How To Prepare Your Mac For macOS Big Sur // MacPaw CleanMyMac X

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What kind of digicam did you use? That is a really good superior quality.

So you can see it already found 89.15 gigabytes hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm going to be showing you guys how to get your mac ready for the mac os big sur update so we're gonna update our computer we're gonna clean our computer and then we're gonna back it up so we're all set and ready to go this video is sponsored by clean my mac x it's the software we'll be using to get our mac all set and ready to go for that big sir update

I'm really excited about that there's gonna be some great tweaks and changes with the coming updates you wanna make sure that your mac is all set and ready to go you can download the clean my mac x software below they have a free version and a paid version be sure to take advantage of those links below now let's go ahead let's get our mac set up so we got our mac fired up sometimes you may have a notification up here letting you know that it's time to update your mac go ahead obviously if you have one of those

Proceed with the update from there in this case though let's go over to the apple select about this mac and let's go over to software update now you can see we do have an update available for us right here let's go ahead let's select update now and once it's selected you can see we're prompted we're gonna have to restart our mac so let's go ahead let's do that as well and there we go our mac's gonna restart so now you can see our mac is up to date

With the latest version of mac os catalina so we're ready to go to the next step which is to clean up our mac so go ahead open up clean my mac x there's free software you can download i'll link to that version and a paid version if you want i'm really happy with it guys it's an awesome piece of software to help just keep your computer organized and de-cluttered from junk files and it gives you some virus protection as well too so you can see the really easy to navigate and use interface right here so super simple and

Straightforward and then you can just go ahead you don't even worry about that stuff you can just select scan and it's going to scan our system for us it's going through three processes right here clean up protection and speed so you can see it already found 89.15 gigabytes we have our protection showing that it's okay no threats are found in three speed options to increase performance let's go ahead let's select run now so you can see we need to quit

All of our tabs let's go ahead let's do that and it's gonna ask us to use a new helper tool let's go ahead and let's get that ready to go too so there we go let's install the helper and you can see it's removing our trash system junk right here it's got a couple more options for us you can see most of this was system trash so i hadn't emptied the trash in a while but we still have some junk files right here too and it's freeing up some ram for us

There we go it opened google chrome for us again which is nice but that's it guys that simple we can view the log down here too want to see more details and we can also run a deep scan if we're concerned about any viruses or threats that's it guys it's so simple to use anybody can do it and it's going to give you some great performance boosts and breathe a little bit of new life into your computer now let's go ahead let's back it up and get ready for that next

Update so now that our mac mini's clean thanks to the clean my mac x software we're ready to go ahead and conduct our system backup so go ahead select system preferences right here then select time machine you'll be at this screen where we can select our backup disk in this case we want to use the my passport disk you may be prompted to format it here go ahead and proceed with that just be aware that it will erase all of your data

Then you can see we can automatically back it up right here or we can turn that off so you can see it's off now if we turn it back on it will start backing up today at 10 48 p.m so you can see we have that option or you can choose this box down here select the check to show time machine in the menu bar so there it is in the menu bar you can select that and we can manually back it up right now or enter time machine so you have those

Options too you have more features down here if you select options you can choose to exclude certain files in applications if you want or you can back up everything which is what we'll be doing so that's it guys it's set up it's all ready to go to create our first backup for us at that time or again if you want to execute it right now you can just by selecting that and back up now and that's it it's all set and ready to go so now

We're good guys we're all ready to download big sur when it becomes available so just remember when it does become available just go up here if you're not prompted already and you can just select about this mac and then software updates and you can update to big sur when it's ready and available to the public well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead

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How To Prepare Your Mac For macOS Big Sur // MacPaw CleanMyMac X

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