Galaxy Book S (Intel) vs Galaxy Book S (Snapdragon/ARM) Benchmark Speed Test!

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Yo what's good y'all it's tutorial and today i have two galaxy book s's here so i have one with a snapdragon processor a nar processor and then i also got one with an intel processor so we about to go and see in this video which one's faster for a 50 difference all right so i just want to say real quick with the models i got it should be pretty easy to discern which one is which so this is going to be the snapdragon 80x one and then over here this is going to be the intel core i5

One with this earthy gold color and samsung just came out with this intel version right here as you can see i just unboxed this thing recently it was my last video and i also have here the snapdragon version with the arm processor so we already know about the whole talk with arm processors and everything with apple release in one and everything like that so think of it more like an arm processor but except down here you can actually run x86 apps on here natively so you can run x64 apps on here too with arm that's just not possible but

Since this is an intel processor you can do that so as you can see here i have google chrome on here the x64 version is running just fine i've got no problems with it and then on here i have chroma here too but the problem with that is like it's not the x64 version because well it can't support x64 so it's running x86 and at that it's emulated so it's not going to be like a native x86 app so it's definitely going to be a lot slower that's why i don't use it on here because it just crashes sometimes and i just use microsoft edge

So i actually use microsoft edge on here because that runs rm64 and rm64 apps on here runs the best so now i have geekbench 5 on both of these they're both on the x86 versions now automatically this has an advantage because this isn't emulated but i still want to go and see what results do we get with that and i really want to say real quick that just using these both here i can already tell y'all that the r processor is definitely a lot faster than this intel one so i wasn't expecting it but

Yeah this is definitely more powerful like when i'm using this i don't really feel any lag or anything but then when i'm using the intel core 5 one as you can see here with the sticker i definitely feel that lag and also there's some other things i like about this more like this has you know lte and everything in the us we don't have lte with the intel versions but as you can see here they have the same exact build so besides the processor there's really nothing different besides

That this just has wi-fi and no lte and as you can see here these things are both fully charged so this is on 100 as you can see here i have microsoft edge and all those other apps closed and then if i go over here to the intel version again we have 100 it's our best performance we just don't have a best performance option on here so i'm gonna just assume that it's always running on this performance and no with these laptops anyways if you plug them in then it's not gonna boost the performance or anything they

Just always run at max speed as long as you got it set to max speed so now let's go ahead later here and we're about to go and do this speed test here with geekbench 5. so if i go ahead and zoom in here to the specs on this screen with geekbench 5 you can see everything here like the intel core i5 1.40 gigahertz we have a base frequency of gigahertz and then the maximum frequency of 2.88 gigahertz that's where we have the architecture set to and then as you

Can see here we have a snapdragon 8cx with 2.84 gigahertz so automatically that's going to be faster than your intel version and it's not even that far off on the maximum frequency on here you can see that we have 7.80 gigs of ram which is basically eight gigs of ram and then on the snapdragon version we just have eight gigs of ram same storage and everything like i said nothing really changed between these two so now it's actually time for a speed test so i said this before and i'm gonna say it again speed tests don't actually show the real

World performance but i thought i'll go ahead and show you all the results on this anyways i don't usually do speed tests but with these arm processors and everything like i'm really interested so i want to go and see what we get out of this so what we're going to go and do is we're going to run the cpu benchmark at the same exact time and then we'll go on fast forward through this so let's go and do this now three two one go and there we go so now it's actually benchmarking and now going fast forward through this

And then we'll see the results that we get up on here all right so the results is in and let's go and check out the results yo whoa big difference there in the multi-core score all right let's go and zoom up out of this so look at this yo so as you can see here with the single core score with the intel version we have 898 and on the snapdragon version we have 719 but when we get to the multi-core score yeah we got a big difference here so with the intel version we have 1748 and

