Reacting to Galaxy Unpacked 2020: Live! (Galaxy Note20, Z Fold2, Tab S7, and More)

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I adore the colours.

Oh moving louder oh all right can y'all hear me think let me turn on my phone real quick see if i can hear myself um let's see here not seeing nothing yet on my end how about y'all can y'all hear me i can't even hear myself from my phone okay there we go i can't hear myself cool all right man

Yeah let me stop that all right um what is good y'all i woke up um pretty early for this so it better be worth it um but what's going on check i can finally hear stuff now let's pull up the chat real quick on this it looks like it's finally starting here and i finally got this last movie um let's see here this is taking forever um you know what as i i could just pull up the live chat here

On my phone but yeah sorry about that y'all it looks like my pc was giving me like performance issues it was so weird she was really annoying right now i'm trying to see what's up um okay looks like mine oh wait a second i know what i can do it looks like the thing is kind of cut off here so you know what we're gonna do we're gonna go over here let's think start giving me performance issues um we're gonna kiss 1920 by 1920×1080

Let's go here and change that to 1920×1080 um okay man what is going on with this thing okay there we go there we go finally it's about time all right now let's go back to this unpacked thing real quick and nothing's going on there yet all right then now i promise y'all i tried to prepare prepare for this in advance but it just didn't work out for me as usual so now we're going to go ahead and

Change the camera here and it should start working here okay then yeah that's the camera i want all right there we go still giving me those stupid performance issues um let me look at the chat now um let's see what processor you got in the pc let me show you the specs real quick like i said this is the galaxy but flex i don't get why i keep freezing like this of course it wants to freeze when i want to go when i want to go live

But it wasn't when i tested this um what was it yesterday let me show you the specs can you hear the the pc the um actual live stream okay you can yeah you see this right now right literally doing nothing and there we go here's the about for you so here's my processor intel core i7 i think it's just a problem with samsung it's got to be that the thing just keeps freezing up for whatever reason

Now i got another pc still but the thing is i got to go set that up that's the problem but uh yes yeah it looks like it's freezing in i literally don't know what to do at this point look it's starting right now literally starting right now wow all right let's let's go here in the full screen let's see here if uh we can get something out of this yep it's frozen again sorry about this y'all i literally don't know what's going on with this thing

Today okay so it looks like my thing is moving this is going to be a virtual event by the way so this isn't going to be like a regular samsung live stream this is there because obviously covet so but it looks like it's working for not for uh fine for now i guess this stream's actually started right now um yeah it looks like we well this is awkward all right let's look at these comments here um oh yeah by the way i forgot to

Show y'all oh it's starting yeah build up the hype because it look see now works when the actual stream starts can't wait for anything yes sir let's do this look at this all right so i got the fold right here so i'll do some comparisons with that hopefully and then i got my z-flip i got my galaxy blood to my ear right now so i'm ready let's just hope this doesn't just

Keep randomly freezing for me but does this audio sound fine and everything who's this oh look at all the virtual people good afternoon or good evening welcome to the galaxy unpacked 2020 i'm federico casallego live from korea and i'm honored to be your host for this event and i hope you enjoyed that stunning opening with ar we are proud to share the mobile experiences we have

Reinvented for you at samsung we always push the limits of innovations and we constantly reinvent products and experiences this time we also reinvented our event so you can enjoy the impact from the comfort and safety of your home or office so even if you're physically apart we are together connected by a shared passion for innovation technology and beautiful design thank you for joining us and we are also

Excited to welcome our asanso members from all around the world as galaxy users and ambassadors you provide valuable insights and inspiration thank you and let's have some fun let's do this oh man of hype it is samsung has always focused on meaningful innovations that make your lives better my role at samsung is to understand the different ways we all live work and play and then design and

Deliver cutting-edge experiences keeping people at the very center of everything we do our focus is on authentic human experiences through meaningful innovations and we will show you what that looks like shortly today the work has changed so unpredictable and we cannot simply continue like in the past we must redesign a different better future together and samsung is ready to lead

This transition to the next normal that's the commitment that underline our vision and on that note it is my great pleasure to introduce you to tm raw present and head of samsung mobile and the driving force behind our vision please join me in welcoming tm to the stage i don't know if i like him he got like a blue leg version of dj oh i got the pixel um pixel 4a here too by the way hello and welcome to galaxy homepage you know for many years everyone in

Technology has promised to change the world sometimes it's easy to forget that the opposite can happen the world can change us over the last six months since we met in san francisco so much has changed these are extraordinary times and we are facing extraordinary challenges so they're just saying that the only time ever hit a bump in the load is when you are moving forward the first ride the harder the bump there's only one thing to do when that

Happens keep pushing the pattern to the matter embrace the next normal we know these are challenging times and people are depending on technology everything more than they ever have people technology can help empower you in these times of adversity so then you can live every moment to the fullest today we are announcing the most powerful devices we've ever created that's the design different just what is possible they are poor and beautiful

I really don't know yet we have to see now is that we all need the debt or is that the galaxy it's this event we open like to talk about technical specs everything's good improv i'm an engineer so trust me i would love to do that and you hear a lot more on that topic but we should always remember just in case what we do at samsung innovation has always been in our dna and we don't just innovate

Cutting edge tests we innovate experiences we build our ecosystem in support of how you live your life galaxy watch our mission through intelligent connections so then you can talk to your parents and friends whether separated by an ocean or by a pane of glass to keep your galaxy even when they can't go to school it's like i got up there to support a healthy lifestyle when we all need it most

Maybe even to help you play another game and you should be working hard i also got every morning when i wake up and every night when i go to bed how can we create innovations that truly matter oh this is so weird and services we are proud to announce some of those innovations today a smart watch yes manager earbuds that let you tune into everything oh this is the galaxy was live right there that lets you maximize personally i'm so excited and i'm very proud to

Announce our new notes yes sir the galaxy note 20 and note 20 ultra mobile phones are so powerful that they work like a computer and play like a gaming concert together they are part of the growing samsung experience forward to the end of the day we are about empowering you so that in these difficult times you can focus on what really matters so then you can work hard so then you can play hard so then you can live be and live

Life to the absolute fullest thank you and enjoy the show yes sir who else is height i'm so hyped you don't even know the beginning of it it looks like it's not freezing anymore which is i'm so glad about it damn truly samsung products has always been developed with the needs of our consumers in mind and that will never change and so today we are excited to introduce five devices to our galaxy ecosystem device number one design with the next

Normal in mind how we work and how we play and while each of these devices are great on their own they are even more powerful as a part of the full samsung galaxy ecosystem samsung member i'm posting so many comments live right now it's hard to follow but i'm so pleased that you share our excitement and i can tell you really want to see the new devices so everyone out there let me start by introducing the all-new galaxy

Note 20 yes but i went to zfo too oh yes yes it's finally here oh green color i didn't expect that one coming oh man look at those cameras look at that color man ah yes yes yes yes just give it to us already well that's my taskbar here okay that's weird hold on let me fix this wow there it is the galaxy note 20. okay there we go

Note users have always been energized by work and inspired by play now that the division between work and play is boring more than ever we need to move fluidly between the two note 20 was designed to meet this need and support us in our daily lives it's a new and improved way to optimize time and maximize efficiency the new galaxy note 2 what do you think about that gradient the note 2 charlie close says the mint green look so everything we do on our phone sees still for cops display is really important

The note 20 has a 6.7 inch screen and the note 20 ultra oh that's why i have a smartphone display yet at 6.9 inches oh okay i see what's going on the display is the most vivid and brightest indoors and outdoors we've seen your testimonies that no matter how you use your smartphone buttery smoothness over 120 hertz display it's really hard to go back yeah we're proud to be with you same experience to the note 20 ultra and considering how much you'll be using it

