EnGenius ESR530 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Review | Mesh Router Setup

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Now it's going to work on connecting to the internet there we go we are successfully connected hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm going to be unboxing and reviewing the ingenious smartmesh router i did receive this product to review but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product or you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it comes packaged to you right here in a very nice and simple

Retail box going over some of the features on the back then we have a lot of your tech specs right there for you this is a two pack they also have a one pack version of it online the model number is esr530 and this one's dash two pack so i also reviewed other ingenious products on my channel be sure to go ahead and check out some of those previous videos now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first off we have your quick start guiderd here

Walking us through how to set up the next generation of wi-fi by downloading the nmesh app for ios and android devices they also have some n-file app instructions too for easy file sharing then some important fcc and technical statements on the back for you next you can see we have two identical power supplies one for each unit two mounting hardware kits two screws and two wall anchors then we have one cat5e cable and then we have both of our units right here you can see they're identical

To each other says ingenious on the front with their branding we have an indicator light we can look at it from the bottom side too we have a qr code with our wi-fi ssid right there all information easily accessible for you then you can see on the bottom we got our power port our dc plug port we have our wan gigabit and our lan gigabit and a usb 2.0 port as well you can see how they're flush with the base and we have a spot right here for our cables to come in

But still allowing us to have that nice flush mount wherever we want to attach these on a wall or ceiling or anything along those lines and again we can look at the second one it is identical as well with their logo and branding right there our indicator light you can see the backside too with our qr code with our network information our mounting slots three feet as well too for a nice grip on a flat surface and you can see our power port we have

Our wan and our lan both gigabit and usb 2.0 right there now let's go ahead let's get the app downloaded and let's set these up so now i got everything set up and ready to go first you can see we have one unit with our ethernet cable plugged into the weigh-in port that's clearly marked blue for you obviously we have our power cord plugged into then we have our second unit right here off to the side nothing plugged in we're not going to need any cables plugged in besides

The power supply for the second unit so we have the end mesh downloaded this is the screen you'll be at once you download it and open it up so you can see we do not currently have an account so let's go ahead at the very bottom says create new mesh network click wizard so go ahead select that they're showing you what you need the mesh router ethernet cable power cord connect it from your modem to the router which is what we did using that blue wan port that's clearly marked for you

Then go ahead have it power up and then wait for it to go from white to orange so currently we have the orange blinking light right now so go ahead select orange now we need to give it some additional permissions now we need to scan the qr code so let's select next the qr code's at the bottom so go ahead just line it up there we go we just scanned the device now we'll wait for it there we go wants to join the network select join it's working on connecting for us

All right the connection was successful right here now we can go ahead and see that it's doing the orange short flashes for us now select next now we need to name our router let's go ahead let's just leave it let's do studio for now select next we need to select our country usa next now it's going to work on connecting to the internet there we go we are successfully connected select next now we need to create an endmesh account here so go ahead enter

Your own username and password and then select next now you can set up and change the wi-fi ssid right here if you want i'm going to go ahead and leave it as it already is then select next now there's one final check right here showing you the name the ssid the password our username and password as well you can screenshot your info very quickly which is cool so that's awesome we just took a screen grab and we can go ahead and select save and

Apply and now it's finishing setting it up for us so there we go we're all set and ready to go at this step we can connect to end mesh now or we can add more devices let's go ahead let's select add more devices so first up they show you again what you need to add more devices our mesh device and a power cord then the next step we got to power it up and then we can discover more devices within around 9.84 feet of one another during

Setup and now we need to go ahead and select the devices right here so the device will show up with bluetooth id or the ingenious sn on the list so let's make sure there we go it's showing up right there all by itself with bluetooth which is really cool select next there we go the mesh wi-fi pairing was a success it took around a minute or so for that to work from one percent all the way up to 100 percent now we can select

Next and it says we're all set and we can easily add more devices if we want in the future depending on the layout of your home and how much area you're trying to cover and to get additional signal strength in your house building office that sort of thing so let's go ahead let's select you're all set because we only have two devices today so there we go now we can go ahead it's going to log us right into the app automatically so let's go ahead let's

Check out some of the end mesh at settings so first up in the top right hand corner we're going to select the information icon this will walk us through connection information and our led indicator light statuses so white is a stable connection orange is spotty and red is disconnected make sure the devices are within 10 meters or 30 feet of each other then we can go back out from our dashboard you can see in the top left hand corner we have more options to go through wi-fi

