UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds // TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Review

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We got our little handy-dandy spray bottle here and we'll kind of replicate you know some sweat a little bit of rain hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm gonna be unboxing and reviewing the ugreen high tune wireless earbuds i did get these earbuds sent to me to review but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product or you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below while you're at it check out my other

Ugreen product review videos i'm a big fan of their usb extension cables i found them myself from doing research on amazon and since those videos have been pretty successful they have now reached out to me to start working together which is very very exciting because i really like their products so i have high expectations for these earbuds anyways the link to this is below if you're interested you can see how it comes packaged to you right here in a very nice

And simple retail box we can learn right from the packaging it's bluetooth 5.0 nine hours of battery life we get an additional 18 hours with the built-in charging case we have smart touch controls mono and stereo modes and a qualcomm chipset now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first up we have your user guide and manual right here complete with full setup instructions and controls in multiple languages then you can see we have a usb charging

Cable right here usb type a to usb type c that plugs directly into the charging and storage case this does feature quick charging technology so 15 minutes of charging gets you two hours of battery life they also include additional earbud tips for you depending on the size and shape of your ear so everybody can get the right fit and then we have the earbuds themselves so you can see we have the you green logo and branding right on the top of the case three indicator lights on the side and a

Lit for our finger to open the case up to reveal the earbuds in there so they look really cool then we can look at the bottom side too and the other side so the back side of the case you can see the usb type c charging port then we can look at it from the right side and the left side as well so very slim design nice case when you open it up it does reveal both earbuds so we can go ahead we can take them out be sure to remove those strips from the charging contacts before you so they will charge back up

As well then you can see our touch control button right here so just a nice touch panel with the ugreen logo on it clearly marked for you left and right so we have our right earbud and our left earbud with the marking under the tape for us and then you can see we can remove the tips if we want very simple we can swap them out with another size so very simple and straightforward to set everything up they look great very small and compact

Truly wireless now let's go ahead let's look at the controls so the controls are very simple and straightforward the earbuds turn on and off automatically so take them out of the charging case for them to automatically power on and put them back in the charging case for them to automatically shut off in regards to music playback and settings go ahead single tap either the left or right earbud to play or pause double tap either the left or right earbud to go to the next track

And triple tap either the left or right earbud to go to the previous track then if you're making calls single tap to answer or end a call on the left or right earbud and long press the touchpad for two seconds to reject a call and then in regards to voice assistant control hold down the left or right earbud touchpad for two seconds that will activate your voice assistance right there they also have factory reset options for you too if you

Run into any issues so be sure to refer to the user guide in manual they also show you how to do mono mode as well basically just take one of the earbuds out that you want to listen to and then follow the bluetooth pairing instructions they also have an indicator light on the side of the case that we pointed out earlier for the battery level so if you have three lights on that's 100 2 lights 66 in one light 33 so it's time to go ahead and get ready to start charging it up

Now let's go ahead let's try them out all right so now you can see i have the earbuds installed in my ears very simple guys they have a good fit and feel to them as well they just go right into your ear no issues at all they do have some passive noise canceling just because they're acting like earplugs when you're wearing them so that's nice too i always like the style of earbuds a little bit better than headphones just personally so they

Fit great i'm very happy we can conduct a mild shake test so last time i did the shake test i was sore for a couple of days so we can shake our head we can move around we can bounce around so you can see that they're not going to fall out if we wanted to use these while we're working out so so far so good want to show you too they do connect to any bluetooth device they're bluetooth 5.0 but they are backwards compatible with any device so you can see we connected to you green

High tune right there on the screen and we have 100 battery life right out of the box i want to point out too if you just want to connect to the right earbud it's you green high tune with a dash r so if you want to connect to them individually you'll be able to do that as well if you just take one out of the case so no issues at all there with bluetooth now let's go ahead let's actually try them out and listen to some music all right so i just streamed back some

Music and i gotta say everything sounds really good very clear really crisp at this price point i think the sound quality is on point i wish you could be here right next to me in the studio trying them out for yourself but i gotta say no issues at all with streaming using the spotify app anything like that with our smartphone everything was clear lag free and nothing off sync out of sync or anything along those lines and the sound was rich and full i'm gonna go ahead i'm gonna try to play