We're happy to protect the new note with the toughest glass ever on a smartphone the note can keep up with busy multitasking lifestyles it delivers the best of power and the best of productivity note 20 and note 20 ultra have the fastest processors in the galaxy series oh yeah the new standard reaction intelligent battery give you the power i think pretty sure and if you're ever running low you can get more than 50 charged in just 30 minutes that's staying power you can count on

I wonder what's going to go on with the xml first security in hardware and software with samsung knox if you think about everything that we do on our phones processors yeah definitely cameras are an integral part of the smartphone experience for me my gallery has replaced my diary i use pictures to remember where i went and even what i ate i know a lot of you can relate we expect our phones to do a lot and note 20 cameras are designed to live up to these

High expectations they come with one camera on the front and i can't get over this virtual stream ultra wide so weird no audience reaction even when the subject is far away and crisp shots in low light it's the biggest sleep in low light photography in a galaxy and as you can see the bold design is a proud declaration on its own all right look at all this no 20 ultra has it all oh beautiful wide screen for variations an outstanding camera it can come together to deliver a fluid

Experience that opens up new possibilities for work and play when our invite and teaser videos dropped a few weeks ago we were amazed by all the buzz about note 20. these are some of the comments we received look they was listening uh-huh they was listening wow some of you guys guessed a lot of the details we noticed design garnered a lot of interesting things and it looks like mystic bronze will be the must-have

Color we asked our designers to share a sneak peek into their process let's take a look design is one and the one is a combination of everything so they're dropping the actual names in the on the back of the prosthetic process with rational and critical thinking samsung design put consumer that is a huge problem we always try to understand their needs but you know as tony ultra works the process and is we are

Not in the edge of a single genius we believe in democratization of design process no no 20 plus just no no just no 20 and no 2002 which means long-lasting elegance i actually like that better i wish it was just one no 20 and that was it like how it was the note 9 mr bronze was the best color to harmonize with his effect and it is gender fluid and sustainable as well the mystic bronze of note 20 and the note 20 ultra

Look the same feel the same what do y'all think about this is the materials i'm looking at what do y'all think about this for the note 20 ultra we etch the glass to create a satin finish for the note 20 on the other hand we applied a special coating onto reinforced polycarbonate to realize the same look and feel this way within a single series we deliver the values of both premium and pragmatism and adapt ourselves to what are happening in our society because we believe designer is not a

Trend follower but we are culture creators you just saw how passionate our designers are creating products that address the needs of consumers in this fast changing world i love how they keep up with real world changes and the real people who use our products at heart that's what the note is all about our friends at netflix helped us get a glimpse of what life would be like without it busy trying to be it doesn't look like

You are the okay they all look good that blue would have been good though yeah yeah maybe not exactly sure about that i wish they had silvers again though came back and everything like that and um i always want a purple color i love this purple color you can see it here what a delightful waste of time i needed shock i need awe and i needed a pdf because my computer doesn't have work

I can't get to narcos either it's just i don't know articles is just not really my style 2020 is a year of change so far it hasn't been easy that's why we designed the note 20 to empower users and of course this is here to help yes wait did they move the location to the left from the right the s pen defines the note experience our y'all saw that right

I know the thing ain't flipped i know the uh live stream ain't flipped that's what makes sense oh they changed the box too galaxy note and s-pen were born to respond to users needs we knew people would want a large screen smartphone with a pen inside because they are watching more online video than ever before as engineers our job was to realize this vision

Through intensive research and development and so in 2011 tasks of smartphones and the mobile tablet in one device created a new category of family in the early years of its development we wanted to keep satisfying those who say that i like writing with the s pen so our primary goal was to provide a better feel to the writing and achieved improved recognition but if you've been watching how it's

Developed yeah you don't know it's something we got a s pen from my tablet we introduced air view which we also added a translation feature which students really loved and there's action link that turned handwritten notes into action for immediate use but still we received feedback saying i draw a line but it appears too slowly it was a perceptive observation and it gave us a real jolt that's oh

They're going to come out the harmony this is the pen signal processed by the software and then finally drawn on the screen one of many solutions was the ai-based point prediction we had our system analyzed tons of millions of writing and drawing samples much more than before based on this the device predicts the next expected point of the s pen since the predicted point should be closer to the real next point than the last point the process can contribute to decreasing

The latency also thanks to a doubling of the displays refresh rate to 120 hertz the note 20 screen now shows the data from the s pen twice as frequently as the note 10. in the end we reduce the latency to nine milliseconds moving the s pen one step closer to the natural feeling of writing on paper handwriting on a digital screen was not a common thing 10 years ago but now it has become a common experience i think galaxy note

And s pen set a kind of so far for a first time virtual event i think they did they're doing decent so far i'm liking it i just wanna know why they move the s-pen location it is amazing what this pen can do the s-pen has always been an integral part of our galaxy ecosystem and the natural pen experience traveled far beyond note 20. we're entering a new area where the boundaries between work and play

Are fluid and some of us are already there our next device is all about giving you the flexibility you deserve it will help you to be more productive at work but also nourish your passion for play and this is why they wear two mics right all new galaxy tab s7 ah oh i'm so hyped for this oh my god i can't wait to upgrade my tab this is oh it's gonna be dope oh this is gonna go oh it's gonna be so tall

oh man and here it is the tub s7 i'm really excited for you to discover its full potential it represents a substantial leap from the previous generations and here is adrian to tell you more let me know the pressure let's find out together i guess i think they're going to announce surprises at the end of the live stream i suspect that's what they're going to do all around the world people are talking about the new normal

Oh wow this can be a challenge but i'm grateful to have the tools to adapt to the times and focus on what's important to me being home means i decide when to speed up for work and when to slow down for so many time tab s7 makes that possible let me see ultimate productivity device that gives me the power to optimize my personal time it's perfect for me and for anyone else who wants to work and play more efficiently if you get

Has the largest super amoled on a tablet today and remember that ultrasound that's the way i bring it to tablets for the first time tab s7 has the most advanced one among tablets offering brighter crisper images than ever before when it comes to design our goal was to combine portability and style despite the full metal design oh man is the slimmest tablet of its size on the market it's incredibly thin light

And durable you see how they made everything three new color options including you guessed it makes more sense for a bigger signature mystic bronze you might be thinking looks like that cloud blue no where's the essence right now here it is oh they rounded out the s-pen we also built a better keyboard that's going to raise your productivity game now let's see what i should have brought

The actual keyboard performance a lot of people are juggling work and home life these days so being able to multitask has become essential we've had multi-windows on tablets for years offerings you know mustangs on black devices and now we're letting you run up to three apps simultaneously finally this means yes i talked about this in my galaxy when i was like don't make sense why i can't use three

On here it's about time it's seriously about watching videos on youtube yes and chat with friends i wonder if they're gonna bring it to the table six i kind of doubt it but what's with those fake sound effects though galaxy users ad free access to youtube premium now let's get back to the s pen let's see this this feels like a real pen and writes like one too combining the new s pen with the new 120

Hertz display we were able to significantly reduce latency it's the biggest sleep in s10 responsiveness yet a complete s-pen makeover that feels smooth and nice i really like that s-pen man the book cover keyboard is the most wait how's it attached though that's my question and play this that's stupid it's your productivity game like never before it clicks into place securely

And when you're not typing man i like that keyboard too it looks so spacious you can use it as a stand to watch your favorite netflix shows and adjust it to a range of angles for more flexibility what i really love about the keyboard are the touchpad and shortcuts the touchpad is now larger and supports multi-finger gestures so it's easier to control your screen and it has shortcuts like on a full-size keyboard bringing a windows pc experience to an android

Tablet mm-hmm all right wait you know wait wait start right a little bit different the next part or users so let's take a moment to hear from one of our samsung members this has one ui 2.5 and i'm from the united states what i love most about the s pen is that when paired with galaxy the possibilities of creation are endless i really want to know if samsung has plans same same thing 100 with you that's a

