the most part and i don't know why the iphone 12 and the iphone 7 are restoring the same apps

The iphone 12 should be better here and i feel like that's the biggest problem with the iphone 12 would definitely be in the ram management for some reason it has twice the amount of ram as the iphone 7 but they're restoring the same amount of apps and i don't even have those many apps in the background like i have a couple of them but as you can see they're both restarting the same time i don't really understand that that really doesn't make any sense to me so i think ram management wise they're

Probably about the same but speed and performance wise the iphone 12 is probably the winner here so in terms of performance that pretty much covers it up i'll probably do a full one here soon but let's go ahead on the cameras dual camera setup on the iphone 12 single camera setup on the iphone 7 at 12 megapixel wide angle lens a 12 megapixel wide angle lens on the iphone 12 with the ultra right sensor which is really cool 12 megapixel sensor there too now in terms of the uis on both you can

See that they have not the same features for sure because the iphone 12 has more features with portrait mode night mode 4k at 60 and all that you can only do 4k 30 on the back of the iphone 7's camera but on top of that the front facing cameras are a little bit different you can only do 1080p on the front camera the iphone 7 1080p at 30 or you can do 4k 60 on the front camera of the iphone 12 and that's a really big difference in my opinion now i did already do a camera comparison between these two but i don't

Know when i'm uploading that so it's probably not gonna be for a while but i saw that the iphone 7's camera is like okay if you're in really good lighting conditions but once you get to darker conditions and you're just looking at the raw photos it really doesn't look too good and now you can always add filters and you know edit the photo afterwards but i think the iphone 12 camera here for sure is the winner by far not only do you have a better looking lens in my opinion you have that

Ultrawide sensor which is really cool you have that 4k 60 on the back camera and 4k 60 on the front camera as well and i use the back camera a lot of times but i use the front camera more in my opinion and this is a perfect case where i'd rather have a better front facing camera than a back camera and this one is definitely you know the iphone 12 has better both cameras than the iphone 7 so i don't think the iphone 7 camera is bad but definitely compared to the iphone 12 the iphone 7's camera is

Far more dated than the iphone 12s in my opinion now ending it off with the battery life i did already do a battery comparison between these two and again i don't know when that's uploading but i saw that the iphone 12 had a noticeably better battery life than the iphone 7 the iphone 12 was able to last several more hours than the iphone 7 or the screen on time playing games and videos and watching that stuff that was definitely a bigger and better difference i think the iphone 12 definitely won their iphone 7 a lot i think it died

Within like a two three hours and the iphone 12 still didn't die yet so in terms of everything it's a kind of sum of this whole entire video you know should you pick up the iphone 12 should you keep your iphone 7 what i can tell you is is that for sure if you have the money go for the iphone 12. if you're currently an owner of an iphone 7 there's there's just so much more on the iphone 12 you're getting a better camera setup better screen better build quality you know more storage for the base model

Unless you have like a 256 model of the iphone 7 better performance the really the main weird things is kind of like the iphone 7 is about the same ram management as the iphone 12 even though this one has twice the amount of ram i don't know if that's a software issue but i still think the iphone 7 is good enough for a lot of people you know you're getting a pretty decent build quality you're getting ios support day one at the same time an iphone 12 gets an update for the next couple years

The iphone 7 is going to get updates too as long as this one's still supported pretty okay camera pretty okay performance um with it being a 2016 phone i do understand that and i give this one the benefit of the doubt a little bit you're getting better battery life on the iphone 12 and it's just a better phone overall but i still think like i said before these two phones aren't the only ones available there are tons of phones in between these going from an iphone 7 to an iphone 10r

I also think that's a pretty big difference as well so if you want to pick up an iphone 10r i'll also link one down below but that's also another option that you have and you can pick up those brand new from apple for 499 dollars at the apple store the iphone 11 is also available for sell you can pick up an iphone 11 for 5.99 and i mean that's cheaper than this one at 829 and you're getting a lot of phone in that specific device too so like i said these two phones are the

Only ones available if you have the money definitely going to the iphone 12 is a really good upgrade going from the iphone 7 to the iphone 10 or iphone 11 are also a really good upgrade as well and you can save some money if you'd rather pick up those devices i'll go ahead and leave those linked down below too like i stated before but that's really pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section as well

Hit the like button tell me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount sue me so much if you guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then you


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