TCL A2X – Complete Review!

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What kind of camera did you use? That is a decent top quality.

what's going on everyone this is kevin here coming at you with my tcl a2x review so let's get started so this is my review of the tcl a2x now i bought this phone for 79 at walmart and it's being offered at total wireless and walmart family mobile so if you're with either those two carriers then you might want to consider the tcl a2x as an upgrade now with the phone we're getting a decently large 6.2 inch display the display itself is lcd at 720p

We're getting a ppi of 271 and a 19 by 9 aspect ratio so more of a narrow but taller form factor but you can see we're also getting a notch up top and kind of a thicker bottom bezel so not the most groundbreaking or modern design here with the a2x but at the same time it does get the job done now in the notch we do have a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and internally here with the phone we're getting 32 gigabytes of storage and micro sd card expansion now after

Installing a variety of different apps and also taking photos and videos with the phone and from general usage i have used up 46 percent of the free space and part of that 46 percent is the system software and the operating system so i would say that most people likely will run into issues with not having enough storage and if you are one of those people then definitely you're gonna need a micro sd card now with the tcl a2x there's no wireless charging there's

Also no fingerprint sensor on the back and there's no face unlock so if you do want security on the phone you are going to have to add a pin code now another interesting thing too is that when you lock the phone and then you tap on the power button again you get this special lock screen where it does give you some quick toggles now i don't think this is too helpful i'm not really a big fan of it but you can see then if you want to unlock the phone you can swipe to the right but then you also get quick access to

The camera the dialer your favorites and messages so i feel like that's kind of some unnecessary bulk and clutter there so if you're from tcl especially from the software team and you're watching this video i would prefer not to have that as the default option i just feel like it's a bit pointless now on the back side of the phone we do have a dual camera setup with a 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel dev sensing camera now with this phone we are getting portrait

Mode with both the rear and front cameras on the device which is certainly a good thing now here's how things look through the camera we can then flip over to the front-facing camera and you can see there's me right there we can then also switch over to portrait mode to get those nice blurred out backgrounds and then of course there's a variety of other modes available too there's different filters there's a

Manual mode there's a pano mode we also have hdr so there are all the different essentials that you would need to get started with mobile photography now with the tcl a2x we're getting three gigabytes of ram and the mediatek helio a22 so three gigs of ram for a phone in this price range is certainly very appreciated and the helio a22 isn't anything too special but it's also not the worst possible option out there either so as far as performance goes i mean navigating around the operating system

Is not too bad i did do a benchmark test using geekbench 5 so i recommend installing this app on your current phone and then running the test and then comparing the scores on the phone you have now to this phone to see if it would be a performance upgrade but i got a single core score of 154 and a multi-core score of 513. so i'm curious to know if your current phone has higher or lower scores than these scores definitely let me know in the comments

Section below now video recording with the tcl a2x maxes out at 1080p and with this phone we're getting 15 hours of talk time in 15 days of standby time now i do not know exactly what the battery capacity is for the phone because tcl does not disclose that information but i have a feeling that it's somewhere around 3500 milliamp hours but now that we've gone over the specification highlights of the phone let's take a closer look at the hardware i already talked quite a bit about the

Front panel here we do have that water drop notch up top and a thicker bottom bezel now the phone is made completely out of plastic besides the display of course which is glass now taking a look at the left side of the phone we have the slot for the micro sd card in sim card then we have the google assistant button then on the right side of the phone with the power button and volume down and up then up top we have the noise cancelling microphone and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack

Then on the bottom of the phone we have the speaker microphone and usb c port for charging and data transfer so i'm definitely very happy to see that the tcl a2x does indeed have usbc then taking a look at the back side of the device you can see we have a nice kind of glossy gradient look here but we have the camera module flash and tcl logo now if you do get this phone from total wireless this is the box that it will come in you can see we do have a picture of the