Great question and one we've heard a lot more than one million apps are optimized for android tablets and we're seeing increased demand for more s pen compatible apps as well here's the good news oh they're performing the seven now comes pre-loaded with three great apps note shelf which is great for note taking canva for designing and clip studio paint for drawing oh clip studio paint is coming from android

For the first time on tactics i'm taking a picture i'm excited for you to try it out i'm a screen captain i think they did change the decks oh man yeah they did wow because that's a new one you want 2.5 uh-huh i will be pre-ordering this you hold me to that we also enhanced our samsung notes app to let you do even more with the s pen let's bring mary back to talk about that hi mary hey adrian as you know samsung notes is

The original app that was created to work with the s pen for the note series it's been there from the very beginning and we've been improving it for every day they're starting to release their commercials you see the notifications here sure let's start with something simple and then build up i have the samsung notes app open here i'll pull up a pdf it's a bit hard to read that here let me straighten it out

Yeah i've been taking classes the samsung notes has been great for me because i can type my notes and write directly on them with the s pen i can also use voice recording so i can remember exactly what my teacher was saying really cool it syncs as i type and right on i'm never getting a call if i hit play and if i tap on a specific part of the note the recording jumps to that audio bookmark here let me show you

Good morning basketball oh you're talking about as most of you probably know this is a common greeting in korea oh these are voice notes you can make i'll be at your office oh wait on wednesday at 10 am cool right that is really cool and everything adrian just showed us also works on the note 20. it's incredibly convenient that the app works through the cloud and you can open and edit all your notes on any galaxy device phone tablet or pc and this is just for

Notes that's literally freezing right now devices you'll never miss a call or text no matter what device you're using oh yeah how far away you are from most definitely this is one of my favorite gallery ecosystem you can create a continuous workspace wherever you go for maximum convenience and productivity we're expanding this ecosystem even further with our partners at microsoft making the phone windows 10 pc experience as seamless as possible are

They going to integrate it with windows fans we announced our partnership with microsoft at last year and we've been working very closely with dj co and now we're ready to present some cool new features let's ask philip from microsoft to show us how it all works hey thanks mary yeah last year we announced that we'd be working together to help you our customers be productive on any device anywhere we shared new s pen experiences in microsoft apps like

Office and outlook the integration of samsung gallery and onedrive to back up your amazing photos and give you access to them across your devices we're continuing to expand our integration microsoft experiences to bring your phone and pc closer together so imagine you're on your brand new galaxy note 20 and you get into your project the samsung notes app and the s pen make it really easy to sketch out a design and write a quick note

If you get a text message like this one and you want to respond a little bit later your note 20 makes it really easy to send a reminder just to click can you already do that same thing here if you're going to call it you want to respond later only can you send a reminder you can also shoot a quick note back i'm going to see can you later we need to remind everything if you wanted to access your notes somewhere you could do that you might have to email yourself a reminder or connect

Your devices with a usb cable that's why i'm excited to announce that we're making your notes and reminders easily accessible and some of your favorites samsung notes with your onenote feed your hand-drawn sketch on your galaxy note 20 will be available in different pc experiences like outlook on the web from here sharing your idea is as easy as copying and pasting your reminders will also be

A little bit easier by syncing samsung reminder with microsoft to do your reminders will show up on your pc and to do app teams and also here and because it's synced if you wanted to take it a step further you can do so by dragging the screen and dropping directly on your calendar with a click you can see a more detailed view of your tasks where you can return that missed call or jump back into a web page the same way you would on your phone

And when you check off a task because there's a two-way sync it checks it off in samsung wow last year we announced the integration of link to windows and the quick panel of galaxy phones to link your devices with a click after you're linked the your phone app gives you access to your notifications messages photos and calls on your galaxy note 20 but now that your phone app is about to get even better i'm excited to announce the new apps feature which gives you access to your android

Apps on your note 20 directly from your pc now you will be able to combine the benefits of running a mobile app when you're going like the familiar look and feel and not having to log in again with your pc screen keyboard and mouse you don't have to pick up your phone and send a message you can simply open it from your favorites you're also able to use your favorite mobile apps at the same time so when you have what's app open you can take a little break and

Scroll instagram it's dope getting hungry open it i like how it's optimized like that and finally if you find yourself using some of these apps often you can pin them to the taskbar and when you click them they just launch but the your phone app and the integration of samsung and microsoft experiences we hope to empower you to achieve more across your windows 10 pc and your powerful new samsung galaxy note 20. i can't wait to do that with my example

Too thanks phillip our collaboration with microsoft lets you get things done with ease and simplicity and helps you stay connected and this extends to tablets too these days the ability to collaborate virtually has become more important microsoft teams yeah you will even be able to use it as a second screen for your windows 10 pc yeah this year microsoft and samsung bring the windows pc and android mobile experiences

Ecosystem together we better meet the needs of today creating experiences between platforms services and products we look forward to what's to come because i use space desk on my galaxy tab if i want to expand this that still my name is khalid i'm an artist from el paso texas twenty-two not gonna lie i thought there was coward like dj khaled i'm so excited to be a part of team galaxy i get to kick it with my homies

Millie bobby brown and me these are highly moves oh my god it's amazing super lightweight act like i'm skilled with the drawing techniques real quick a masterpiece look i love you guys you know what i'm gonna write the first thing that pops into my mind right now you ready i wonder how much it's getting paid for what is all right oh the new galaxy buds

How did you know that's crazy one of my favorite features on the phone is the voice memo look watch the music that i love to make the most has to be emotional and sad music look okay you just can't get away away from the prayers you can't yourself usually start with the melody let me show you right now sounds cool right you know i could do that with my original guys selfies i took earlier then i'm gonna go kick it with the homie

Or my flip phone phenomenal incredible let's check in with our samsung members what do you think very underwhelming i knew you would love it at samsung we are all about open collaboration we share a common vision with our partners to build an open ecosystem that bring together the best platforms devices app and experiences with microsoft we already delivered the

Tools for advanced productivity and now we are expanding to gaming with xbox the goal is really simple let's see what's going on bringing the buzz of xbox to our galaxy users chilling combine samsung mobile technology and 5g innovation with xbox and you get something really really cool are they coming out with a controller here is head of xbox no way phil spencer thanks for having me here today at xbox we put players at the center of everything we do

Our vision for gaming is to empower every player in the world to play the games you want with the people you want across all of your devices from console to pc to mobile now they want to partner with xbox now that i want to get a ps4 games xbox user this whole time device is key to that future vision we're entering a new era by bringing cloud gaming to xbox game pass ultimate on september 15th you will be able to play

Over a hundred games in the game from your phone including titles like minecraft dungeons gears 5 grounded and destiny 2. we partnered with samsung the world's leader in mobile technology to bring players the best possible gaming experience together we'll deliver xbox game pass ultimate to samsung phones and tablets including the galaxy note 20. players around the world will be able to access this whole new era of gaming through the samsung galaxy store we've

Chosen this partnership they're not shutting it down like we heard in the rumors if that's true innovative mobile devices while pushing the boundaries of 5g technology here at xbox we're excited to bring your favorite games wherever you are our partnership with samsung is an important step forward for gaming thanks and back to you federico i heard google was trying to pay samsung to kill bixby in the galaxy so much phil this is okay it's not happening

Xbox game pass on our galaxy devices i see ourselves to give you a sneak peek and here is myth i feel like they're more excited to be in front of all these people in this live stream content creator and team galaxy member me and xbox go way back all right i started playing xbox when i was like 3. see how xbox has evolved again with the samsung galaxy note 20 and xbox game pass you could play your

Games from anywhere that you would like to because with this little guy right here you can play them all i will show you how it's done all right to use your note 20 as your xbox screen all you have to do is follow the three t's turn toggle tap all right for the next step i'm going to open these chargers to show you how it's done q in for voice over me please can everybody see better okay good and man i do sound good in voice over go ahead

