2020 iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max – Full Comparison!

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You might not expect it but Apple's most expensive iPhone actually isn't their newest that crown goes to the $400 iPhone se as opposed to the $1100 iPhone 11 Pro which came out in September while the SE just came out in April hey how's it going I'm Josh from ninety one tech and today we're comparing the iPhone 11 pro with the iPhone se so before we start here I will quickly plug my iPhone se review I did recently so link in the description as well as my overall iPhone buying guide if you're not quite sure what you should be buying the iPhone se is four hundred dollars

And the iPhone 11 Pro starts at a thousand but despite the massive price disparity you'd be surprised to see how well the SE holds up it has the same chipset as the 11pro so while it might not have the fancy new design or better cameras it will likely get just as many years of software support down the line the 20/20 se could very well be the final home button iPhone Apple ever makes but it will be relevant just as long as the iPhone 11 Pro so why am i comparing these specific phones cuz obviously it's not about which one you should buy there at completely two

Different price points but considering that they are on opposite sides of Apple's pricing spectrum I thought it'd be interesting to see how they compare to each other how much do you get for an extra six or seven hundred bucks over this the truth is you actually get a lot but they're all mainly luxuries one can live without so while you might not be able to go without an OLED display most don't know there's a difference and would be fine with the lower quality LCD panel on the SE and I mean if you had to you could use it to the iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras on the back which is

Crazy and definitely useful in some situations but by no means is a necessity most can get away with one camera lens on the back without any problems yes he has the old design we've seen more or less since 2014 but in all fairness there's a reason we've been seeing it for so long it's pretty good what I'm getting at here is the main core iOS experience is just as good on the iPhone se as it is on the 11pro and 11pro Macs both have tremendously powerful specs and are able to perform any task you would want to do but maybe you're not satisfied with a smaller

Phone or need a higher-quality display or dislike touch ID whatever it is if you want an added luxury brought to the core experience you can get it but it will cost you the iPhone se is like the one-room bachelor suite while the iPhone 11 pro is like the penthouse alright let's bring this back down to earth and talk about the two phones designs the iPhone se has an aluminum frame with a glassy glass back while the 11pro has a frosted glass back and stainless steel frame it adds some heft and does have a more feel to it of course my eye see here is

Red and the 11pro is green but we do have some other options you can get the SC in white black or red and the 11 pearl and whites black gold and green both phones I think give a good range of options and if you really want some more color you can always go for the 10 R or 11 from the back these phones are very similar flip them over and it's a very different story the iPhone se has a 4.7 inch LCD display with some thick bezels surrounding it as well as a home button the 11pro there has a 6.5 inch OLED display that as much higher quality and one of the best screens on the market

The smaller 11 Pro is 5.8 inches and has a similar size to the SE just without the bezels and home-button speaking of phone button on the iPhone se we have touch ID while on the 11pro we get face ID the difference between them when you use your finger 1 your face I personally like face ID but it's a matter of opinion and both are very solid biometric systems on the bottom of these phones we have a Lightning port and no headphone jack both phones are fast charging capable though unfortunately the iPhone se only comes with a 5 watt power adapter not that it really matters

Because its battery is tiny the iPhone 11 Pro on the other hand comes with this massive Chad 18 watt adapter which can be used to fast charge your se but you'll need to buy it separately wireless charging is available for both phones as well which is great same with water resistance although the 11pro is rated at 4 meters for 30 minutes versus 1 meter for 30 minutes with the SE both phones should survive a fall into the sink or toilet so no worries speakers are quite a bit better on the 11pro but if it's any consolation both phones only come with the cheap

Lightning earbuds apples been using since 2012 anyways I mean they're fine but I wish Apple would give you air pods or something with the 11pro it would really help with the overall value battery life is going to be drastically different on these two phones the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Macs are amazing and will last you all day plus some my 11 Pro Mac's often will last me two days and could probably push a bit more if I needed it to the iPhone se on the other hand has a much smaller battery and with that comes worse battery life from my experience as a it should last you the

Day with moderate use but down the line in a year or two you might start to have some trouble batteries degrade as time goes on just how it works let's take a look at the cameras the iPhone 11 pro has a three lens setup on the back here all 12 megapixels one telephoto one wide and one ultra wide the Oh necie has a single 12 megapixel wide lens that is pulled from the iphone 8 but does have the benefits of better hardware so it can take portrait shots the iPhone 11 Pro does take better photos as you would expect Apple has come a long way with camera tech of

Recently and the 11pro is definitely one of the best on the market right now having the range you get with the 11pro is awesome thanks to the three lenses but is it $600 extra awesome probably not well the iPhone se does have an older camera because it can take portrait photos I'd say it's actually good enough we are missing night mode which is a really nice feature of both the 11 and 11 Pro but in good lighting conditions the SE will do the job photos are mostly quite nice and for the average user this is going to be perfectly fine for now and the first

Seeable future video on both phones can be filmed in 4k at 60 frames per second although this is 30fps on both the lenses are all optically stabilized – so this looks really good on both phones yeah it's a bit better on the 11pro but the SE definitely holds its own the selfie camera on the iPhone se is 7 megapixels while the 11pro has 12 megapixels and all honesty there's not a big difference because what that 12 megapixels do on the 11pro is give you a wider view or you can crop into pretty much what you get with the iPhone se it still is better but both phones will do

You fine for selfies and both can do portrait selfies which is cool considering the SE only uses software because of the lack of face ID sensors it does a pretty darn good job needless to say the SC's portrait features are pretty great it's also worth mentioning that the iPhone se can only take portrait photos of people while the 11pro can also do other things like this flower that is a nice advantage the 11pro has the iPhone se might have a mediocre main camera but the internal hardware packing it up manages to help out a lot with this $400

We're getting the most powerful smartphone chip on the market the a 13 as well as the three gigabytes of RAM the 11pro has the a 13 as well but 4 gigabytes of RAM the truth is day to day performance is going to be nearly identical between these two phones which is very impressive considering the price difference both are top-of-the-line and will continue to be fast and get software updates for probably the next 5 years at least Apple is amazing when it comes to supporting older devices so with these you can expect a long and pleasant life

It's funny that both of these phones really are a lot more like than they look again the iPhone se does the perfect job of being the bass model it works it does what you need it to and it doesn't just as well as the best model for the most part and if you want those nicer features that he'd maybe don't need but really want you can have them they'll just cost you again $400 for the SE as opposed to at least a thousand for the 11pro it's not a hot take to say the SC wins when it comes to value and it's not even close it's a terrific deal and one a lot of

People are gonna take advantage of that said the phone is also really bare-bones and mostly uninteresting it's a faster iPhone age without many changes the iPhone 11 pro is a truly premium device with its frosted glass and stainless steel those three cameras really tell everyone that you are indeed superior to them I kit but both phones do you have their place in Apple's lineup and I don't know I find it kind of interesting just to see the contrast between the two phones what do you think are you impressed with how the SE holds up compared to the 11pro do you have either

Of these phones let me know in the comments down below angle about done here so if you enjoyed the video maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason without all being said thank you so much for watching i'm josh from 91 sec and i will see you all next time


2020 iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max – Full Comparison!





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