Devices parental controls settings diagnosis advanced about and log out we can also see our app version at the very bottom if you select advanced that'll take you to web page to view additional advanced settings then we can look at our main settings right here once we select that you can see and mesh account system info internet we can upgrade our firmware date and time country code and language right there then we can see most of those settings

Right from our dashboard and easily click on them so first up we got wi-fi right here we can see our primary and our guest network we can also view advanced settings so 2.4 and 5 gigahertz right there and we can go back then we can look at diagnosis we can run internet speed tests you can see our results from earlier today and then mesh speed tests so that's a speed test from the mesh nodes to the master unit you can see the results that we got

Right there and we can go back we can look at our devices to manage them so first up we have the studio device selected you can see one client my iphone's currently on it we can select the settings gear icon that'll take us to more options right here to control the led indicator we can restart the device factory reset it same for the additional devices we have connected to and you can see this device is actually telling us

It's too close with that info icon distance between devices optimum range is green too far is orange so that's nice that we can see those settings we can also access more settings for that device too right here same as the other one we can restart it factory reset it at this stage too we can also select the plus icon in the top right hand corner to add more devices in the future as we build out our mesh network and we go back to the dashboard to view

Parental controls you can see the individual users right now you can see the options right here we can set rules right there for that user yes as well we have an edit icon right here so you can see what we can do and then we have a plus icon so we can create a group if we want with some users and then you can also see at the bottom we have our rules list so we can add a new rule we can name it give it a weekly schedule

Days of the week time periods as well and then we can filter stuff on the web social media so you can see right there search engines video media custom urls so you have a lot of options to set up some pretty restrictive parental controls if you want and then you can see our internet speed test right there and our connection status so now let's go ahead let's conduct another speed test so for the speed test i conducted it connected to the ingenious wi-fi

Network that we set up using the meteor app and you can see the results that we got right here so awesome download upload and ping scores and it's going to work great with all of the popular apps you would use online today but to give you guys a point of reference i also ran that same test again on the meteor app with my current home network and you can see the results right here so definitely a pretty big difference

Between the two it's all awesome across the board for both of them which is good news so any of your basic web browsing video viewing streaming that sort of thing not gonna have any issues but i did see a pretty substantial change in all of those scores with the ingenious network setup coming out of this device both plugged in to the exact same modem so keep that in mind that's the speed test results that i was receiving with my home network in this device

Plugged into it so i think it's really good and i'm very happy with it so overall guys i think it's a very simple device to set up and operate i love the plug and play functionality just download the free app for ios and android devices plug in the network cable and the power supply and you're all set and ready to go it can get overwhelming with a lot of the technical features and jargon that you can change in these router setups but i think they do a really good job making it very

Simple giving you the basic information first like changing the network name password turning on a guest network that sort of thing but not having to dive into too many of the actual technical details unless you want to visit the web page under the advanced setting to really tweak this to your networking preferences i think it does a good job i'm happy with the results that i'm seeing here in my house so i have a detached garage separate from my house

And currently with my home network i don't get any signal strength out there but since now i have this setup one in my studio and the other unit is up in my hallway that's you know one room over from the closest room to my detached garage which is about 30 40 feet away from my house i put that in the hallway there and guess what i have two wi-fi bars out there and i can use the internet just fine so this really has a great range even with just two devices set up i can't imagine how much

Better it would be with three or four so if you have a big house you know a lot of walls doors obstructions that sort of thing dead spots in your house a mesh system is going to be a great addition to help you alleviate any of those dead spots so overall very great design i love how it looks in the future the only upgrade i think i'd want to see is a poe version i really wish they had a poe version so you just have to have one cable plugged in

And not have to worry about the power supply because i'm thinking for myself oh in my new house i want to run this you know maybe through my attic mounted on the ceiling well then i got to have a power source up there as well too where if i just had to run one network cable you know just be so much easier kind of like poe security cameras i'm a little bit biased but i love the poe technology so that's what i'd like to see change from this in the future but

Overall i'm impressed it's very plug and play and easy to set up well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link help support our channel at no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while you're at it can you go ahead and hit that like button for us and subscribe to our channel we have new

Content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep facebook twitter instagram twitch tick tock discord you can message us on wechat check out our website and join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video


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