And choose controllers as your bluetooth device and hit up that little game pass app it's looking all nice all right now who's ready for some serious scrolling once you're in head to the cloud tab stop with the crane oh here's anyone i need to smash that play button what's up you know what hayden man y'all gotta help me out here this is way too young i see y'all keep it up you know what my favorite part of playing gears 5 on the

Cloud is it's the fact that you could play when and where you want love that all right let's go out so much right now look at me go and i get to pick up exactly where i left off when i was playing inside seamless you know it speaking of seamlessly i'm gonna turn off my galaxy but are you ready to get your game on hope so thank you myth please we're so glad to be working with school

Highlight the amazing xbox gaming experience on the note 20. the biggest benefit with cloud gaming of course is being able to enjoy these games when you're on the go for those who pre-order and choose the gaming bundle you'll get a bluetooth controller and three months of xbox game pass ultimate free when it launches on september 15th i can't wait well if you pre-order the gaming bundle you'll be able to get a taste of what xbox has in store

When you get the note that's good go in the playstation no don't do this in my free time i also come on and shoot videos i know you're quite the video guy you're going to love note 20 ultra it comes with an all-new laser autofocus sensor and for pro video mode we also built in extra controls to give your videos an extra kick so what kind of extra controls well the zoom speed control is uber smooth you can also make more

Precise adjustments on the microphone for great sound quality i could do a lot with that let me show you a clip we made with the upgraded pro video mode just quickly connect to the tv dexter tv that's the thing man it's about time i was waiting for this forever they did update the ui you see that you see how the icons in the middle like that and how the text button ain't there you see yeah wow that looks even wow they really changed

That was taken on a by the way i noticed you use samsung dex let me show you the dex mode on my tablet i connect my tab to my tv often too let me pull this out use my phone while using my tv as well screen with wow that's going to be helpful for the vloggers says tito escobar definitely bro so samsung partnered with xbox will be the competition to google stadium switching back and forth

And play yeah that's how feel the note 20 and tab seven address so this is the dex ui right now hardware with intelligent software and as you can see they're definitely changing it looks a lot cleaner that's a tv cool yeah i have a samsung smart tv so i'll i'll try this i'm getting another samsung smart tv screen so you have seen all the amazing things you can do with the note 20 and tab seven from productivity to

Gaming to viewing but audio is important too this will give you a whole new level of experience you have seen a tremendous increase in interest for wireless earphones which are a must have now whenever you're listening to music on a conference call or talking to friends no you need the flexibility to juggle all the parts of your busy life our galaxy buds are already existing let's do this here's my bird's place that help you to tune into life i will begin with the person with

Awesome sounds listen ah yeah how do these things fit in your ears seriously help me with this okay okay i think i can see i think wait no that's where it charges so how does it go in your ear that i don't really know how to stay in your ear so that's my problem with the air pods they can't stay in my ear someone so it looks like they're gonna

Have the regular buds here as you can see and then the buds lie so i'm going to have two side by side oh wow that looks so beautiful don't worry what's this for over the jamaica buds live i want to put these in my ears just see how the galaxy beans i want to put these galaxy beans in my face is actually let's see how they feel well it fits right in the palm of the is called the galaxy beans in my pocket see hmm it looks bigger doesn't it look

Like a little jewelry box i love it the bugs come in a choice of three colors including the super chic bronze which i am personally loving and they are going to look fabulous with the note 20 or tab seven the buds live are also eco-friendly which is amazing right both the buds and the case are made of recycled materials and to top it off you can jazz it up with a ton of colors and accessories to it personalize it but there's three colors the buds have

More colors than these don't they look super chic and they should look great because we noticed more and more people keep their budget throughout the day that's also why we designed the buds life for all day comfort it took a ton of research and the good news is the result is the first open type buds in the galaxy series now all you have to do is the wing tips face up just like this and they fit perfectly in

The curve of my ear when i put them in they rest really lightly and securely because it doesn't feel like i'm wearing earplugs which is the worst even better you don't have that awkward stem sticking out they look pretty fabulous truly one of a kind another great thing is when i'm running from one thing to the next i don't want to have to worry about my battery do you in fact i get up to six hours of play time and the charging case provides

Up to 21 hours in total wait a second is that more than above all day and long i think the buzz plus still have belonging and the controls are easy and even customizable so you know your favorite oh yeah i want to see how these work just now to tap away you don't have to reach for your phone anymore best of all buds live have incredible high sound quality with powerful bass boost it sounds like you're in a room together just you

And your favorite band hanging out buds i bring you close to the optimal sound of the harmon curve and for all you autophiles out there you know what that means now you're going to love the active noise cancellation for opentype it's a first in our bud series it lets you tune in we finally got noise so you can get lost in your favorite podcast but you won't miss your subway stop because you'll be able to hear all those announcements really clearly this is possible because we cut low band background noise by up to 97 percent

That means it drowns out the sounds you know we're not just going to sound on the airplane you do butt life provide the best call quality too with three microphones and a voice pickup unit if i get a call while i'm out and about and it's really really loud the mics will minimize the noise outside so i can be heard more clearly now check this out we compared buds live with a pair of wireless earphones from another company both recordings were made under the

Exact same from another company i think we know who the other company is can you hear me if you can this is bad slide if you can't it's not how does that much you can totally hear the difference right when it comes to reducing noise buzz live they're the clear winner and they play really well with the other galaxy devices in our ecosystem cnx you see videos with your note 20. the microphones on your buds live can give you exceptional sound quality my favorite though it enhances your

Viewing experience you know sometimes you're watching something and you're just dying to share it with a friend but sharing your buds well it's kind of a bummer because you get half of the sound and you don't get that immersive experience you love i just don't like sharing my ear with other people married let's show them how it works come come here you go thank you imagine they dropping my butts are already connected to my note oh

No problem i'm gonna just do a few little taps here oh wait yeah i forgot about music that's mine yeah and then good now let me show you what i've been watching these days hopefully you'll dig it as well oh wow that's really loud and scary oh no problem i can turn down the volume on both our fronts at the same time just like this see much better it's really convenient i know right like if you and your friend has a

Bluetooth speaker that's it yeah it sure is all right yeah that'd be pretty cool oh wait no i'm trying to remember how it works hey i'm on my way i really like the design my problem is don't know if they're afraid of my ear at least yeah okay i have one more thing for you and you are going to love this let me start by asking you to imagine this life can get so

Hectic oh cool galaxy watch three i'm upgrading my watch if this is worth it i hope it's worth it because i have this baby since actually only a year now but this is the longest i will watch um so is it with just galaxy buds or can it cross platform share um i'm not exactly sure but i know um if i grab my bluetooth speaker um and i get somebody else's phone uh basically we could they could play

Some music on their phone right i'm pretty sure inspired by classical pieces it's modern and sophisticated and it comes with the precision rotating bezel which only we offer i know they can play pause music and they can turn up down volume we can share those controls bluetooth speakers like this but i didn't know about this there's something very satisfying about the way it clicks it really is it's lightweight luxurious and comes

And three colors we even have a super premium titanium model mystic black the frame is smaller slimmer and lighter while the display itself is bigger and we've created a new range of beautiful watch faces my all-time favorite it's the weather center watch face i am constantly checking the weather i know this is a little crazy but i have three apps on my phone just for the weather now all i have to do is check my watch it gives me constant

Updates of what the weather is and it has lots of live animation it's pretty amazing but the advantage of our open platform is that we work with partners to offer you the largest watch face ecosystem in the industry i know other smartphones are finally catching up and letting you make just a few selections but i am here to tell you we are talking over 80 000 options the way we see it customization is just not good enough it's time to truly including my watch

Face that i have in the galaxy store if you want the shuffle feature cycles through your favorite watch faces you can even match them totally so all you have to do is take your phone they introduce this feature with the galaxy watch active too or to actors i remember then all you have to do is go to update the samsung health icon hit my you guys notice that customize of course we're gonna go into the gallery find the photo i just took of my denim shop hey latro i bought an sm