Phone up on the front we also have a door here which you can open and see the various plans and then the phone itself would typically be here and then opening this up we do have the terms and conditions we also have an alcatel branded wall adapter and if you didn't know tcl does make devices under the alcatel brand we have the usbc cable for charging and data transfer we have the sim card removal tool we have a quick start guide and some more booklets from total wireless

Going over your account and how to get started let's now take a look at the photo and video quality from the tcl a2x now in my opinion the photo quality from this phone is adequate but there also is room for improvement the pictures that it takes are good enough that you can share them on social media whether it's facebook instagram or whatever social network you like to use and you're certainly not going to embarrass yourself but at the same time i feel like some of the colors are not

Very consistent while other photos look like there might be a little bit too much yellow now thankfully none of these issues are too bad that it's a deal breaker i feel like in general the phone does take good enough photos so that's good at least now we'll get over to some video samples in a second but i've got to say i'm a little bit disappointed i do wish this phone did have auto focus and video mode that would have been a really nice feature to have but let's take a look at

The samples themselves what's going on everyone this is kevin here coming at you with a test video from the tcl a2x so let me know what you think of the video quality from the device it is very bright outside today and here's the test video using the front-facing camera on the tcl a2x so let me know what you think of the quality from the front-facing camera here as well as the microphone quality too

Here's how instagram looks on the tcl a2x so it does work well enough that you can at least scroll around and take a look at content and then if you want to zoom in that's pretty smooth as well so it's certainly usable here you can then go over and view your various stories and other content as well and see what's going on with that and then you can swipe over and record your own content if you want to as well

So i'm recording a story with the tcl a2x so i'm recording a story with the tcl a2x and if you want to the phone does have a pretty decent microphone as well which is good 170 now one interesting thing is that this phone is advertised to have an 18 by 9 aspect ratio but based off so the video viewing experience on the tcl a2x is actually pretty decent there is just one speaker on the bottom but the speaker does do a pretty decent job

Now the clarity of the sound is not going to be nearly as good as a flagship phone as you'd imagine but the good news though is that it does sound good enough that you can still hear what's going on in the videos and of course you can always plug in some headphones or pair up some bluetooth headphones if you want to to be able to watch video content with even better audio quality but if you're indoors watching video then i feel like things will be loud enough but if you're outdoors and you're

Trying to listen to the audio from a video then you might run into some issues in conclusion is the tcl a2x a good phone to buy well there certainly are some pros and cons but i'd say the best thing this phone has going for it is it's very affordable price tag if you can pick this up for 79.99 then i would say that that's definitely the way to go i would not pay any more than maybe 120 bucks for this phone

I feel like it offers too many downsides with probably the biggest annoyance in my opinion being that it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor on the back i know that doesn't seem like much but the whole process of unlocking the phone going to this screen swiping over and then putting in your pin code every single time that you want to get into the phone really does get old very quickly and if the phone did have a fingerprint sensor that would save so much time

Every time that i go from the lock state to being able to actually get into the phone and use it so that's probably the fatal flaw with this phone is that there's no fingerprint sensor which i feel like would have been pretty cheap to implement and as i mentioned earlier the cameras can use some work especially when it comes to video recording it really would have been nice at least to have auto focus in video mode and if for some reason the phone does have auto focus in video mode

And i didn't notice it then they really need to improve that because i was taking video and having to tap on the screen every single time that i wanted to focus in on something so that was pretty annoying as well especially because i've used other devices that are much cheaper than this phone even and they do have autofocus and video mode but i do appreciate the software on here i feel like they did a good job with optimization so things do run nice and then also giving the phone three gigabytes of ram

Was certainly a great decision as i feel like it does give the phone quite a bit better performance because i have used other devices that had 2 gigabytes of ram paired up with the media attack helio 822 and i can tell this phone does perform better than those phones but i hope you enjoyed my tcl a2x review certainly let me know what you think about the phone in the comments section below and whether or not you consider getting it but my name is kevin give the video a

Thumbs up and i will see you in the next one

TCL A2X – Complete Review!

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