Then with the snapdragon version we have 28.58 that's crazy yo i was not expecting that i think so yeah that's interesting so for 50 buck difference you get way more multi-core performance with your snapdragon version but then if you look over here with your intel version on a single core score yeah we definitely get a faster score but it's nowhere near as dramatic as the multi-core score so to be honest with y'all like this really ain't the move i ain't really feeling that

So not with the snapdragon version i ain't disappointed in this but with the intel version yeah no that's just what that's what i was saying with you know using these two i just feel like way more performance out of this snapdragon version than the intel version so if you want to actually go ahead and look at these results yourself i'll go and leave the links down below so you can actually go ahead and view these pages yourself so look in the description in the pin comment below but yeah so if we go back here to geekbench

5 as you can see here with the intel version we have five cores and then with the snapdragon version we have eight cores now let's actually go back here to the results so let's scroll down here some more let's look at the system information and there you go so there's all your information you can go and pause that read for yourself if you want but now let's go down here to the single core performance so there we go let's go and get that there alright so that's all you need to know

Go and pause that if you want to read it now let's go and keep scrolling down so let's go over here to where it says camera and all that all right so there we go so now let's keep scrolling down here to the multi-core performance and as you can see here if we look at things like navigation the snapdragon version wins it out easily text compression image compression like literally everything is just getting beat out here with this intel version and then here we are at the end of the

Page so yo this is crazy man look at the ray tracing performance here on the snapdragon version yo that's wild alright so as you can see here i'm declaring the snapdragon version the winner of the speed test and just using these things on the day today like i said already so whoa man was y'all expecting these results i definitely wasn't let me know in the comments below what you was expecting because yeah i mean it does have this earthy gold color which looks really dope here in the us

And also has x64 support it's just not gonna compete with snapdragon right now intel really needs to put in that work if they want to stay relevant like i'm just telling y'all that right now like apple's ditching them samsung got this gaussian book that's here with arm like who knows what their future is looking like but the fact that we have lte here as you can see here i'm connected to verizon wireless and just so many more advantages i just gotta stay with snapdragon because yeah while the app support may

Not be the best right now it's gonna get better like you see all these companies like samsung and apple moving towards arms so i'm not gonna really be that surprised if we get a lot of app support and coming up soon like trust me we'll get chrome support for arm64 that was already in the talks for a little bit i don't really know what happened to that but the app support right now is decent and we can emulate apps so we can get by right now for most things anyway so yeah i'm gonna get out of here y'all which one do

You prefer and which one do you think you would get because for the snapdragon version this is gonna run you a thousand bucks and then for this intel version that's gonna run you 950 bucks which in my opinion ain't worth it because for 50 bucks less you lose a lot of performance and you lose lte so you may not care about lte because you're going to be like well i wasn't going to put lte in my galaxy book anyways but it's still nice to have here because

Like let's say you want to pop your phone sim card out of your phone real quick and pop it into your galaxy book real quick you can do that so i'm going to get out of here y'all unfortunately this thing do not give my genning stamp of approval it just don't cut it for me that's why this got the jenny's stamp of approval because it does get it but the intel version nah i can't do that and basically if you don't know what that means with this not being jenny's approved that means i don't recommend it so yeah

Get the snapdragon version if you really need the x64 apps and the slim and light design and the phone charger that plugs into this and everything like that then i mean i don't really know if i can still recommend it there i would say look for another thousand dollar laptop like look for something like a notebook 9 pro from 2019 from samsung or something like that yeah you might not be able to plug it in with your phone charge or anything well not fast anyways

And this thing might get hot at times because you know intel but you're getting so much more out of something like this with this notebook 9 pro i mean you get a pen with it and everything but thanks for watching y'all if you liked this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go and follow me on my social media eddie said tech on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is my most active so intel you really disappointed me here with your core i5 and i'm kind of scared for your future

Even though we're gonna need your processors for these really high-end pcs but thanks for watching and i'll see y'all in the next one and peace out wow

Galaxy Book S (Intel) vs Galaxy Book S (Snapdragon/ARM) Benchmark Speed Test!

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