No password done that's not a bad idea you save that's dc it detects the colors and creates watch face patterns yeah you can already do this with the galaxy watch and now my outfit is complete these days taking care of my health has become really important you can even do this with the gear s3 now that the samsung health monitor on the galaxy watch three acts as my 24-hour health manager we're bringing new tools to help regularly monitor your health including ways to track blood pressure

Ecg and blood oxygen saturation i like the ac let me show you how this works i know it's appropriate you just have to go to your blood pressure hip measure oh wait no you can't do blood pressure right here and then really still do not move over time that's it simple right to ensure accuracy you should check your blood pressure with a traditional cuff and calibrate it at least once a month with the samsung health monitor app

Measuring your ecg is really easy too so again you go back open your app there's a separation you just lightly tap your finger on this button right here for just 30 seconds and you're done keeping a log of things like your blood pressure and ecg is helpful it creates a baseline for you so you have more information and notice when things feel slightly off now the watch is not a medical device by any means but having these records right on your

Wrist and in your phone is incredibly helpful in monitoring your health in korea blood pressure is already available today and ecg will be coming real soon for both the watch 3 and watch active 2. isn't it already a new list expand both features to more countries and devices the galaxy watch 3 will also let you check your blood oxygen level so we go to blood oxygen hit measure isn't that already a thing easy it's a

New addition to the overall health management options that give you just more control over your well-being we launched our sleep monitoring feature six years ago and we've been building on it ever since it scores the overall quality of your sleep and gives you personalized recommendations so you can sleep better i like that it gives you a school in heart

As a fitness buddy i love to run but just for fun so i'm really excited to show you what it can do so i will go to the running app here here we go just tap three two one let's go for a little run oh god don't start please don't start oh man look at the little robot all right and we're done so i will hit pause finish that was the weakest workout i've ever seen in my lifetime all of my results of that very short run

Right here pretty neat right the watch 3 gives me real-time feedback tracking my pace and form based on my run you can also set goals for yourself and see how far you ran it definitely keeps me motivated and on my toes especially when i'm running on my own and losing a little steam and quite frankly i don't want to have to carry my phone but i still really want to listen to my music now i can do that with just my watch and my buds

You could always call it the ecosystem of experiences when you pair how many games are on there let's check it out how many gigs are in the galaxy watching my phone i forgot about that how many gigs of space so one moment please and there you see it right on the screen watch three actually becomes a part of your personal training just like this so i will go to my fitness program and gal pal starting there so let's get

Started shall we as i'm doing my squats here it's really easy all i have to do is just tap my watch to pause here we go and then replay or even i can send a quick little reply to my friend's text all without losing my rhythm the samson health app offers 120 professionally designed fitness programs so you won't ever run out of exercises or get bored now i'm going to let you enjoy the rest of unpacked and i'll be right here

Finishing out my workout it's going to be pretty cool to agree to the galaxy watch three if i do i'm not exactly sure if i will yet but that ecg does sound pretty nice even though we already had them on the galaxy watch it too you've just seen the latest additions to our galaxy ecosystem i wonder if okay bhp put a video out

Live and watch it on any of these devices all of these devices work together to help you manage your life so you can work play and create freely we continue to expand our galaxy ecosystem with design innovations that anticipate your needs in an evolving world for instance we're introducing two services your average consumer posts to his video calcium with android as they develop nearby share it automatically detects

Nearby users making it simple yep there goes all the youtubers and we'll be one of the first to watch it for mkbhd mind like the name implies this helps you locate galaxy phones watches and even buds here's where it gets even better the note 20 ultra is enabled with ultra wideband technology or uwb it uses high bandwidth to measure range and direction with astonishing precision with uwb nearby share will reach a new level of

Quick and easy sharing by simply pointing your phone to other uwb equipped galaxy devices nearby share will automatically list the people you're facing at the top of your sharing panel so no more clicks through multiple steps smartthings fine will also be enhanced using augmented reality and intuitive directions you'll be able to locate other uwb equipped things to its precise location we're also teaming up with partners to turn your phone into a digital key

With uwb we're already working with major global automakers and access solution providers like assa abloy to unlock the future of possibilities what is the asset app as you can see uwm technology has so many applications and with the galaxy note 20 ultra you'll be the first to access it all i like how samsung microsoft's doing all these collaborations some of them i don't like but yeah i like the app feature a lot though

Nice uwdp will make sure big files easy unless yes i think put you somebody like that though right pretty sure i wonder if the buzzer kicks with uwp yeah is that the imessage emojis in the app i mean the apple emojis my galaxy phone got an update

I like that um i like that controller thing see wait they changed it to microsoft to do are you kidding me am i looking at this right oh god this is annoying look at all the excitement that we are delighted by the great potential of our products and i hope you are too please bring me my guests you really want to know the release dates

But we have more to share i did not know we are working with regulatory agencies to bring both the blood pressure and the ecg monetary to samsung devices and i'm excited to announce that we have just received the us fda clearance for samsung ecg monitor app and brazil and visa for the samsung blood pressure monitoring app and we tend to release this on our devices very soon and that's a meaningful innovation so far we have introduced four devices to enhance the galaxy ecosystem let's take a step back

And look at the big picture samsung stands at the front line of innovation and we pioneer 5g technology with an entire lineup of groundbreaking devices we made it possible for you looks like they are about to the 5g networks and discover the next level connectivity i cannot wait also for new ground in foldables with our revolutionary design and i can proudly say we are number one in that sector the

Final reveal today hires once more our innovation leadership and passion for elegance powerful stupid name but i love it unveiling the all-new z-fold 2. yes that screen is so much better on the on the outside it's so much bigger and they get rid of the match they got rid of this notch oh it's about time

Oh i love this so much oh now you can hear the excitement oh that's so dope are you guys seeing this this changes everything now that's a good-looking phone your z-fold 2 journey with unboxing like unboxing always attracts a lot of attention and for this year's redesign unpacked we dared to make it even more spectacular we enlisted the help of our brand ambassadors to turn it into an exclusive oh bts ladies and gentlemen b t s

Mm-hmm yeah bts oh snap stay tuned oh yeah it looks like it's a hit with bts every moment of this efo 2 experience and they got the flex mode our designers thought of every last detail and didn't compromise on anything look at this yeah this i plan to keep you can already tell the zebras i still have my guests raise the standard as a game changer for the premium high-tech experiences let me show you

Oh i love that unboxing experience man the z-fold two comes in two colors mystic black and what i have here that's what i'm missing bronze gorgeous right i still wish there's a silver the haze effect and metal finish set the tone right away okay overall the body is thinner and we minimize the gap outside the screens making this ergonomic design fit comfortably in your pocket oh it's going to be so exciting i'm turning it on now at this after we launched the first

Galaxy fold users told us they used the front screen as much as the inner wider screen we listened and adapted i really do the new z-fold 2 sports a wider 6.2 inch faster display with no compromises like this so even how small that is you have a full smartphone experience and then you finally get this and you can access an even more immersive viewing experience we maximize the screen with our hole in display technology bringing our infinity old display to the

Z-fold 2 across a beautiful 7.6 inches of course the z-fold 2 embodies our 120 hertz responsibly technology and additional upgrades we optimize the display layers reinforce the entire structure to make the phone tougher in real world environments now and they centered the samsung logo on the hinge i actually like it better at the time has the most advanced flexible display ever giving you an immersive all in one delivering an uninterrupted

Viewing experience and whether you're working or playing games on the 5g network the dual intelligent battery will last all day now the display is only part of what makes the fold experience possible we completely re-engineered the hinge of the z-fold too to improve resilience so you can use it with crater confidence in its durability we want to show you how we designed the z-fold and insiders gave us a deep dive the galaxy fold series introduced a