Some music through my microphone right here with the earbuds at max volume so maybe just maybe you guys can hear a little bit of it so let's go ahead let's do that right now so i'm playing some music but hopefully you can hear a little bit of it a lot of bass and treble coming out of these earbuds so not the best sample but there's not much i can do you'll just have to trust me on the quality for these earbuds if you already have these earbuds let me

Know in that comment section below what you think about them for yourselves i'd love to hear from you guys and i really value your input now let's go ahead let's conduct our decibel test so here we go i have a decibel meter right here we're going to change it to the max setting so we can see the maximum decibel reading that we pick up from the earbuds at max volume for a specific song now this can change song by song so just keep that in mind some songs are quieter and some songs

Are louder so we're just gonna do this for a specific song but what's fun is you can replicate this test at home with your current earbuds or headphones so go ahead download a free decibel meter app if you don't have a dedicated tool like i do and then go ahead open up spotify apple music youtube whatever look for the song one margarita by luke bryan so get your decibel meter ready have your earbuds and headphones ready at max volume play the song one margarita by luke

Bryan and see what the max decibel readout and reading that you get is and let's compare them so i'm going to go ahead i'm going to do that right now so the max reading i got was 84.9 decibels for the luke bryan one margarita song let me know what you got in that comment section below now let's go ahead let's test out the video streaming quality so i just streamed back some video and everything works great there were no off sync issues

Nothing was delayed or anything along those lines now let's go ahead let's try out the built-in mic quality all right guys so here's your raw unedited audio test of the built-in microphone for the ugreen high tune wireless earbuds this is exactly what it's going to sound like when you make or take phone calls so we'll clap make some noise in the background too did you guys get a feel for what it's like maybe in a more realistic environment with some background noises and things going on just for fun we can

Cover our ears in the front we can cover them completely and keep talking then we can kind of just cover the back side go around like that we can take the left ear but bring it all the way around out in front of us and all the way behind us to see how everything sounds we can put it back in we can do the same thing with the right earbud bring it all the way out in front of us and let's bring it all the way back behind us so there we go we are testing out the

Built-in microphones for the ugreen high tune wireless earbuds this has been your raw unedited mic so after listening back to the mic test audio myself i gotta say it actually sounds really good that's definitely what you can expect from earbuds at this price point typically when i review earbuds like these the microphone sounds like that or usually a little bit worse in quality so these are definitely on track to be where they're supposed to

Be given the price that you'll pay for them so now let's conduct our last test these are actually ipx5 rated which basically means they're just rated for sweat or the rain so don't submerge these in water don't take them in the shower but i thought it would be fun that we'll go ahead we'll get them wet and then we'll try to play some music so let's go ahead we got our little handy dandy spray bottle here and we'll kind of replicate you know some sweat a little bit of rain

If you're running with these outdoors again you're not going to want to submerge them but here we go we have them all set let's pull up another song and let's listen in all right i got it pulled up it is playing music right now let's get the earbuds put into our ears touch controls still work too no issues both earbuds work just fine and i'm actually impressed that the touch panel is still responsive even with them being damp

From our water test so everything works great if these happen to get wet because you're really sweaty while working out or running or jogging in the rain so here are my final thoughts on the eugreen wireless earbuds i think they're very affordable and a good value they give you a lot of features you come to expect in 2020 like usb type c charging we have quick charging as well 15 minutes for up to two hours of battery life bluetooth 5.0 a charging case they're truly

Wireless earbuds which is nice they play music just fine they play videos just fine no sync leg issues or anything like that so they got really good performance the sound quality is nice the microphone's decent so they're just jam-packed full of a lot of great features did i mention their ipx5 rated so that's nice too if you want to work out with these in the rain or you're really sweaty you don't have to worry about ruining your earbuds nice compact form in size too fits in your hand

Pocket gym bag very easily i just think it's a good pair of budget wireless earbuds in the future though there is one feature i'd like to see added that would be volume controls with the touch buttons there are no volume commands that you can issue to turn it up you will have to get your phone out and manually do it that can be pretty disruptive to a run or a workout again not the end of the world but it would be nice to have those controls right from the earbuds

Maybe even some wireless charging in the future that would be cool but again i know that kind of changes the product category so it's trying to be you know a good pair of budget earbuds and i think they do a nice job and give you plenty of good features to justify the price point well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase

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UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds // TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Review

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