Whole new category of smartphones and is pioneering the foldable experience and here is where it all began started this research and work when we were working on the notes people wanted a device that would deliver i want to say experience but still portable in the panel of their hands so in 2019 the launch of the galaxy fall changed the shape of the future but what about this flood of questions unleashed with it

Worth all the height okay let's search out the answers one by one make a folding phone you need something other than glass so you have plastic on this outside so of course glass doesn't fold well that is common sense but this glass can be folded we call it utg it's 100 glass but it's processed to be extremely thinner than a human hair the utg on z full 2 makes seeing and touching the screen more pleasurable but this display requires both strength

And flexibility at the same time striking a balance between these two different qualities is no easy task the solution was to optimize the formation of the display layers for the z-fold 2 we rearranged the physical interaction between the soft layers and the rigid layers to give it enhanced strength then we optimize the property and thickness of the adhesive so the display would remain flexible even in low or high temperatures after rigorous tests the z full twos display is now ready to provide a

Premium look and upgraded usability but for a display like this to open and close properly you need a pretty complicated mechanism this hinge too is constantly being improved it hasn't against the whole series to placing it flat and then unsnapping it from flat you can stand it up like this in this thing what will the next one be like we designed the z-fold 2 to stay open at multiple angles like the z-flip what makes this possible is the cam

Mechanism here's how it works this is a cam these two ridge-shaped pieces slide up and down against each other and the friction created here allows the device to freestand at different angles together with larger screens the new hinge creates many new user to create that strength we decided to double up the cam and elastic components including the cam there are over 60 components in the hinge all moving in unison but for them to have space to move there must be a gap then so if you get

This phone it might be a good idea to vacuum out your pockets every morning before you put on your pants actually to sweep away these worries we tried out over a hundred different ideas the 99th try gave us a starting point for a solution and on the 108th try we invented what we now call the sweeper interestingly enough we got the idea from a vacuum cleaner commercial we found out these machines use bristles made up of carbon and nylon fibers and can rotate 20 times per second for

Two years these fibers were elastic and durable enough to be placed under the hood sweeping through it with every move thanks to the upgraded cutting technology the sweeper became even smaller in the z-fold too the moment all these innovations come together is when it's finally in the user's hands providing a whole new experience along with strength and a sense of security we encountered our worship challenges always kept moving forward

As a result look playing trust me we'll be unfolding many more innovations in this category so stay tuned the z-fold two boasts the most advanced mechanism for folding technology is that a white we are probably pioneers in this category that just so and we will never stop making it better when it comes to what you can achieve this is just the tip of the iceberg we've got so much more to tell you about this amazing device we're going to share more details on

September 1st we've been working hard collaborating with partners and listening to our users to bring whole new experiences to life for the z-fold too so remember september 1st pre-orders begin on that day too but there's more um earlier this year we partnered with renowned designer tom brown to combine the creative vision of the fashion house and it's had this with the innovative technology of galaxy we're excited to continue this collaboration unveiling

The next step of our partnership it's oh it's tom brown edition y'all seek folk too i heard it's gonna be 3 thousand dollars yikes that's awesome like that's crazy imagine spending three thousand dollars on this thing wait you know if it's an access program not sure yet i guess i'll see you but yeah three thousand dollars for this for this um tom brown edition that's something i can't i can't do

Oh look at the case and this is the beautiful outcome what a name galaxy z fold to tom brown edition power of technology and there's samsung galaxy z4 town four two galaxy watch we remain fully committed to the best and foldables and we'll work to maintain our status as forerunners in these two areas like jelly beans thank you so much 5g and foldable will be the major pillars of samsung fusion man like how the hinge

Looks better on my galaxy fold not gonna lie and they got the same fingerprint scanner where it's um it's on the side with the same design move that microphone up there we go now do it at the end of the livestream we have discussed opportunities of what technology can do foreign you have a lot of questions so let's bring back tien as president of samsung mobile in the church questions about galaxy vision for the future

I heard the z-fold too can be the same crisis uh the original galaxy we have introduced those cameras will be nice amazing products today and i love we have so much to offer however some people have asked why we are releasing multiple products can you explain our strategy to everyone watching thanks for asking the question federico our customers and employees inspire me daily to think bigger and move beyond what's expected we all have a different needs and those

Needs they say anything about the experience upgrade no they do the profit line is about consumer choice that's especially important now when everyone is relying on mobile technology to stay connected our goal with all of our products is to help make consumers lives better to make everything they do easier faster and more fun and what's really great too is all of our teachers yeah i just still don't like that green galaxy it's all about meeting the

Diverse needs of people around the world they look like the world's most perfect glass of water i love the galaxy note series amazing features amazing power and the devices really speak for themselves but on that point we presented two amazing galaxy note 20s today but if i'm a consumer how do i decide between the two models it's tough decision there is so much to love about these phones

For long time not fans who want the absolute best powerpoint the galaxy note 20 ultra is unknown honestly samsung makes so much products in here makes it hard to choose demand listen bro this is stupid no matter which budget we are doing they are both great either way it will be the best i'm excited to see how the refined engineering will offer the next generation of foldable experiences i still want to see if there's a white and default tool but some people

Are wondering why we didn't include that s-pen and we really talked a lot about internally didn't we yes yes we did the s-pen has always been a well-loved feature of the galaxy note and we are happy to hear people want it so much they even want it on the fold for galaxy default 2 we made sure it has its own special qualities that make it exclusive and best suited to the foldable category checking t-mobile now to see if they have it

If to an unfolded immersive viewing experience to the flex mode it will provide a transformative experience and we will certainly continue to listen to our customers sorry for these notifications and is a certain exciting prospect to see how the future will unfold switching topics let's talk about privacy see what you do this is a fundamental value that we keep top of mind in our day-to-day

You want to business your thoughts of course privacy starts with trust you have to trust your hardware you have to trust your software proper trust to work you need to have security security is a top priority for samsung from the second we start planning first new device to the final product literally everything is a tough priority for them it's included in every step of the development

Process to give you proactive always on protection simply put there is no such thing as data privacy without security we have a responsibility to protect our customers devices and of course the data that's on them and that's exactly what we're doing last but not least in a recent blog post you talked about samsung's responsibility to make the world a better place could you tell us more about what you mean let's talk about some environments

Possibility for samsung we knew we hello have yeah probably people no i bet they will i hope they don't they are but biggest impact factories increase production of masks and test keys we also donated smartphones and tablet for remote learning another important example is the samsung global course app where we match process it's a more than 45 million galaxy users have this app on their phone that's triple

The number of app downloads since whatever do you by taking oh yeah i still do have the samsung global goals yeah open the app please thank you tian hey sweetheart how's uh you know babe you'd be shocked at how fast things are coming along here perfect my boss is coming for dinner tonight just make sure to get things picked up yeah hopefully you don't wait till 2021

To release the light version of it yeah i really don't hope there's a light version too many phones you know i barely made it back in time for my physics final wait hold on a second hey listen jimmy i gotta go love you too could actually make you more approachable to people you want to be a pro i don't think about people looking at you that way

You're just checking from here i'm so curious about those bugs alive though i wonder if any youtubers um did a video and i wonder if they i wonder if they say any youtubers and z-fold too yet cause that's what most educated how did you do this and you know i have a little help there is no way he could do all that in less than a day by himself we take immense pride in our innovative speech it is part of our dna but what really

Drive us is you with our galaxy ecosystem we aim to deliver the best human experience she's got notifications how are you samsung global goals we want you to define how you work and play and every step we take is based on listening how you use and feel about our devices for example you tell us you are using your smartphone for longer we want to help you to do that because this is also good for your bars environment

System for three generation of devices and that's news you can use and now i know you're all been waiting for answer to pressing questions like when can i get my hands on these devices and how much there will be so let's just do this picture here right pixel 4a galaxy watch three and buzz light will be available on august 6th and tab s7 wow s7 plus is will be available in 5g models with lte models available

In selected country pre-orders begins tomorrow stupid before then we invite you to visit and try the ar experience we have created for note 20 we will also post the video of untold stories on note 20 on our youtube channel and don't forget tune in for i really want to know what our samsung members thought about the unpack did you enjoy it

They're really excited and enthusiastic throughout the stream in closing let me say thank you once again thanks for joining me i hope you enjoyed as much as i did so stay safe be well have a good day and good night okay that was the unpacked event um where's the microphone what did you think about samsung's first virtual unpacked event let me know what did y'all think now here's what we're gonna do right

So we're gonna do this we're gonna put a picture in picture get that bigger now let's go to the samsung website oh there we go galaxy note 20 5g and no 20 ultra 5g why do they keep putting 5g in a name that really never makes sense to me all right so what did y'all think about this what did y'all think about the unpacked event for me all i care about is that z fold to 5g let's click on that real quick oh man

I'm so excited for this let me log into my samsung account real quick actually it was pretty cringy the event was good but yeah that was a cringy perks you saw my reactions on them i hated it so much i was just like just make it stop please make it stop but let me sign that real quick here i'm so glad that you guys saw the freezing that shoes earlier i'm so glad that i didn't carry out throughout the whole stream

Okay i can't do that right now i'll get to that later who's michael lee that's not my name that's interesting um and it seems like a good ipad pro competitor yeah definitely they update this website quick though i wasn't expecting that oh look at that okay so let's go to the note 20 real quick and uh let's look at the colors real quick so where is it accessories computer offers i'm trying to see where is the colors at

How do we get there let's just keep scrolling then all right so there's a design that's the mystic bronze they have mystic bronze uh all right okay here we go so we got mystic bronze and then we got mystic white for the note 20 ultra and then no 20 we have mystic bronze mystic green and they missed it great okay there um let's go back here to the chat uh mute mute my microphone did not sound that good i'm sorry about that y'all

But anyways um okay it looks like this thing's starting up again hold on a minute bring it down a little bit okay there we go so um let's go back here yeah that's the colors we got um but going through uh chat let's move that over there um for once i wasn't excited about the no phone yeah i just don't care about the no phones anymore after my galaxy fold honestly i like the tab s7 pro in the fold yes tab at 7 plus uh let's go back to that actually so now

We know about the colors so let's scroll over here real quick but that's the page that you get here for the for the um sorry the note 20. so we all think about this whole game pass thing and all that and what do y'all play xbox a playstation and if you have one or the other now are you gonna switch to the other platform this year hey yeah i really just didn't care about the the um no 20. i don't know man

That's just it was just kind of man but then that z4 came out i was like yeah yep that's for me um let's see about this here okay no this is the galaxy fold that's not right uh z-fold two there we go all right let's go and reserve oh yes right i forgot all right so let's let's scroll over here a little bit so there is our huge display oh yeah yeah i love that um introducing galaxy z425g uh cutting shape of the future let's

Make this a little bit smaller and here's the thing so here's the thing about that um that galaxy watch three so um it's kind of weird because i've seen in leaks and stuff like that well not even really leaks but best buy has already had it in shells and apparently you can use some secret word to get a galaxy watch three um before any of this maybe you could still use that secret word and you can get the galaxy watch three now like if you called up target because

That's what he called for that target not best buy but that was interesting i wouldn't look it it was just like what but anyways let's look at this some more thank you for thank you to my galaxy book flex even though it froze on me in the beginning and it kept freezing it stuck out and it didn't freeze once i don't know if that's because i restarted or what but i'm really glad that it worked out for me in the end and it's still not freezing

So that's pretty good and i got like a dual screen setup here so like let me show you um let's go over here to my web capture device let's go to properties let's go to okay so you can see right there um i got the screen right here uh where you're looking at right now it's off of my laptop and then um yeah you can see the microphone and everything even though i got the lapel mic on right now but uh let's go back here to the regular

Camera that i was just done okay there we go just how i like it but yeah i i'm really excited for this z-fold too let's check let's check t-mobile and these other carriers real quick let's see if they got anything on their websites yet so nothing yet no that's 20 or anything you had mentioned on t-mobile i mean note 20. that's the s-20 nothing on verizon i don't expect nothing to show up on sprint

Oh look this print website 4 is a t-mobile now that's interesting i didn't know i didn't even know that was the thing but in uh what else is there verizon sprint team okay 18t good morning good afternoon or good evening is it just replaying now welcome to the galaxy pack oh yeah it's definitely just replaying it turn that down a little bit all right so okay so um looks like uh att actually has their page up right now for the note 20. so that was fast

Now let's look at their phones and devices and let's see here so let's go to samsung yeah you can find my location sure um yeah there's nothing here yet but okay that was it yeah all right lucha i'm heading out i enjoyed the live stream all right peace out we should be collaborating soon y'all me and kyra tube so stay tuned for that it's gonna be like a day in the life of you know using the samsung ecosystem a guy ever a girl so that's gonna be fun um

Jack's beans wouldn't even be better but okay let me look at the comments real quick so uh playstation would have been better yeah definitely uh pre when it's pre-ordered for the tablet seven plus august six i think i already forgot let me look i literally just took pictures on my pixel and uh i kind of kind of hurried this up because i still got to finish editing my video um august 21st first so yeah as you can see

Here i took a picture august 21st so man that's expensive so let me go back here to the tabith6 they do have a 5g version which is expected because of the processor but um wait oh they're both they're all 5g okay i think yeah okay no there this lte1 and it's a 5g one so wi-fi from 649 for the tablet seven seven seven plus is 849 so 649 849 for the tablet 7 and tabas 7 plus the wi-fi versions lte for the tab seven 749 tabby seven plus lte is 949 and then 5g for the tablet tab s7 it's

849 and the 5g version for the tablet 7 plus is 1049. oh that's expensive oh that's so expensive i don't like that at all man this and the price is going to keep going up and up and up i expected the price to go up but man i still think i'll get the 5g version though if there's an unlocked one if there's not an unlocked one then i'm not getting it but anyways let's keep looking here um we got the hideaway hinge

We got that screen that they talked about but the the hinge looks more rounded because of my um galaxy fold it's more like a square-ish type of design but it looks like here it's just like more rounded uh it's actually it's the same thing with the uh z flip and the fold the hinges look pretty much the same anyways sorry about this squeaky chair i think i'm getting a gaming chair so yeah so that's what you get for the z402 what do y'all think about that i'm

Trying to see here i don't see the color options on here see calcul and 360. um yeah this z fold here literally the only phone that i will get the only phone that i'm even interested in that i will ever upgrade to because i love my galaxy fold and that's an understatement like i can't go back to any regular smartphone not even a z-flip even though just because it folds i can't go back to a regular form factor like this that's my thing and so like if i were to

Switch to a pixel or something that would be super difficult because i got spoiled but anyways let's look around here for the tab at seven so galaxy tab is seven and it looks like that page is unavailable right now okay that's that's uh cute now let's go to the galaxy buzz live coming soon august 6 6 20 20. so right now it's actually august 5th so is it releasing tomorrow is there a pre-order tomorrow

I'm not exactly sure but i will be buying these uh design that's unheard of um yeah that's the galaxy buzz live or the galaxy beans i'm so curious about how that's going to fit in my ears because obviously with the galaxy buds it's just a thing where you know you're just putting your ears like regular earbuds but it's this is really complicated right now using somebody so i never remember subscribing to you no i don't use subbot

I like how tablets are three times the size of phones have the same processors cameras and screens and are up to six hundred dollars it's cheaper than phones so the thing about that is like it's harder to manufacture a phone than a tablet because you know tablets are bigger and everything so the manufacturing process is going to be easier for them but anyways uh yeah that's that's that i think pre-orders tomorrow yes so that's the galaxy buzz live that's how they look

In his ears now i think you know i might as well just mute this at this point i'm still let it keep going but or something okay there we go anyway so yeah um that's how they look in his ears um they definitely look good but my problem is just to fit obviously uh so bixby stop talking i don't know big speed just randomly pulls up sometimes out of nowhere it annoys me so much when i just i don't know whatever i need to turn

Down the sensitivity i think because i turn it up all the way but um so yeah you got active noise cancellation now that's pretty interesting i wasn't expecting that at all but uh yeah so what do you think about the design on these galaxy beans um yeah so let's go ahead and shrink that window a little bit there and uh so battery life we have up to eight hours of non-stop listening and 29 hours in the case

So that's really cool and of course they can use wireless power share and then they got these white versions here um best in class best in class call quality obviously they compare that to the earpods just a subtle little shade there for airpods they just said other companies though then actually straight up saying the apple airpods so i thought that was interesting because we all know about the ingenious ads on the s9 and s9 plus when the iphone x was out but

Yeah that's the uh that's the what is it called i'm trying to think of this feature it's called quick it's not quick share it's called let me look at my phone real quick actually i already forgot what this feature is called what they was just talking about with you being able to use galaxy buzz with friends okay music share music share that's what it's called so yeah i can do these with these um i'm i'm assuming there's gonna be an update here for the

Buds plus and the buds baby eventually and then we also got the same swift pair windows 10 swift pair feature here with the buds live like we do with the buds and the buzz plus so now let's look lastly here let's uh check the active three so i'm really split on if i'm going to get this or not i really don't know i don't think oh well i think so but maybe not right away i'm not exactly sure yet because i don't know if it's going to be a worthy upgrade for me but they got 45 millimeters and 41

Millimeters and they got mystic black and mystic silver if i was to get oh and they got mystic bronze here for the 41 millimeter what is my galaxy watch 43 millimeters yeah i can't do 45 millimeters so i would have to do 41 but that's gonna be pretty small so i don't know about that but um if i were to get the 41 millimeter i get the mystic bronze i'm pretty sure maybe the mystic silver i'm not exactly sure yet they're both some really good colors but i'll never get black never

But i mean it does yeah i mean i like the design a lot because i got the rose gold galaxy watch right now and i love the design literally everybody brings it up when i'm wearing this thing too so yeah i think it's a pretty uh popular choice and this might this mystic bronze probably gonna be a pretty popular choice oh and they got trip detection huh huh i don't remember them talking about that so i got trip detection you got a sleep score here for your sleep

And then you have home workouts uh let's see here smartphone so yeah that's bad and i don't know i like it but like i said i just don't really know if i'll get it so let's look at these comments to see what y'all saying bean pies looking really good in the ear yeah definitely you just say really good but you said it look good in here um i think yeah okay so let's go back here spotify okay so we got watch apps like find my phone

Obviously there's nothing new gallery we got the reminders app and yeah looks pretty much the same to me uh just going through this some more we have the same wait okay yeah so we galaxy watch three can handle a spritz or a splash can you not swim in this okay five atm okay so you can't swim in this thing and that's what you get in the box so they changed the charger oh that's so stupid i don't like that because with the galaxy watch it's kind of like a stand for the watch but

Here you got that like apple watch type charger there oh that's so stupid even though i use the um the wireless charger dual why and then that's what they all look like together so yeah pretty cool stuff uh the galaxy watch three can easily connect to a range of galaxy and non-galaxy devices so if i zoom in here you can see that you could connect it to an iphone i'm pretty sure still so let me scroll down here and okay there we go so you can connect it

To oh wait i'm in the wrong area okay there we go there we go sorry about that y'all so compatible with android 5.0 or higher compatible 5.5 and above and then compatible smartphones and available features made over here by region carrier and device okay so pretty normal stuff here um let's go ahead and zoom out of there though and there's still nothing for the tabbed s7 yet but uh let's go to the tablets here let's go to galaxy tab s and tabith6 light i don't see any tablet

7 yet let's go back here again let's check again so as for that galaxy book i'm just assuming that they're gonna announce it uh like you know when they actually announce the the s21 or whatever they're gonna call it because that's when they actually came out here in the us how many how much memory does the galaxy watch three have eight gigs oh yeah that's right right good question good question let's go back here y'all see watch active three uh let's

Scroll down here and let's look so i completely forgot about that because i hate with my galaxy watch how there's literally no space on here so i'll download one like one spotify playlist and i'm already out of memory so uh let's see here let's do galaxy watch three specs and let's see here so we have okay samsung pay there's still no mst which really annoys me it's only nfc from one when i what i can

See here we have tizen 5.5 okay eight gigs of uh memory so we have eight gigs of storage with one gig around finally thank you samsung how long did it have to take you to do that finally uh but yeah so i think i'm gonna go and get out of here y'all because that's pretty much all i can find on the samsung website right now the tablet seven page just doesn't seem to be up yet but i could try this actually so let's type in

Galaxy dash tablet seven still nothing okay so the page just not up yet but i'm gonna go and get out of here y'all do you know if you're gonna get any of these devices let me know in the comments below i'll go ahead and start reserving these and everything and um actually they have a deal right now so uh if you go ahead and reserve one i think you can get a credit okay so look at this so you can go ahead and trade uh let's go to samsung you can go and trade

In a galaxy s20 ultra for 650 bucks that's a really bad deal and you can get your no 25g for 350 bucks or 650 bucks if you if you're trading at s20 ultra that's a really bad deal uh but let's check here with the apple side and you could trade the iphone 11 pro max for 650 bucks so cool stuff cool stuff now let's go over here to the uh let's see here is there anything else you can trade in right now with any other devices i don't think so but uh look at this reserve the new galaxy

Note 25g to save up to 200 bucks instant credit for accessories tablets and smart watches so same exact thing with you know how to deal with the s20 so if he reserved this right now you can get 200 uh dollars in pre-order credit like i use from eyes to any ultra and then i returned it but they actually let me keep the accessories for no addition like they didn't charge me for keeping the accessories that i got

With that 200 pre-order credit which is really interesting like i still got the portable charger and everything i even still got the cases so i mean i came up pretty good i guess um but uh sony wins my money for this year ps5 and spiderman yeah yeah definitely bro i think i'm gonna get that ps5 because it really really does look nice i've been an xbox fan this whole time but now i'm looking at this ps5 i'm like yo they actually bringing the e

I don't know about that man i i think i'll just buy both but the ps5 might be my main console honestly and then of course i'll do my video on the ps5 and the xbox series x so stay tuned for that as well but that's pretty much it so uh you got any last questions here before i come out of here because i'm about to go ahead and call this quits here it looks like we have any how many people have in this stream do we have 10 people i'm pretty sure

A lot of people is going to be um replaying this so if you are or you can do it right now too like the video up subscribe whatever you want to do because it's going to be fun and you have a lot of stuff coming up soon and also i need to edit my video on my pixel 4a unboxing because obviously like i said i got my pixel 4a as you can see here and i'm really loving this phone it's not out yet it's not pre-ordered

But yeah you gotta see the video you gotta see the video after i finish editing this after this live stream uh but it looks like there's no last question so if there isn't i'm gonna get out of here y'all and edit this uh pixel 4a video and i'll drop at two o'clock p.m central time as usual with uh my videos so right now it's 1105 right now so yeah central time two o'clock p.m that's when you should expect a video but let me get out of here y'all so thanks for watching

Thanks to everybody for coming on the stream and everybody for re-watching this stream um we've been live streaming for two hours now uh so yeah for samsung's first virtual event it was cringy as usual but it wasn't bad i liked it i mean it was it was cool but yeah so thanks for watching if you like this video go give this video a like and if you really liked it go subscribe uh follow me on my social media at

Escentic and instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is the most active and yeah um what else can i say let me go and edit this video pull up my vegas pro but thanks for watching i will see you on the next one peace out all right let's go and end this stream here peace out y'all where's my mouse there we go

so looking really good you

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